By now many of us have heard of ascension – the evolving process of which we are currently in that is consistently calling humanity forward into the “great awakening” and beyond; the return of “Christ Consciousness” on Earth; the SHIFT from 3 dimensional reality to 5 dimensional reality; a physical process as much as a metaphysical one during which time our bodies evolve greatly along with our Souls. It is a time of stepping into the full potential of our multi-dimensional true soul nature.

Gaia is also evolving and taking those willing to expand and leave the old matrix systems of control, the dense physical and fear, behind and ascend into a higher consciousness, accessing and embodying other dimensions of reality within the cosmos. The more our consciousness expands, the more Source energy is able to channel freely through us as intended. Knowledge is power for indeed what we know supports our beliefs so the more we can know, the broader our perspectives may become and we are able to see multiple layers to our reality that is therefore, beyond the commonly known, “facts of life” informed primarily by the mainstream narrative controlled by global elitists.

However, because the norm is so narrowly defined and becoming more narrow and controlled every day, it only takes a mildly curious mind to ask a few questions and discover that reality may not be what they thought and so the rabbit holes begins.. it’s not long before a curious seeker being called forth by the whispers of his own soul from deep within his heart, is being forced to reconsider what is fact and what is fiction. The illusions start falling faster than dominoes in moments of awakening – quantum leaps of connecting the dots and re-aligning with truth by inner-standing and self-realization. These are the moments when ALL false light fades, the veils are lifted and consciousness rises to a “new purview” of life.

Another term for purview is “range of vision”, “insight” or “understanding”. Among the synonyms for purview are “responsibility”, for when one becomes more consciously aware of who they are in Divine reality, it is clear what kind of responsibility humanity truly holds on Earth. “With great power comes great responsibility”… or so the saying goes.. Humanity is at the precipice of stepping into the full potential of our power and it will change everything when we do.

Right now on Earth many are still not aware that we are living life along a rapid ascension timeline that is affecting every way of life on Earth. As the vibrations of the Earth (Schuman Resonance) rise, we are moving through an intense part of the galaxy during the astrological times of transition between the age of Pisces (duality) into the age of Aquarius (unity) – both of which play an important part of these prophesied times on Earth. A time when humanity will reclaim the Divinity within ourselves and each other, and therefore be ready to reclaim the Earth as a Divine Soul and Mother.

This change did not start with 2020 but the global events since then have accelerated the process of humanity as CLARITY seems to be one of the great purposes of these times. Shining a light on hidden darkness within the world that is keeping humanity and Gaia enslaved in a shroud of ignorance is how we are going to awaken those under its spell. The darkness on this planet cannot hold her down which is why we must recognize the multi-dimensional nature of our reality and ourselves. Many humans are already living in 5D consciousness most or all of the time. Many others are in the “in-between” stages of the ascension process where we are jumping back and forth between 3rd, 4th adn 5th dimensional consciousness throughout our day. Many of us are accessing several other alternate dimensions and higher states of consciousness beyond the 5th and 6th, and yet many others are holding on very tight to the crumbling 3d matrix.

It can be challenging to let go of things we are attached to – especially when we are identified with them and therefore see them as a part of who we are so essentially feel as though we are losing a part of ourselves over and over during tumultuous times such as the ones we living now – but if we are willing to see beyond the superficial layers of reality, we begin to see that we have only begun to scratch the surface of who we truly are.

Therefore, many, MANY people are seeking right now, asking important questions about what is really True and looking for ways to find their way “home” to Soul. Earth does not feel familiar to them anymore. For some it never has, but more than ever the collective consciousness on this planet is shifting.

It’s a BIG shift from 3d to 5d consciousness (you can think of 4d as the bridge between the two; the astral / causal field; we already exist in the 4th dimension while consciously in the 3rd but most people have not been aware of this) When we raise our vibrations and expand our consciousness, we are able to see “bigger pictures” of reality than the spoon-fed versions many cling to so tightly because they are afraid of what they don’t know. We begin to re-align with our soul’s true nature and embody the Divine wisdom held with our Soul and higher Self. Eventually leaving all physical density behind and transcending into a complete light body, still humanoid in many ways, but where taking form is a choice, not a trap. In order to get there our bodies are undergoing a variety of changes and upgrades over time that will result in our structure becoming more crystalline in nature. Dormant DNA waiting for this time is reactivated quickly by consciousness and Truth. SPACE is needed within the body to receive the light code activations pouring down on the Earth at this time, into our fields and throughout every cell of our bodies. These activations trigger different physical responses in the body and create what are commonly referred to as “ascension symptoms”. The more we make ourselves available to anchoring in these frequencies, the more we are anchoring in higher levels of consciousness into our bodies and into the whole planet Earth grid. Our individual consciousnesses are connected throughout the collective – the cosmic spiderweb of consciousness weaves us all together in this timeline now. Each soul who awakens to their full potential as divine human beings sends a cosmic tidal wave of consciousness throughout the collective… breaking spells for the rest of us and setting Life FREE to EVOLVE once again!

Humanity may never return to “normal” but more of us are realizing that normal never really existed – an illusion of a time where “ignorance was bliss”, or so we “thought“…

  • turn OFF the TV (tel-a-lie-vision)
  • turn OFF the corrupt, corporate-owned mainstream media designed to create stress & fear in the human mind and body and disconnect us from soul
  • create a daily sacred soul practice to spend some time with your soul: meditate, walk in nature, write, create, daydream!
  • purify the body with cleansing, whole & organic foods
  • listen to medicine music / binaural beats / mantras
  • practice chanting as a way to alchemize energies and quickly raise your consciousness
  • read from sacred texts and Divine wisdom keepers – for example, the Bhagavad Gita is a timeless piece of sacred knowledge that will guide the reader closer to soul.
  • bathe in natural waters if you can – rivers, creeks and oceans are very purifying!
  • drink lots & LOTS of pure / filtered water
  • find spiritual communities to join online and in person if you can – the way of the future is together, creating in harmonic resonance with each, the Earth and the universe, including realigning with Universal laws and principals of creation.
  • find someone to help – many need it – whether it’s food sharing, holding space for them to process or sharing your gift, together we got the LOVE and it will see us through!
  • create an affirmation that reminds you of your highest Truth. For example, I will share one of my favourites that I LOVE working with: “I am willing to realize myself beyond all known possibilities.”

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