The 3rd chakra and Solar Plexus / Pancreas is associated with personal will, Self identity, Karma, ego strength, boundaries, practicality, destiny, worldly structures and possibilities. 

Affirmation:  “I WILL”
I align my personal will with the will of my Higher Self. I surrender to my Spirit. I know myself as Spirit. I am wise in my actions, balanced (in natural rhythm) with my emotions and peaceful (aware) in my thoughts. I am Divine manifestation. I awaken my Divine Purpose and Action in the world. I awaken I AM. 

The Universe law that governs the Solar Plexus is the Law of Responsibility – Cause and Effect. Once we recognize that our Vibration and Rhythm condition everything in our lives, we can take responsibility for our  Creations. 

Everything we do in a low Vibration will come to us as low Vibration effect of what we cause. Nothing escapes this Universal Law.
Every cause has an effect.
Every effect has a cause.
Nothing happens by accident.
Nothing appears without a purpose.

Understanding this Universal Law and aligning our Solar Plexus with this knowledge means that we take responsibility of our lives and this becomes our Source of power and our energy of Transformation!

Every situation that presents itself becomes an opportunity to ask: When did this start? Why is this happening?  Reflection, contemplation, awareness. What do I have to learn from this?

Sometimes we are vibrating so low that we need an experience at the same level of frequency to show ourSelves to us with the clarity of a shock. Drama is what happens when we are not paying attention. As we become more aware there is less room for unnecessary drama to surface and our emotions are more balanced. 

Always without judgement, ask yourself: “How am I Vibrating?” As we learn to change our Vibration, our way of thinking changes the Rhythm and this changes the effects of our cause. We become empowered as conscious Co-Creators of our reality. 

A deficient Solar Plexus chakra may manifest as a lack of will power, fatigue and low self-esteem. You may find yourself to be a “people-pleaser”, seeking approval outwardly from others and looking to the outside world for the source of your confidence, but it cannot reflect what we do not embody. An excessive Solar Plexus chakra may manifest in addictions, controlling behaviours and egotism. 

To heal, open and balance the Solar Plexus we need to begin by exploring where we hold the most resistance to Life. Stepping out of our routines  / comfort zones will help to wake up latent energies within this chakra and move us toward discovery of repetitive behavioural patterns that are leaking, suppressing or fighting this powerful energy source. Learn to release anger without rage. What must I understand, let go of or embrace in order to free up my energy? What boundaries do I need to set in order to protect Vital energy leaking from this area?

With yoga focus on upward facing dog, wheel pose and breath of fire to activate, open and stimulate this chakra.

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