The 1st chakra and Root / Adrenals is associated with groundedness, connection to the Heart of our Earth Mother, strength, physical self, safety, tribal and family karma, courage, determination, origin and generation of life force and PRESENCE. 

Affirmation: “I AM”
I am right here, right NOW. I am present moment awareness. I embrace Life. I am embrace Change. I am grounded to Earth and connected to the crystalline grid. My body is vibrantly healthy. My earth body is a temple for my Soul. I have the strength of Source. I AM the Source.  

The Universal law that governs the root is the Law of Generation – it is our Source of constant energy, our Life Force, our Vitality and generated by polarity of Creation. 

Everything is destroyed in order to be created again.
Everything is being born again and again and again.
Everything is constantly transforming itSelf.
Everything is ALL the time creating new realities in the NOW. 

The core Root chakra relates to our core survival needs: food, water, shelter & safety. It is the energy centre closest to the Earth and when open supports our sense of being grounded and connected to ALL life as that which we ARE. 

The invitation of the Root is to make peace with uncertainty, to trust that our Earth Mother is supporting us and that we have everything we need for She has never failed us and is not “the enemy” to conquer. Opening of the Root brings confidence in our ability to fulfill our deepest needs and desires. 

Our sense of safety is directly connected to the origin of Life Force, being connected and being in present moment awareness where we can feel safe. In order to heal, we must feel safe so any crisis in our lives that manifests as a result of being out of sync with our Natural rhythm will affect our core Root chakra. When we are continuously in the fight or flight mode (sympathetic nervous system) we cannot ground into this sense of safety and this can and will set off a chain reaction in our bodies. Living a life in constant stress leads to personal and existential crisis.

However, once we become connected we realize that “lack” is a spell of greed. Fear leads us to forgetting we are powerful transformers / alchemists of energy, Creators and generators of Life Force energy. A deficient Root chakra may manifest in suspicion, worry, anxiety, obsessing over money and withdrawing from Life. An excessive Root may manifest in hoarding, overworking, hostility, greed and anger. Both deficient and excessive imbalances are the result of fear. 

To heal and balance this chakra we must come into alignment with present moment awareness and we must learn to accept that we are ENOUGH. 

The theme throughout all chakras is that deficiency in a chakra leads to over-protect and excessiveness over-compensate, but it is definitely possible and very common to be a combination as imbalances in our chakras can have us oscillating between extremes – our BEings’ innate and Divine Intelligence is always working to balance us.

To begin healing and balancing our Root chakra we may need to do some Shadow work to begin exploring the Root of our fears. This will help us to shift our awareness to our authentic Self and help us to release the urge to fight, protect or defend a hidden “enemy”. Anytime we do Shadow work we are raising our Vibration even if it does not feel like it in the moment – it is only by shining the light on our Shadows that they are revealed and it is only by learning to accept these Shadow aspects of our Self that we can begin to truly Love who we are – for if we do not know ourSelves, we do not know who to Love. Without Love we can never be truly powerful as Love IS the Generating Life Force in the Universe. 

Practise grounding meditations. Sit outside on the Earth as often as you can, walk barefoot, eat root vegetables, cleanse in the Ocean, Lakes and Streams and practise GRATITUDE for all that you are and all that you have. Each breath is a gift. Find ways to give back to the Earth as often as possible. Hug your loved ones. Open and close your Yoga practise with gratitude and connecting your energetic roots through your core to the core of our Earth Mother… 

The red fire of Earth ignites thru this channel and may burn away all fear when lit and flamed in meditation with breath and awareness. 

I AM right here, right NOW.
I AM eternal consciousness embodied.

Breathe into your root, fan the flame..
Allow it Root
Allow it to Rise
Allow it to show you who you are!

Understanding the Universal Law of Generation is to learn that if we cannot trust we are supported, we cannot be trusted and this creates an inner conflict for us humans.  

As we heal we learn that if we hurt our Earth Mother, it hurts us. If we act against our Divine Human Nature, we are in disharmony with being alive. By working against our naturally harmonious nature we put ourSelves into constant survival / fight or flight mode and fear blocks our root connection!

Fear of our inherent Nature, and seeking to “conquer” something we must be in harmony with, disconnects us from our Vital Life Force energy, ourSelves and each other. 

Fear blocks us from our Spirit and our Soul. Use the power of your passion and the fire Energy of Mother Earth to burn it away. As the fire rises within you, take the fear and send it up to the Sun to be cleansed by the purifying Solar power of Father Sun. Yoga: practise Goddess Squat, Warrior Series and Child pose. 

Remember you are LOVE and LOVE IS a Super Power

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