sometimes we have to stop. sometimes we have to let go of everything to discover who we really are.. “sometimes” is every time and the only way down the rabbit hole is through a place where bullshit and baggage don’t fit. it’s the moment you realize the light at “the end” of the tunnel isn’t the illusion – the tunnel is.

the tunnel is “full” and “empty” at the same time. the tunnel is where time affects matter and reality surfaces in many forms according to the speed (vibration) of thought. the tunnel is where we experience past and future through the dimension of time. as long as we perceive the tunnel to be real, we are in linear time. but what does it mean when we say to “go beyond space and time”? we really don’t “go” anywhere… but we learn to become more present and aware, we become still and more reflective, we go inward instead of outward for answers and as we redirect our focus, attention, energy within, the connection to the light – our light – strengthens and pulls it “closer” to us.

the experiences we’ve chosen on the other side of the veil – the soul contracts, the karma and the soul journeys we’ve known are like bridges through the dimensions of space and time.

when we expand our consciousness to see beyond the linear concept of reality, we start to see the cycles and the patterns which have created them. time expands and contracts, and even stops / collapses in accordance with consciousness.

most humans are living limited, single-dimensional lives. “you live and you work and you die” but this makes the tunnel very long as the ego seeks to make the tunnel even longer in its attempt to avoid death. as long as we perceive our reality from this single-dimensional, linear perspective, death = annihilation, and so our actions are driven by this subconscious fear of death, which is why as we expand consciously, we look at our patterns in life as tools for accessing our subconscious, rather than hindrances, in helping us realize our true nature as multi-dimensional beings. in order to transmute anything we must first become aware of that it exists.

choosing as a collective to agree upon our limitations and not question what we are told, we have accepted the false premise that we are limited beings here on earth.

truth has become fiction and fiction so easily made truth when there is “no time” to dispel the binding spells of collective consciousness that keep our perspectives (that is to say our reality) within the tiny frame of the third dimension. replacing the heart of the home fireplace with a television created a kind of collective agreement to dull and dumb ourselves into media-induced comas. “amusing ourselves to death” as Neil Postman wrote so eloquently and changed the way I saw the world back in the 90s.

profits are what has been chosen by the 3d matrix to define the sum of our progress. money. currencies. economies. the corporate states of america – an economy built on slavery, driven by greed and made profitable by keeping the masses poor enough to stay indebted to a system that does not serve us. a system designed to keep us enslaved within “states” of confusion, depression, programmed and medicated – “from cradle to grave” – out of touch with our light. one feeding the other in emotions of turmoil. some call it war. I call it hunger. A hunger to return home. to remember love and beauty exist for no other reason than to exist. that every day is a mandala and it cannot be “saved” or perfected. a hunger to remember that we are perfect as imperfect beings of nature because as nature, we must always be change.

on a journey of many, many light & dark years, through many tunnels. like the day we were born. we are birthed out of a womb into a womb and when we are ready to be born again, we will see the light at the end of it and decide if we are ready to go. it is not an easy decision because when you walk through this door, you cannot take anything with you except the love in your heart.

the illusory cannot come with you. attachments do not fit through this door. you cannot even take your name. you may look completely different when you return because consciousness has physics and though you are not this human form, your light shines through it – the sacred force of life that animates your body is you and expands into your being. you might choose different words and learn new ways of communication. you might not know where you are because everything looks so different but you find yourself remembering with great familiarity that this is where you are meant to be right now because if you weren’t meant to be here now, divine love would not have placed you here now.

so here we are. “you” and “me” journeying through time with an opportunity to remember why we came.. the call that brought us here to incarnate once again. Gaia is awakening to new levels of awareness and she’s ready for us wake up again and acknowledge the deepest Truths that we as divine humans, brilliant star seeds and beautiful Souls have brought with us. we journey through dimensions, space, karma and time to arrive here and find those truths bearing the gifts we are allowed to bring with us when we birth.

In the words of our dearest Ram Dass, “be here now”. Allow it to dissolve your ideas of who you think are and to take you beyond the stories and “the tapes” that constantly play through our heads. Remember we are all “on a bridge watching ourselves float down the river” … Remember why you came here. Everything you seek is already within YOU. Everything you need is within YOU.

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