The 7 chakras within us are bound to our physical as well as the 7 laws of the Universe.

The 7 laws of the Universe are laws from the core of the Universe that hold us in order of the expansion and the constant Creation of the Universe.  These are not laws we are taught in mainstream schools. These are Universal laws discovered by the Seeker who travels deep within themSelves to the core of their being, as well as, through the Initiatic and Yogic Paths. 

The only way to create a new reality is to understand the laws that create reality. 

The laws of the Universe cannot be fully understood through study and must be experienced as within us, vibrating in alignment with our chakra centres. Wherever we go in the Universe, we will find the 7 laws of the Universe at play. Your body is your Divine Temple for your Soul as well as your reality here on Earth. We cannot separate from it until it dies; therefore, any resistance we hold toward or within the body interferes with our experience as consciously embodied BEings – Souls embodied for a purpose.

Each of our chakras are bound to different organs, glands and emotions. To become coherent with all 7 laws is to be in alignment with our governing energetic system.  As we discover coherence in our Divine Design, we can make the great shift from living in need / lack / confusion to living in possibility, purpose and clarity!

Each chakra is associated with specific sacred geometry, sounds, colours, crystals, Universal laws, bodily experiences, glands, organs, emotions and levels of perception in our lives.  

Merkaba / Star Tetrahedron
The Law of Mentalism / Thought as Energy
Metatron’s Cube
The Law of Correspondence / the U-and-I-Verse / Clarity
Fruit of Life
The Law of Vibration
Flower of Life
The Law of Rhythm
Seed of Life
The Law of Cause & Effect
Vesica Pisces
The Law of Creation
The Law of Generation / Life Force

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