The New Moon 🌚 is the first phase of the Lunar cycle & like all new beginnings, it is enveloped in darkness. Like the womb of creation, the New Moon is a “seed state” – directing our energy deep within for REFLECTION, RELEASE & RENEWAL.

✩ This powerful phase of the lunar cycle (by which we are ALL affected) is an opportunity for expansion when we step up to the Soul Work we are being called to do. Ignoring the whispers of our Soul is more painful during this phase and particularly 2020 onward, we may find ourselves more sensitive to these cycles and easily emotionally triggered if we are not fully embodied, or taking the time we need to rest, meditate, self-care & listen to our INTUITIONS.

✩ Emotional Releases may feel heavy but if we allow what is stuck to move through us, new clear energy may take its place allowing for paradigm shifts within our world to take place. As vibrations continue to rise in frequency, including the Schumann Resonance, everything must change. Vibration is the Nature of the Universe – form only exists because there is a pattern of vibration which supports it – consciousness informs vibration and as our consciousness raises, individually and collectively on Earth, the manifest form of Life expressing on Earth must also change. Change is the Universal Law of Love and the Nature of Life. Humanity may choose to release our collective, programmed fear of change by once again embracing change by stepping our True Divine Nature as Multi-dimensional Divine Creator Beings.

By Tuning into the Energies of the New Moon, we may experience:

  • inner & outer world clearing & resets,

  • new perspectives / new realizations,

  • rapid expansion of consciousness,

  • sudden shifts in belief systems,

  • deep emotional releases,

  • powerful intuitions,

  • vibrations rising,

  • altering / jumping timelines.

  • stepping into our Truth.

✩ The first New Moon of 2021 comes at a time in our world when courage lies at the heart of everything we do; it comes at a time when we are being asked to dig deep & INTEGRATE the shadow aspects of ourselves into the wholeness of our multi-dimensional Being; it comes at a time when humanity is waking up to the multi-dimensional nature of reality; it is a stargate opening for Souls ready to expand consciousness.

NOW is the time to set our intentions with profound care & mindfulness for the kind of world we wish to create… We must acknowledge that life isn’t going “back to normal” and that “normal”, as Western Culture knew it to be was an illusion and complete delusion of our senses as human creator beings. We must remember and embody the wisdom of “old ways” that teach us how to be both the children and the guardians of Mother Gaia. We must remember that we do not and cannot own the Earth, for many wise Astrologers have advised that the choices we make now will have tangible effects that may serve to drastically accelerate our decline or, our awakening. We are remembering how to live life consciously and that does mean taking responsibility for what we consciously choose – and have chosen – to create.

The New Moon’s energy can be felt for around 3 days, but the attention we give & Soul work we do during this time will be experienced throughout the month & beyond. Every phase of the lunar cycle presents an opportunity for expansion in a different way. The more aware we are of the phases & how they affect us, the more we are able to cocreate with the universe. There are 13 full lunar cycles per year and if allow ourselves to tune back into this ancient calendar / guide for the cycles of “time” here on Earth, we may find an acceleration of our understanding of what it. means to really be human.

Cosmic cocreation begins with acknowledging we are multi-dimensional, cosmic Beings first & then learning how to live life from Soul – infinitely and abundantly supported in our endeavours by living in harmony with the rhythm & cycles of Nature. 

The Divine intelligence of Nature lives within us – as us. Our human vessels ARE designed to be ONE with Nature as this is where we find true health and harmony. However, too many of us run ourselves down trying to fit into a mechanical, 9-5 world, consumed by consumerism and therefore separated from our Divine Nature. However, we may always return and reconnect and the moon continuously offers her guidance.

If we can find time to re-connect to the cycles that continuously live and breathe within us, influencing our lives in profound and meaningful ways, we may find that we become even more aware of the powerful forces humans possess to design our own reality, just waiting to be realized and awakened from within.

“As above, so below, as within, so without, as the universe, so the soul…”
Hermes Trismegistus


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