Signs of Expanding Consciousness, Soul Upgrades, DNA Activations & Quantum Leaps

After working with people from all over the world, and based on my own intimate experience with life, I have put together an ever-expanding list of the most common signs acknowledged during the awakening process. Truthfully not all are pleasant and the mind can run away with these “ascension symptoms” if not understood within the context of our spiritual growth. It’s important to remember that we have been on this journey for thousands of years and we are re-awakening to the truth of who we are – even when we may feel like “we’re dying”, we are really just waking up from the nightmare of forgetting and it means we have to let go of all the things we attached ourselves to and agreed to in vibrational accord in order to make ourselves essentially forget that we forgot…

As we expand our consciousness into higher states of awareness and realization, the world as we know it is literally bound by universal law to come to reflect that change. To embody our True Nature and its resonant higher frequencies, our bodies, as well as our minds, need to create the space to receive it. Essentially, the physical needs to “catch up” to the energy of our expanding consciousness. This is a process and journey of self-awareness and realization. The more we are able to recognize the signs, the less likely we are to be dragged down by them.

This is list does not cover everything and is not meant to be a “checklist” but rather a mirror for self-reflection to consider some of these experiences as signs of your own awakening and conscious expansion. Simply by bringing our awareness to these things, we become more self-aware and empowered.

Signs of Expanding Consciousness, Soul Upgrades, DNA Activations & Quantum Leaps
  • A greater sensitivity to subtle energies in general.
  • Connecting to Intense Higher Frequencies – often a rushing sensation of bliss, a high-pitched ringing in the ears, goosebumps or sudden rush of energy – love & unity as LIGHT CODES are pouring into our world and energy fields.
  • Spirit Journeys: Lucid Dreaming, Astral Travel, Visions, Third Eye Openings
  • Extra sensory abilities coming online increasing powers of perception – noticing more detail in life.
  • Telepathy, Psychic foresights, Intuitive Knowing, Claircognizance, DOWNLOADS.
  • Dejavu, Dimensional Shifts, Speeding / Slowing of Time, Time is “lost”, more present in the NOW combined with flashbacks and flash forwards as we move out of a linear concept of time.
  • Seeing of Politics & Governments for what they are (Cartelism) and understanding the links between corrupt corporate greed, pharmaceuticals, drugs, food, war, arms industry, disease, agriculture, capitalism and planetary suffering (collusion of the -1%).
  • Taking responsibility for our participation and support of corrupt influences and making conscious choices in what, where and how we purchase and consume in general.
  • Deeper, more conscious breathing – more conscious awareness surrounding our breath and moving the breath deeply into our lower chakras – bringing the life force, Prana, Chi deeper into our Being.
  • Awareness of synchronicity, number patterns – Nature’s UNIVERSAL language of communication and understanding and how this integrates into living in alignment.
  • Calling to change, heal, protect and defend our Mother Planet, all living beings co-existing and organic life.
  • Ascension Symptoms or physical phenomena such as headaches, hot flashes, nausea, dizziness, exhaustion followed by bursts of energy and insight. (VIDEO: more about Ascension Symptoms here)
  • Noticeably attracting people to your light / repelling others / sometimes “invisible” to others
  • We are less able to mask our True Selves or hide behind/in 3D matrix avatars, societal roles; therefore, we are more aware of the company we keep and psychic pollution.
  • Calling to yoga, reiki, dancing, breath work, sacred sound, sacred plant medicines, Nature – opening the body to move energy and make room to receive new light and elevate our frequency
  • Increased Empathy – tuning into others’ energies and feeling a greater sense of empathy and compassion – therefore, it becomes very important to be clearing our energies constantly with movement, smudging, nature, water and to protect it with rest, nourishment and energy work.
  • Increased Trust in the Universal FLOW and CoCreative Forces… trusting that we are always in the right place at the right time and not always needing to know why or how, but we are willing to listen to the call.
  • Consciously reprogramming ourselves with affirmations, mantras, intentions, meditation, tapping or other techniques. Unplugging from the matrix, media and fear-based programming and simplifying life by reconnecting with our Divine Truth.
  • Manifesting Consciously with INTENTION – setting intentions, moving with the natural rhythm of our bodies and the natural cycles of the moon and cosmos.
  • Releasing karmic and matrix toxins via purification methods of cleansing, meditation, yoga and energy work. Physical symptoms include shaking, sweating, aches & pains, call to detox, nausea, headaches, tingling, twitching, ears ringing. We actively practice to learn the lessons of our karma, surrender to our higher Self, and allow and release these toxins, purge old beliefs and work with self-care, meditation and lots of rest to support the body in recalibrating to its natural, Divine state.
  • An overwhelming call to expand our consciousness – can lead to intense mood swings, sadness, anxiety, despair, lack of energy, also known as the “unbearable lightness of being” where we are learning to get out of our heads and into our hearts.
  • EGO DEATH – sometimes called Dark Night of the Soul – we can experience many of these during our lives depending on how deeply we integrate the lessons within them. An ego death is the loss of worldly identities, roles and a shift from turning outward to find meaning, purpose and answers to looking within. (more on ego death)
  • Chakra Activations are felt and often seen in the hands, feet and below; in the third eye, the crown and above and surrounding our field. Massive energy upgrades are pouring in to help us activate, cleanse and charge our energy bodies. Chakras 8 – 12 are coming online quickly and with that, enhanced extrasensory, psychic and empathic abilities emerge.
  • Overwhelming urge to simplify how we live and return to the land for the closer we are to nature, the more in tune we are with ourselves. Start your own garden, bring plants into the home, hike, camp, a call to move out of the city…
  • An increasing sense of connection and embodiment of our true, multi-dimensional Nature, opening channels of communication with guides and friends in alternate dimensional form.
  • Contact with Inter-dimensional beings and energies.
  • Trusting our INTUITION: Stepping into our True Power where the ego can no longer talk us out of following our divine intuitive mind.

As each experience elevates and expands our consciousness further, the integration process after can feel like really heavy and tired work. We may find ourselves waffling between 3D and 5D consciousness – working with the wide field of 4D consciousness as a bridge of expansion and connect. However, at the same time that parts of this process really knock us out for some time, we also experience a much deeper and profound connections of our mind, body and soul. As we pass through veils of perception, our world changes and we may start to experience society and the 3D matrix as “fake, unreal and shallow”.

We may find ourselves also waffling between hope and despair. The mind will spiral in all directions and try to convince us with 3D linear thinking that there’s too much to be done, but we are learning to recognize our “small selves” and her many programmed attempts to keep us small. We can manage this by tapping into the 5D consciousness which offers us a broader perspective with more possibilities beyond the scope of the little me; to release desire and fear and realize the Divine.

It is work to face our shadows and fears, but it is what allows us to bring our Highest Self into expression – in our form. Once again we may shine our light as an integrated whole Being. As our energetic bodies come online, we feel more dynamic, alive and empowered.

We are being pushed into 5D consciousness where unconditional love and instant manifestation exist whilst still operating our bodies and human self in the 3D matrix. This can be very draining, challenging and frustrating, because the physical body (as the vessel for the soul) must also align with these higher frequencies, but it is all training for the flow state. We may always call in our Soul tribe, Spirit Guides, Ancestors and Cosmic Life to support and guide us.

The oscillating between 3D and 5D consciousness further breaks down the illusory nature of the matrix and we now know that the matrix is not passive – it is as it is aggressive and hostile, controlling and domineering, but it doesn’t have to be this way. We may start to make more conscious choices every day and by doing so reduce or eliminate drama from our lives. (which happens when we are not paying attention.) As we become more anchored in higher dimensional 5D frequencies, empowered by our higher awareness of what the 3D matrix is and how it operates, we are liberated from the mental prisons we have been guarding. As we embody the consciousness of Divine Love, we are not easily manipulated and for example, can’t ever again be convinced to go against our own Divine Nature.

We are realigning our life to align with our rebirth and to bring in as much of the higher Dimensional Divine frequency of Love as possible. Even though we are on the journey back to our light bodies, ascension does not mean we have leave our bodies before it is our time to move on. It means we finally and fully embody them as the Divine made manifest in a unique expression of the ALL that is. We see media manipulation for the lie that it is – designed to frighten and coerce humanity into slavery and smallness. We tune out of the media and tune into Spirit, Soul and Nature.

SOULS embodied for creation, unity, love, truth, justice, harmony, balance, freedom, expression, light, joy and peace. We are here to acknowledge the dark and choose light, thereby transmuting fear to love. Divine Soul Alchemy: LIGHT THE WAY by reclaiming the Divine in everything and everyone. We may fall many times, but we will always get back up. We are attuned to the Divine within and without. We are in harmony with Mother Gaia, the Moon, the Sun and our Cosmic lineage. We are the embodiment of the Divine and our superpower is LOVE. so be it.

Please share your experiences in the comments below!

much love 🙏🏽

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