welcome beautiful light beings

Now is the time to reconnect to your place beyond the veils, to realign your consciousness to the energetic form of Self.

the Pleiadians

Now is the time to remember who we are and receive our light from beyond the veil. We are ready to engage with and embody the full Spiritual aspect of Self within the physical. Physical death is no longer required in order for humans to engage in a “life review”, which is why now, more than ever, humanity is engaged in a global “crisis” ~ a dark of night of the collective human soul.

It is a time of awakening. A time of rebirth and remembering. The dawning of not only a new era, but a new human.

As we remove and lift the veils that have kept us tied into the illusory 3d world of human “drama”, we are able to witness ourselves and clearly see the “roles” we are playing within this illusion. While we came to have this human experience within the illusion, we are finally waking up within it… individually and collectively, human beings are realigning with sacred connections to who we are in Truth, beyond what we have “known” in the physical.

Ascension, the Great Awakening, the Shift, the New Earth, 5th Dimensional Consciousness, the evolution of humanity and Gaia at this time has been prophesied for millennia. Those cultures on Earth who have maintained their sacred connections to Gaia and to Spirit, have foretold of the times we are living.

The Truth is, our hearts are the portal and connection to our true multi-dimensional humanity, as well as our powerful spiritual nature. WE have been identified with a mere fraction of who we truly are, and worse, we’ve been shamed, ridiculed and prosecuted for even considering there could be more… but now the time has come. Humanity is ready to heal, to become whole and begin operating from Truth instead of illusion whilst still in human form. We are ready to rebirth spiritually in the fullness of who we are ~ still in the 3d world of form and illusion, but not longer of it…

Remembering who we truly are we are rejuvenated from within by our own Soul’s light and we begin the next phase of our human evolution: anchoring into being higher frequencies of consciousness and light that is transforming our world, including our physical selves.

Many of us have been waiting for this time – a window, a portal, a cosmic alignment between Earth and a the Sun flooding Gaia with the light codes of ascension and transformation. By learning to embrace change within and around us, by moving through our problems instead of running away from them, by accepting each and every moment for exactly the way it is, we begin to realize the power of our abilities to sense, perceive and affect reality with our own consciousness.

As we expand our consciousness through practice and patience, we breathe space back into our lives. The human body is 99.99% space; therefore, there is actually more space within and all around us than any perceived form. Humanity has been so focused on the form, that we have missed 99% of reality that creates and holds space for the physical. Our own limited science explains the illusory nature of this dimension and yet, many are yet to truly cognize the significance of this.

Last year I wrote that the moment we start trusting our own experiences over that which someone else tells us “is truth”, is the moment we may quantum leap into a higher version of ourselves. One who knows that her experiences are real and true for her because that is the nature of the spiritual journey.

It is a quest of soul ~ the journey of rediscovering the consciousness behind the veil that is creating the physics of our form, which is changing. As our consciousness expands and grows, our manifested expression of who we are in 3D must align with it. As we move through this process, we invite the Divine Blueprint of our DNA to activate and anchor in more soul energies from the beyond the veil. As we move through this ascension timeline we will find ourselves challenged as our consciousness adjusts to the expansions and moving back and forth between our higher selves and the densities of this physical realm that is changing, but as yet physical, still takes time.

As humanity continues to wake up, egos will have a hard time accepting the changes and require an incredible amount of support to know that humanity is becoming whole and free. We are taking our rightful place within the galactic community of our solar system and remembering “the role” we came to play in our mission here on Earth.

Take time to remember. Take time to connect and know that you are never alone and you are always loved.

welcome beautiful light beings

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