SAHASRARA  – The Doorway to the Divine / Seat of Divine Awareness

The 7th Chakra and the Crown / Pituitary is associated with spiritual understanding, cosmic consciousness, claircognizance, knowing / REALIZATION, mind, clarity and connection to Source “above”. The Crown connects to the Eternal and both gives and receives cosmic consciousness.

Affirmation: “I KNOW”

I align with the Divine.

I am Divine Transmutation.

I open mySelf to my my Soul, my higher Self.

The Crown is my connection to my Soul, my connection through the Sun, through the Galactic Core, into the Heart of the Universe.

The 7th Chakra is governed by the Law of Mentalism, the mind and thought. Often we think the point of meditation or our spiritual quest to get to a place of “no thought”, but before we can do that we must realize that everything we live is what we BELIEVE. Everything we experience is what we are thinking – thoughts are and become things in our world.

Like everything, the mind vibrates in motion. The mind is the vibration of thoughts projecting through that which becomes what we are and experience – the energetic waves we emit around ourselves come primarily from our thoughts. Consciousness pours in through this Crown chakra, but only when we have created space to receive, can it flow freely and connect through to our many projections and into our creations.

For Example: The thought “I need” becomes a wave of “i need” that is emitted out into the world and returns to us an energy of needing or lack. The thought of “I Know” or “I AM” transmits a wave of being what you are and allows you to experience that truth.

This law teaches us that we have to Become what we want in order to realize it. Not in the “future”, which doesn’t exist, but in the NOW and to think in the present. Mind creates reality when mind consciously knows itSelf to be a Creator BEing. The Law of Mentalism teaches us what we are – not what what we think we want to be. It connects us with the present now awareness of what is real as opposed to what is “fantasy” with the power of discernment and a realized intuition.

The perfection in humanity is the imperfection we hold to learn from ourSelves. Without thought we cannot reflect, contemplate or create associations with the world around us. We must become aware of our thoughts in order to change them and meditation is the oldest practise in the world for becoming aware of our thoughts and conscious of our ability to choose those thoughts carefully.

When our Crown is open we are connected to our Higher Selves, we easily and clearly access our higher wisdom, we feel connected to others and Life and we feel a sense of clarity as we are able to see the bigger picture regardless of what is happening around us. We are clearly able to discern false light from true light and therefore navigate ourselves along the highest timelines available to us.

When our Crown is out of balance, we often feel depressed, disconnected and alienated from Life – the illusion of separation appears real.

We can realign and open our Crown by expanding our Self-awareness thru yoga, sound therapy (such as chanting, solfeggio frequencies or sound baths), meditation, pranayama (breath work), energy work and also by finding ways to healing trauma and reducing stress in our lives.

An unbalanced Crown can manifest in two ways: a deficient Crown (not enough energy accessing and flowing through) often manifests as a “numbness”, “no emotion” and a general apathy towards life – may also be described as having “closed mind” or very narrow perspective on life. Whereas an excessive Crown (one that is very open but. not in alignment with the rest of the chakras often causing higher frequencies pouring in to become disruptive in the field / body) is experienced as excessive / explosive energy, energetically aggressive or “manic” expressions. The first step to healing an unbalanced Crown is to practise the Art of not believing your thoughts and to meditate. Chant or hum the sounds of AUM / Om to heal and align the vibratory resonance of your Sahasrara and being.


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