We often hear the word “intuition” expressed as a way to explain the unexplainable. We most often use it in reflection to acknowledge an experience where we should have listened to our intuition. “My intuition told me not to buy that” or “I had an intuition something like this was going to happen”, but how many of us have really tapped into our intuitive minds? How powerful is it really and why is it that after so much time on Earth, we have yet to honour this sacred gift?

“The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.”

– Albert Einstein.

In a world dominated by the rational mind, many of us equate the idea of intuition with pink puffy clouds and unicorns, but we couldn’t be further from the truth. While modern science continues to study “the phenomenon “ of intuition, ancient cultures used it to navigate unchartered waters, they used it to survive in the harshest conditions and, ultimately, they used it to evolve. So, why have we busied ourselves rationalizing away one of our most powerful tools?


Intuition is true, authentic power in every sense of the word. Not the power to dominate or control others, but when followed, intuition will guide us to step into the power of being our true selves. With every inkling, whisper and sign, it guides us along the path of our Soul purpose. When we embody and live our Soul purpose we live awake and when we do that, we are free to create the life we came here to live – one supported by an infinitely abundant universe of love.

Many of us use our intuition without “knowing” or acknowledging it; many have become close friends with their intuitive nature and innerstand its great power; however, most of us find it is something that we have to cultivate and continue to practice the more we learn to embody our gift. Since most of our upbringings did not include lessons on how to use our intuitive mind, we have to figure it out for ourselves. We can start with simple things like practising mindfulness and engaging in creative activities to develop our intuition. Mindfulness creates an awareness so your intuition does not go unnoticed. Creativity connects us to the right hemisphere of our brain so we begin to open to big picture thinking.

By enlarging our perspective on things we open up to intuition coming through because intuition is the guidance we receive from our Higher Selves, Soul and the Infinite Intelligence that has created the all.

Whilst left brain thinking is very analytical and narrowly focused on “things”, right brain thinking considers the SPACE which contains “things”, the influences upon them and how they are affected. Right brain thinking is holistic and aims to see things from a global perspective of oneness, the long term, the ever-present, the omni-present and the interconnectedness of ALL things in life.

Left brain thinking is very important because we’d never learn to tie our shoe laces without it, but for many of us, it is what dominates our decisions making process. This ultimately does not serve us for as long as we are dominated by the analytical mind, we make it very hard for intuition to break through – even when it is screaming at us to pay attention. 

However, the good news is that even though you may have ignored the power of your intuition for most of your life, you can’t really break it or lose it completely. We can all start to bring intuition back into our lives and the beautiful thing about that is that as soon as you do, it quickly gets stronger. Our intuition is waiting for us to pay attention. The more you connect with your intuitive mind, the clearer and more powerful it gets! Guiding you, spurring impulses, planting ideas in your mind, and ultimately bringing you back home to who you really are and fostering a connection with your higher Self, your Soul and the Universe. 

One of my favourite descriptions of intuition comes from the ancient Icelandic word for intuition, IN SAEI – which has three meanings:



    The sea within refers to the borderless nature of our inner worlds. Just like the oceans never stop moving, neither does the energy within each of us. Always moving, always flowing, the sea within is uncontainable. Just like the oceans of the world, the sea within each of us is connected to and affected by the lunar cycles and the earth’s rhythmic nature. To become aware of the sea within is to become aware of our connectedness to nature. Nature, which was described by many ancient cultures as the silent witness of our intuition, is the binding force of life without which we all cease to exist. Intuition is the way Nature speaks to everyone of us and the wisdom and knowledge that nature is willing to communicate is infinite.


    To see within means to know thyself. To know thyself means to understand, integrate and embody what it means to be a multi-dimensional creator being whose Soul has chosen this incarnation for very important reasons and when we get that, then we are able to understand others. It is only when we know ourselves in Truth that we are able to offer genuine empathy and compassion. It is when we know ourselves that we strive to become the best version of ourselves and in that journey we can discover our true purpose in life. Your intuition will guide you to your Soul purpose. Your life’s Soul purpose is what gives deeper meaning to our lives and relieves us of the angst we feel when everything is random and arbitrary. When you live your life’s purpose others recognize it in you and it sparks their intuition. When we step into and live our Soul purpose we are freed from the ego and fear because we are no longer dependent on anything outside of ourselves for anything. When we know ourselves, we know we are love and innerstand the interconnectedness of everything, liberating us from fear. Ultimately when we fully self-realize, we will know, or experience, that we are God too and that our intuition is one of the “superpowers” we gave ourselves to help us remember and guide us along our path.


    To see from within is to have a strong compass throughout life’s journey. Strong bearings that help you stay grounded in times of stress and a strong sense of direction when otherwise you would feel lost and alone. To see from within is to know your connection to Mother Earth, Father Sun and the Universe; therefore, you do not feel alone or lost when things aren’t entirely clear. You know that as long as you wake up to find yourself on Earth, you are sustained, supported and loved in every way possible – it is to remember that at all times we are part of the energetic life force grid of this world; therefore, when we do anything, we do it with intention for the greater good. Everything we put “out there” is energy exchanged with energy that returns so when we live our lives from a place of awareness, when we know where we are coming from, we will make sure that where we come from, is protected. In 2020 on Earth, much of humanity has forgotten how to see FROM within and our collective connection with Nature is torn, even seemingly severed. However, just like the sea within cannot be contained, our connection to Source can never be lost and all we have to do is remember. Root our energy into the Earth, journey within ourselves to find out why this “tiny voice” is nudging us along for when we see from within, from the place of this divine connection, intuition guides us along all the right paths to help us live our life’s purpose with much greater ease and wisdom.

Cultivating our intuition begins with acknowledging that it is real and learning to listen to it – even sometimes when it is in direct conflict with our rational minds – but it also requires welcoming change. Sometimes the intuition scares us because it is generally calling us forth in life – to evolve, grow and change. The trick to intuition is realizing that THIS IS YOUR HIGHER SELF speaking to you and your Soul has different priorities than your ego-mind. Your higher Self is often calling you TOWARDS CHANGE – the kind of change that aligns us with our Soul purpose but that the ego tends to resist, because it requires us stepping out of a comfort zone or doing something for “no reason” can be tough for the ego to accept. Why? because change is the Law of the Universe and that is how we grow – the ego does not want us to grow in any way that threatens its identity which is supported by the bubbles created to keep us in the comfort zone.

Many humans don’t like hearing this. In today’s modern Western cultures we have been indoctrinated into the blind belief that the purpose of life is to create “security”. We are programmed to resist change on every level. Even our natural, biological human transitions are treated as medical conditions instead of celebrated and honoured as times of profound and meaningful change. The program to fear change runs so deep that some will do anything to avoid it, ignoring their intuition at every turn, wondering why life is seemingly “passing them by”… which is why meditation and self-awareness are so important for our spiritual growth – without shining the light of our awareness on our perceived limitations, we cannot release them and allow ourselves to embrace the unlimited potential within.

Intuition is a sacred gift and tool of evolution that we must remember to honour and use. As the amount of misinformation and disinformation pollutes the matrix airwaves with confusion, lies and deceit, there has been no time like right now to begin activating, expanding and listening to our intuitions. Your higher Soul Self has a direct connection to Source and we can all tune in if we are willing to listen.

What does my Soul want me to know today?

Connect with your Higher Self and create a relationship with your divine intuition with some simple exercises to expand your consciousness and tune into the body.

Talk on Intuition from Virtual Healing Retreats 2020

“the intuition is not going to be your inner critic..”

Intuition is our Soul force inviting us into relationship with our authentic Self.

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