Joy is clarity running through us. The energy of true joy is the electric sensation of bliss in the veins; a “smiling on the inside” (have you ever felt your liver smiling?), laughing out loud, being able to feel the physical expression of joy run through our bodies; and the gentle sigh of the mind as it releases its tight grip, we flow into “losing time”… this is the magic that is available to us as humans – not only for the sheer ecstasy of it all, but also because it is part of our inherently divine intelligence guidance system.

Joy is pure light running through us and as such, the experience of it offers us a clarity that can pierce through multiple layers of illusion and delusion at once. With a conscious connection to our true joy, we can dissolve the thoughts and the programming keeping us apart and “separate” from each other, as well as our inherently joyful divine human nature.

But true joy can feel hard to come by in a world where we are programmed to believe that joy is “a reward”. However, this “idea” of joy and happiness as being a reward for “working hard and achieving success”, serves only those who choose to propagate and instil this lie and their power over the collective.

It does not serve humanity because it disconnects us from our true nature and makes what we came here to experience, feel and create often feel “bad or wrong” to us now. Due to all kinds of psychological manipulation by the darker forces on Soul Earth, humanity has lost its connection to its true Divine Nature and has allowed itself to be convinced that we must each somehow earn the right to be here.. to eat.. to drink.. to be.. a lie that has been force fed to us since the day most of us were born… but, when we remember who we are, when we KNOW in our being and purpose the Sovereign Soul who governs this body and mind in truth, we remember TRUE JOY and its powerful purpose for focusing our energy into creating the kinds of meaningful lives we seek.

Even if we do not yet remember, when we once again open our hearts and resolve to align with our Soul’s highest purpose and purest light, we automatically re-align with our true Nature and may KNOW ourselves as ONE with ALL of Nature on EarthThe Majestic Blue Pearl of the galaxy of which we are made, sustained and breathed – many call Her “Abundance” and live gracefully KNOWING that ALL and MORE is always provided for us if we know our place within the cosmic dance.

Our problems and issues here on Soul Earth have never truly been with each other – the “idea” of “lack” is manufactured by the same dark forces working day and night to keep humanity in the hamster wheel of “guilt for being alive” and “shame for not never doing / being enough”, followed by heavy, daily doses of fear and panic to that creates and feeds many “monsters” hiding in our minds. Fear and disillusion scramble our energy fields and cloud our minds, dimming our perceptions, controlling our natural ability (a.k.a. “superpower”) to discern Truth; strategically stealing our ability to focus with a constant stream of distraction and entrainment into a dull, confused, acquiescent state. Some have compared it to being born into a pool that somebody already peed in.. the water is already cloudy when we come into it and therefore, we don’t stop to question or clean it when everyone around us is also acting as if this is ‘normal’.

Humanity has been confused and lost for a long time for the state / level of our collective consciousness is what ultimately drives the collective forward (evolution) or backward (devolution) “in time” .. Humanity has been in a trance for so long that many do not even realize their thoughts aren’t even unique, let alone “their own”… endlessly parroting propaganda to convince themselves (and override their true Nature) that this voluntary slavery to a system founded on an abusive relationship with our Earth Mother that profits off destruction, dis-ease and damage is somehow ‘right‘?

From a very early age, made up “ideas”, like seeds, are planted in our very powerful minds to grow and become the beliefs that inform our choices throughout life. As with any garden, it is wise to be vary careful as to what is planted therein for each thought is an energy, every “concept” a collection of energies that entangle and blend with our own energies and inevitably alter them. Because humanity has been taught to forget the vibrational nature of the universe and ourselves, and therefore, the resonant harmony required to live in peace and abundance on the Earth plane, we have disconnected from the true essence of nature and our inherent abilities to tune into our own vibrational nature, and as a result, the subtler realms, energetic forces, thoughts, feelings, Truth and the ONE true guiding force of light which supports, reflects and informs us – Mother Nature.

So what can we do?


Resolve yourself to reconnect, remember and realign. Re-Solve the “confusion” – the great “mystery” of why we are here for those who pay choose to pay attention to the co-creative dance we are always in, are remembering and discovering the great JOY of simply being in that knowing.

To resolve one’s self is to make an often life-changing decision, a conscious choice and this conscious choice to resolve ourselves to our truest and highest nature, redirects the energy currents creating the path we walk every day. To “resolve” oneself is to think critically for one cannot resolve oneself to anything without first acknowledging that they wish to change something and therefore taking a moment to look at the ‘bigger picture’. One may resolve themselves to focus positively in life, to learn a new skill, grow, etc but regardless of what one resolves themselves to, it carries the great power of intention and devotion which, by their very energetic nature, foster clarity.

To “re” anything is to return to something and essentially approach whatever it is from a new consciousness. For since we cannot solve a problem from the same level of consciousness that created it, neither can we expect to find new ways in life without allowing new thought, new energy and different perspectives into view. More importantly, resolve is to create alignment where there currently is none by finding our joy in our purpose and our clarity in our knowing. Tapping into our infinite potential as multi-dimensional creator beings who are learning to cut the unnecessary threads of infinite possibility and weave with the rest in clarity and joy once again. 


Clarity brings purpose which by its inherent energetic nature fosters JOY! Resolve to feel joy, resolve to clarify and the resolution will change your life as you live it for once we are aligned with our true Divine nature, we know who and what we are and we remember what it feels like to be alive – with PURPOSE! Divine purpose that came with us – another seed planted deep within our Soul that sprouts and awakens when we water it with the tears of remembering..

Joy is both the cause and the effect. In a true state of joy we are not fixated on “happiness”, which is a fleeting and transient “state” dependent often on many conditions. Happiness is a state of consciousness arising out of the mind, the senses, the body. Joy is a state of being that arises out of the Soul and penetrates every other layer of our being – it brings clarity to the mind and ch’i life force to the body.


Part of the reason yogi’s meditate so much is to develop a keen sense of awareness and the ability to concentrate and focus on one thing for long periods of time allowing deeper and deeper levels of awareness to unfold. Society is so distracted and stressed that we have forgotten how to focus. An era of dumb technology has not made us any smarter or more discerning. In fact, the more we rely on technology and “experts” to constantly tell us “what to do” and “how to live”, we will continue to “lose” our innate abilities (superpowers) to discern Truth from illusion. This is a gift given to each Divine human on the Earth plane – we may be “just like the animals” in a myriad of ways for we are made of the same sacred love of Gaia, but there exists a QUANTUM leap in consciousness that most humans have yet to explore and discover.

With renewed focus that is birthed from clarity in resolve to our true joy, our True Nature, and our Soul will we reawaken our superpowers! We all have the ability to activate these great forces of the universe within us. We have the power to take our consciousness back and remember the Joy from which we came that eternally runs through us, empowering us, enlivening us and calling us forward to NEW experiences. Joy helps us to let go of things that no longer serve us and empowers us to step into the new, so whether you “follow your bliss” or “follow your joy”, I hope that you will find more ways to follow your heart and connect with the most precious spark of magick within you that exists always – on your worst days and your best – for us to tap into through gratitude, awareness and resolve to choose it before we take action, infusing everything in our lives with renewed life force energy otherwise known as JOY!

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