Kriya for Strengthening the Aura

An anytime, anywhere yoga kriya that will clear and revive your auric field!

The aura, also known as the 8th chakra, is part of the magnetic energy field or force that surrounds our entire body and all other chakras. The aura both protects a person from negative energies but may become polluted from daily interactions. The aura projects our true nature into the world and magnetically pulls to us resonant energies and repels unwanted ones when it is strong.

When our aura is weak, we are vulnerable to everything around us — diseases, negativity, emotions, entities, unwanted psychic pollution — and feel tired, exhausted, overwhelmed, distraught and anxious.

A strong aura filters these negative energies and keeps our energetic system – including all of the energetic bodies inside of its layer – balanced and vibrant, allowing us to feel healthy and energetic!

This is a great kriya for keeping disease away and developing your aura! Whenever we venture into crowds of people, our energy fields are affected – even becoming psychically polluted from the surrounding frequencies that are not in harmonic resonance with our own. This can leave us feeling very low energy, depressed, overwhelmed, irritated and a host of other things that aren’t necessarily even ours.

This kriya is simple and effective and will leave you feeling CLEAR & revive your energy levels by essentially cleaning and “fluffing up” your aura / bio-electric magnetic energy field.

Please be sure to ease into it if you are not familiar with kriya yoga.

The movements are simple – 3 quick inhales followed by a deep exhale and releasing everything back to the Earth for purification and healing.

1. INHALE & swing arms up high to Father Sun!
2. INHALE & swing arms out to both sides
3. INHALE & swing arms back overhead,
4. EXHALE & swing arms down to the Earth with gratitude.
Repeat this as often as you like and take note of your energetic resonance before and after the practise.

The length and depth is ENTIRELY UP TO YOU and your body. Star slow if this is new to you and if you feel dizzy, sit down and allow the energy to settle – we are MOVING energy with this practise and you will feel it – otherwise there would be no point – so be sure to LISTEN TO YOUR OWN BODY – always.


OPTIONAL CHANT: There is no need to chant and you may focus on your breath first and incorporate the chant as you feel ready.

HAR = Har is one of the aspects of God Source Consciousness — the Creative Infinity.

Kundalini yoga teaches us that HAR is also a Shakti Yoga (Shakti is the feminine cosmic principle of energy. Shakti is the generative force of life and the Kundalini is another aspect of Shakti. ) It is the sound of the heartbeat. (sometimes pronounced like Hud, hud, hud) It has the power to clear all blocks that prevent one from manifesting abundance, vitality, creativity and success in the world.

HARI = Creativity in motion, in manifestation, in realization.

Hari or Har(i) (Sanskrit: हरि, IAST: Hari) is a name for the supreme absolute in the Vedas. Hari is also the one who removes darkness and illusion.

If you don’t resonate with “har”, but still wish to chant, you may choose any high vibrational words that raise your consciousness and give a sense of upliftment and good vibes… for example, “Love”, “Joy”, “Bliss”, or anything you feel drawn to.

Yoga teaches us that “Bhakti leads to Shakti” – in other words, “devotion leads to power” – a teaching many yogis have experienced and I deeply resonate with along my own yogic path of this many other lifetimes.

Sat Nam. Namasté

NOTE: please ease your way into this kriya if you are unfamiliar with this type of yoga or exercise. Your shoulders and back may need some time to adjust to the movements, so it is wise to begin slowly and allow your own body to tell you how far, how long and how deep of a practise you are ready to experience.

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