Medicinal Mushrooms grow the world over and Coriolus, or commonly known as Turkey Tail, is no exception, but what makes this thick, woody fungi so special is the variety of brilliant colours in which it grows, as well as the extensive healing properties it holds.

It was only a moment or so ago, perhaps 4000 years ago in Ancient Egypt where Turkey Tail was revered as the “Plant of Immortality” – second to none except perhaps Reishi at times. However, mushrooms aren’t competitive and work best in communities as they harmonize and enhance each other’s healing powers.

Mushrooms naturally grow everywhere where there remains forest, breaking down hard wood of trees and turning them into fertilizer for new growth. Mushrooms GROW FORESTS. Their infinite and divine intelligence is a source of communication via an underground, mycelial web that sends and receives information between the trees and plants throughout the forest. Mushrooms help guide and direct the distribution of water and nutrients, breaking down fallen trees and vegetation for new food for the forest. They pop up overnight, and unlike other plants, they do not green, flower or fruit in the same way – essentially, the mushrooms we see are the fruit of the fungi mycelial network. They don’t grow leaves or roots and some say that, evolutionarily speaking, fungi are more closely related to humans than plants.

Whether you are asking Pharaohs, Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioners, Master Herbalists or other modern, medical professionals, mushrooms are not to be ignored when it comes to our health.

Turkey Tail has been used in TCM for thousands of years, primarily as an immune and digestive tonic, but its properties and abilities to assist in the health and healing of our bodies are worth learning about for anyone interested in their own health.

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