The 2nd chakra and Sacral chakra / Gonads is associated with the emotional Self, sensuality, intimacy, vitality, ecstasy, passion, creativity, relationships, emotional cording and the creative direction of our Vital Life Force energy. 

Affirmation: “I FEEL”
I am God / Goddess vitality. I am Sacred sexuality. I release the lower desires of ego and elevate my emotions to a higher level. I am Divine Creativity. I am a Divine Creator Being. I deepen my connection to and love for Mother Earth and the Soul of Nature.
I am powerful. I EVOLVE. 

The Universal law that governs the Sacral chakra is the Law of Creation. This law recognizes that everything has a polarity – a positive and a negative that is the energetic charge of Creation. 

Everything that creates us is magnetic – we are made up of electrons, protons, neutrons that create the chains of DNA that creates our molecular system that creates our reality. Therefore, positive and negative is what makes us exist and is the way of evolution. 

Polarity is not to be confused with “good” and “bad” for these are constructs of the human ego. But just as there is dark and light, above and below, Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine forces in the world, polarity helps us to create new energies, the evolutionary path and our creative centre located in the Sacral.

When the Sacral chakra is blocked or imbalanced as a result of early childhood or adult traumas, we may experience a range of emotional, physical and relationship challenges. When this chakra is deficient we are more likely to experience detachment from Life, emotional and sexual frigidity, as well as a lack of creative drive. An excessive Sacral chakra may manifest in addictive behaviours, dependencies on substances or people and emotional explosiveness. 

Opening and healing the Sacral chakra often involves moving through our emotional blocks with catharsis. Ecstatic dance, jumping, Kundalini yoga and journalling are all ways we unlock stuck emotions and allow them to purge. 

Shadow work to explore hidden blocks, especially related to sexuality is a powerful way to connect into this chakra. What were we taught about sex as a child? Was there abuse? Were we free as children to create and explore our passions?

Chanting the Sacred sound of “VAM” and visualizing the vibrant orange essence of this chakra helps to stimulate a release. Meditation and mindfulness will help us to reflect on the cause and effect cycles we are creating in our lives and to become more conscious and passionate Creators. 

When we allow ourSelves to FEEL, we allow ourSelves to HEAL. 

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