Everything we want in life we desire because we believe it will make us happier, “better” people in the achieving of it. Whatever your definition of “better” may be, as a society we are entrained to keep striving, pushing and seeking meaning in identification with the external. As a people we are misguided into adopting the belief that we must “earn” our right to be here, and especially to be happy.. however, if we choose to pay close attention to who and what this belief serves, we quickly realize that it does not serve us and ONLY serves to hold us back from realizing our True Divine potential.

The idea that we are born “incomplete”, “undeserving”, and somehow “separate” from the Divine is strangling and drowning the life out of humanity. It is the definition of propaganda – unfounded in fact, truth or experience. The idea of humanity “born in sin” is simply that – an idea – but a dangerous, false idea that takes root and informs our perceptions of reality. We don’t consciously choose to adopt these ideas but, like a fish born into a fish tank and not the ocean, we are indoctrinated into it from birth. When we realize that this “idea”, born of man, is indeed simply that – “an idea” designed to manipulate, oppress and relegate humanity, then we may see through the illusory nature of reality we have created for ourselves and realize the false light keeping us stuck in our “small selves”, unquestioning of external authority, and obeying the laws of man instead of the Universal Laws of the Divine.

The price we pay for this ignorance is precious and affects us our entire lives. By adhering to the laws of man over the Universe, we limit ourselves to a 3-dimensional reality and create a life of learning through struggle and suffering over joy, abundance and love.

However, when we do realize this lie, we set ourselves free to once again align with the Divine Truth of who we are, what we are and how we may live IN LOVE WITH LIFE, in unity, in joy, truth and justice for all. The cost of realizing our True Divine Self is the small self – the letting go of perceived control, releasing the ego’s external identification with status, fortune, fame as who and what you are happens when Divine Light shines through us again. As the false light that led us on is eradicated by Truth, the false self must also die and so the process of unlearning, unravelling and surrender begins…

How do we get there?

be. here. now.

The answers and miracles we seek are all held within the now, but finding them requires that we are willing to go beyond the known. The answers we seek all lie within us and are accessible in moments of true Self-awareness and surrender. Not the self that wants to run through the list of desires accumulated in the brain-washed mind throughout a lifetime of seeking “proof” and validation in the external manifestations of our reality, but the Self who KNOWS who you truly are as an eternal being of light. The Higher Self who is not identified with the material world, resonates with the Divine as you.

What if we could find happiness in the NOW without having to manifest physical proof? What if we could make JOY the “goal” and let the circumstances of our lives be the result of our inner state rather than allowing the external circumstances of our 3D reality determine how we feel? The more we chase what we want, the more power we give away and eventually, by Divine Grace, we will crash.


When we choose to embrace the cycles of Life instead of fighting them, we stop clinging to false ideals designed to keep us trapped in self-fulfilling prophecies of failure, regret, sorrow and suffering. Nothing lives forever except energy – only transforming itself.

Everything is energy and in constant motion – we are constantly vibrating, emitting a frequency, sending and receiving energies in the forms of thought, emotion and light. We are embodied manifestations of cosmic, Source energy and to REALIZE ourselves as Divine Creator Beings who, by the Grace of Gaia, are made manifest in physical form here for Divine purpose beyond what many of us have ever imagined could be true.

The journey of Self-Realization is available to anyone who is willing to go beyond what they believe. Self-Realization is not an “end goal” to anything – it is a continuous, infinite spiral of expansion, expression and creation. It is the journey that you are on right now and brought you to this page and it is asks us to go beyond the known; go beyond the fear; go beyond what we think we know and remember how to BE.

To experience UNITY. The 12 inch journey from head to heart – from “thinking” to KNOWING – is the longest journey many of us will take in this lifetime. However, it is ALWAYS available to us in the present moment – the realization that everything is ONE. Human beings do not have to live a life confounded by separation and struggle to achieve the impossible. We cannot make ourselves more perfect than Creator did; therefore, if we learn to honour the divine in all, in ourselves, we may find that the lie falls apart at the seems and what is revealed is the true beauty of this beautiful and diverse humanoid race of beings just bursting with the infinite potential of the universe within!

Connect with your Soul and with shadow work which will guide you in meeting your higher self. Embody yourself fully and consciously and allow yourself to meet yourself completely like you never have before. Your Soul is waiting..

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