The Lion’s Gate Portal is an astrological and cosmic event that happens this year between July 26th and August 12th, 2021. The Lion’s Gate energies peak with the New Moon – 08/08 – when energies will be at their highest and most intense for most; however, these brilliant energies and cosmic rays beaming into Earth throughout this time are offering us a great opportunity to finally release our attachments to the physical and “old ways” of fear and separation, and take a courageous step as individuals – for all of humanity – into unity consciousness, compassion and LOVE for all.

Below we have included a Lion’s Gate Portal & New Moon Guided Meditation from one of our Sunday morning community calls ~ it truly was a powerful experience for all of us there as Eli guided us through the channels of energy to align with this great opportunity to align with cosmic forces of manifestation and transformation!

The beautiful and magnificent Lion represents the courage and power of SPIRIT and a brave heart; a heart that is powered by a fierce love for life. A Lion’s pride is their family but they do not take more than they require, and are deeply compassionate animals. A Lion’s pride LOVE. A Lion knows when to take action and when to relax – never wasting energy.

The Lion’s Gate Portal Offers:

  • New Beginnings!

  • feeling alive again

  • getting rid of negativity & doubt in order to allow more JOY into our lives

  • learning to STAND in our POWER

  • spiritual awakening and sudden awakenings

  • BIG downloads

  • creative inspiration and New launches!

  • sudden shifts in relationships as all that is not aligned with where we are going, must go

  • setting your SOUL alive again – SOUL EMBODIMENT!

  • managing our energy well – it is as much about learning to rest and relax as it is about power because we must remember how to gather our power from within

Emotions may be intense on and around the peak as energies are more quickly released and transformed; and change begins to manifest more in physical form all around and within us. It is common to feel physically exhausted and require extra naps and earlier bedtimes. ALLOW yourself to REST. The ascension energies we are moving through are a lot to process and only intensify during the astrological solar alignments, new and full moon energies. We are learning to manifest once again to manifest through JOY, ease and GRACE, rather than struggle.

The New Moon is about setting your intentions for that which you wish to manifest, transform, integrate or embody. It is a time to plant seeds and let them rest and integrate and grow as time moves through us in the next moon cycle. Set intentions for the things that make you happy right now and allow them to help you embody more joy and light into your being at this time. You may choose to light a candle, have a bath, cleanse your space or go into Nature for this ritual. Write down your intentions and either keep, burn or bury as you feel called, or follow any other intuitively aligned practise for setting your intentions during the new moon. Whatever you do, remember that it is a powerful time and that the seeds you plant – if nourished – will manifest and likely rather quickly at this time – it really mostly depends on how much we have yet to let go of which is no longer serving us. However, it is the energy of the Lion’s Gate that can push us through our resistance, doubt and fear, if we choose to leap.

No matter what we are challenged with or going through at this time, we can Know that we are being fully aligned with the light of our Soul at this time! The challenges we face at this time are opportunities for Soul Embodiment and, from a Soul level, are pushing us into greater expansion of our individual and collective consciousnesses along this ascension timeline. It is anticipated that the Lion’s Gate Portal of 2022 and 2023 will only intensify as we progress so now is a perfect time to get to know what this means for you.

Lions gate portal 2021 meditation activation .png

This time of ascension is more than great change. It is a time of metamorphosis – a recalibration of our energies on every level. This can be an uncomfortable state – the “in between” state of things are “not the way they were”, but also, not anything we really want to get to know too well. It leaves us asking a lot of questions and eventually, wondering why we are truly here… When things get really uncomfortable, it is important to remind ourselves that these times and shifts are not to hurt us but to help us clear all the negative energies and allow for transformation to happen.


The Lion’s Gate Portal is all about ABUNDANCE and JOY and the POWER it brings us when we remember the true definition of wealth. Gratitude is the attitude that keeps the infinity loop in constant motion, freely receiving and giving in abundant exchange with the Divine.

LEO aligns to the star SIRIUS, also known as the “Spiritual Sun” and “Star of the Goddess Isis”. On the day of the peak, Sirius is in alignment with the Great Pyramid at Giza and the portal is open to receive light from this Source. We have the opportunity to expand into our cosmic consciousness and allow it to strengthen and empower our journey.

As a humanity we are learning to embrace our own light within by embracing change. We are learning how to transcend aspects of the lower self and alchemize the energies of these times into a new way of seeing and interpreting the world. We are reclaiming our true power and our true place as eternal Souls and cosmic beings of light. Just like Gaia, we are upgrading and becoming less dense. Earth is sweating out her toxins and humanity is purging the corruption, greed and “power over” others that has dominated for far too long, effectively holding humanity’s evolution “under water”. It is time to BREATHE again! It is time to sing, dance, laugh, love and create again; to reconnect to our True Divine Nature and allow ourselves to be guided by our intuition and higher Selves. It is time to be FREE!


  • grounding & cleansing rituals

  • walking / swimming in Nature

  • extra water, herbal teas and liquids

  • lots of rest

  • journal, paint, dance, CREATE!

  • yoga & meditation & breathwork

  • baths with essential oils / epsom salts to soothe muscles

This is a great time to start something NEW. Be brave and intentional with your energy and how you use it. With so much energy coming in, FOCUS is essential to manifesting. We are the receivers of much new energy and we are anchoring that light into the world in co-creation every day. This is the time to make that creation much more conscious and full of light with our attention and intention. We have a great opportunity to change the systems that do not serve life and expose the global corporate corruption by no longer denying its existence. The power to change and heal the world rests within each of us to heal ourselves and give ourselves permission to be bravely true to who we know we are in Truth.

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