Ram Dass with his beloved Guru, Maharaji

One of my most beloved guides has always been Baba Ram Dass, who’s Soul crossed over and left his human body while I was listening to some of his talks in Costa Rica in December of 2019.

It had been a while since I had connected with his energy and as one of the first lightworkers to spark me out of my slumber, I was grateful to reconnect and be “in space” with him, in conscious connection, at the time of his soul’s rebirth.

When Ram Dass first pilgrimaged to India he was guided to his Guru, Maharaji and they became lifelong friends. When Ram Dass first met him, he asked Maharaji how he could become enlightened but he did not get the answer he expected…

Ram Dass was a learned Scholar and Teacher and from all he’d studied and “learned” about “the spiritual journey”and practised to become more enlightened, he expected his Guru to tell him what he has learned about “being wise”. He expected Maharaji to tell him to go sit in a cave and meditate…Instead, Maharaji answered: “feed people”.

Ram Dass, like so many of us, spent the rest of his life working to do just that. Be humble. Be here now. Respond to the moment. Feed people. Nourish their souls. Feed their spirit with love in all ways.

What exactly is a “Lightworker”?

In Yoga Teacher Trainings and in life, this is a question I have been asked many times, usually by Lightworkers themselves who are not yet sure whether they “qualify” or are “ready” to step into their light. Their intuition and higher Self may be calling them to step into their full potential but since it is not something most of us are familiar with or remember yet, we may fall into the illusory 3D mind programming that dictates we need to “do something”, become “some”one, learn “more” and somehow achieve an illusory status of some kind before we can relate with the term and step into our LIGHT. But nothing could be further from the truth because your light is always yours to work however you feel called to express it. You are light and your free choice allows you to work it however you choose.

We want to equate the term with a guru because it keeps us separate from and just outside the realm of realizing the power of our own light; it keeps us just outside the realm of taking responsibility for our light and our reality; and it keeps us playing life “small” in a field of infinite human potential! YOU ARE THE GURU.

Lightworkers work their Light.

Light Warriors….here to ride the cosmic waves of quantum expansion and bring light into the darkness that has been pervading the Earth. Healers, guides, teachers, Earth Defenders, Way Showers, Wisdom Keepers and Star Seeds who have chosen a sacred human vessel for a double missionindividual expansion as well as collective evolution into 5th Dimensional/ Christ/ Trans-Dimensional consciousness and beyond.

We are here to to work our light by shining it on and into the dark in order that we may reclaim the Divine in ALL. How we each do this is driven by our individual purpose and dharmic path. We are not meant to do it all the same, nor would it be as effective if we tried. Some of us protest and some of us pray. Once awakened, ALL of us are working toward the same evolution. We are here to re-seed the planet with faith, hope, respect for the miracle of diversity and love for ALL of Creation.

What is Light Work & How Does it Differ from Light Washing?

Lightwork is not just talking about love & light, magic, crystals, yoga, singing in circles or eating vegan. Lightworkers who work their light are doing some of these things always because we have to in order to stay light, because when we “work our light”, we go into the dark to transmute it back to light. We don’t “Light Wash” issues facing humanity with random Spiritual truisms and New Age bullshit… in the same way that we find the Spiritual strength to purify our bodies with cleansing rituals and conscious choices that raise our vibrations, the light shining out from within is then the light of our True Soul Nature, the light of the Divine and its energy reclaims the Divine in ALL.

Lightwork is about reclaiming the Divine in EVERYTHING.

The answer that most who ask may not want to hear is that Lightworkers work in the dark most of the time. Light work is about finding the strength and the courage to go into the heart of darkness, ego death, flow in a river of constant change and illuminate, or bring “to light” what has been hidden, ignored and forgotten; it’s about facing the dark void of ignorance within our world and within ourselves – to unravel, unlearn, illuminate, heal and transmute our own shadows into an integrated, whole, self-loving, self-realized, self-empowered, consciously embodied, Soul-centred Being.

It’s about uncovering the hidden truths, shining our light into the shadows – discovering the true nature of our Divine Soul Nature is the challenging work of dismantling old beliefs, shifting paradigms, rewriting and releasing subconscious mind patterning and programmed thoughts that keep us from remembering who we are. It is a transformative process of stepping into our Truth and Divine power and the only requirement is showing up to work your light.

Too often people are led to believe that to call yourself a Lightworker you must have some kind of illusory “spiritual status”, but that form of spiritual egotism only perpetuates corrupt societal ideals designed to keep us feeling small and powerless. The truth is when one goes inside themselves to do the shadow work required to integrate the fullness of our Being, the realization (knowing) that we are all ONE becomes a part of the experience of being ONE with the ALL THAT IS and humbles us into remembering and embodying the full spectrum light of who we are – everything and nothing captured in a unique point of cosmic awareness, a light, a beacon, an eternal Soul incarnate briefly for a purpose and a mission, infinitely capable and powerful.

It is fierce cosmic love that awakens our Souls.

We journey within to find ourSelves only to discover we can only be free when we are ALL free; that the beings who suffer and starve cannot be ignored; that as long as any are oppressed, ALL are oppressed; that history does in fact repeat itself and so do we until we learn and integrate the lessons destined for our evolution as a multi-dimensional human species. Every Soul is Light. Light is energy, Prana, Chi and Life Force. Light is information!! Connection with our Soul allows us to express our Light and to work it for the purpose of helping others remember who they truly are and do the same.

Light flows when we do the constant work of transmuting the darkness within ourselves first – understanding and integrating the wholeness of our Being – thereby amplifying our light and exponentially expanding our capacity to love and be loved for who we truly are. Lightwork is about remembering who we are and why we came; it’s about expanding our consciousness to see a bigger picture; it’s about coming into coherence with the true nature of our multi-dimensional selves. It’s about remembering ALL our lives and stringing them together into the continuous story and Truth of the “I AM”. One eternal NOW moment captured in experience by the Soul.

Lightwork is not about hippie music, boho clothes or festivals; it’s not about being a saviour, nor is it about being “saved”. It is about taking responsibility for ourselves, our lives, each other and our planet. Lightwork isn’t just talking about “love and light” and feeling the good vibrations all the time, especially when there is pain in our world and hearts. Lightworkers talk about the TRUTH – even when we are laughed at and often belittled, we will NOT live in ignore-ance of the ignored, the forgotten, the oppressed lives and suppressed voices, and WE WILL expose the manipulation, the mind control, the corruption, injustice, systemic brutality of our governing systems breeding fear and hate into the hearts of humanity. We will all do it differently and that is what makes it work.

If we think our job as Lightworkers is to avoid pain and darkness, we’re setting ourselves up for a steep fall. If we “won’t look at” the horrors of our world with honest eyes, we are blinded by the light; if we think it’s about keeping life “light and fluffy” so that we don’t have to feel discomfort, our ego is still running the show.

For example, it has been accurately stated by many that “if slaughterhouses had glass walls, no one would eat the meat coming from them”, but most of us don’t choose to look. Most of us don’t want to see sentient beings in agonizing pain because no matter how many happy cows we’ve seen on the side of milk cartons advertising a blatant lie, we KNOW that if we look with an honest heart into the eyes of tortured animals that our Soul is tortured by it too. We KNOW that if we dare to look behind the veil of lies creating our perceived reality that we will KNOW and feel deeply compelled to change. And because we have all been deeply programmed to avoid change, this scares us.


Change is the constant flow of LIFE and it is the Law of Love. A Lightworker’s life is constant change and for those of us willing to surrender to the flow, it is an enlightening, Soul-powered journey fuelled by great cosmic love. But whereas change is inevitable, transformation is a choice.

Yoga teaches us to accept and embrace change. Yoga teaches us to flow and it guides us to the ultimate goal of self-realization. To realize anything means to come into knowing. To realize is to know. Ancient yogic wisdom guides us toward the universe within where we may remember and realize Truth. Yoga and meditation teach us how to work with change so that we may transform back once again into the full wholeness of of our True Self.

To enlighten we must know who we are – this is the knowledge most of us lack. We have not been educated with Truth. Masked in our roles of human ego identification, we cannot possibly know who we are and so we become obsessed with who we “should be”. Indoctrinated into belief systems adopted along the path laid before us to follow since birth. Be this! Do that! Check boxes and conform to society’s ideals of beauty, intelligence, power, success, status and on and on; always be working towards “perfection”, happiness and fulfillment even if it’s not working for us, even if billions are starving, we are simply told to work harder. But, society isn’t sick because we aren’t working hard enough. Society is sick because we don’t, in Truth, know who we are.


Artist Unknown

Artist Unknown

The moment we truly see, accept and realize our lives are not our own until we take them back, clear them and step into our Truth of who we are, we are living the life we’ve been told to follow. An entrained, or “fated” existence dictated by an imbalanced world order seeking to keep us from working our light and stepping into our true power.

Spiritual truths aren’t meant to make us more accepting of the hate and violence in our world. Spiritual teachings aren’t meant to make us “more comfortable” with starvation, dis-ease and war. Spiritual wisdom is to make us turn to face, reflect and feed people! Spiritual growth is to evolve and it is supposed to make us uncomfortable…

Truth is the grain of sand inside the oyster that with enough churning, alchemy and energy turns into a pearl and a gift. It is brilliant work that takes place in the Mother’s dark womb of creation.

Until we can see and accept that the material lives we’ve been told to lead will not make us happy, fulfilled or healthy; until we acknowledge with honesty that it is our tax dollars that fund war, brutality and oppression; our retail dollars that fund corporate corruption, slavery and suppression; our supermarket dollars that perpetuate horrifying animal abuse, soil erosion and overall catastrophic environmental destruction; our acquiescence that supports and allows political and governing systems to suppress our ability to live freely, speak freely and affect change, we cannot see that our lives are not our own.

Until we WAKE UP, we are asleep in ignorance of all that we truly are. Until we CRACK and LET THE LIGHT IN, we are living fated lives and not the truly wondrous adventure of our destiny and our dharma.

Whether we crack via crisis, courage or sheer exhaustion, it begins the reconnection to the whispers of our Soul… but until we are brave enough to look at the world as a direct reflection of ourselves, we are missing the point. Until we call Earth “Mother” – see Gaia for WHO She is and defend Her as we would our own human mother, we will not see and feel all the ways in which we harm her; we cannot see all the ways in which we harm each other until we look upon each other as Souls, as Light and as Energy with LOVE.

The Force is with ALL of us. How much we work with it is up to us, but Source flows infinitely through clear channels of the love and the light, illuminating the darkness within and around us. Source does not discriminate and empowers every one of us with infinite possibility and wisdom. Life pushes us to evolve. We are here NOW to WORK OUR LIGHT but first we have to face the Truth and the more we do this, the clearer our Soul purpose and mission becomes. It is a process. It is an unravelling of our own true nature which reveals our dharma. It is an unveiling, a remembering and an igniting of our fire, our LIGHT within. It is the work of moving between dimensions and bringing the mirror of truth closer and letting it burn away anything that does not serve us any longer. To step into our destiny, release the golden handcuffs, break the chains of oppression, end the cycles of karma and suffering on Earth.

Lightworkers work in the dark most of the time. We talk about the ignored, the forgotten, the oppressed and suppressed, corruption and injustice BECAUSE by sharing our understanding of the heavy, the hurtful, the dark, we bring light to where there once was little to none. We illuminate life with Truth. We are here at a very important time on Earth to BE THE LIGHT and WORK our LIGHT with MAGICK – removing illusion, not creating it!

Stepping Into Our Light

We are the medicine healers, light workers, light warriors, witches, way showers, truth-seekers, star seeds, yogis, water protectors, earth defenders, fire keepers, magick makers, cosmic children, multi-dimensional Beings of the love and the light of Source… we are the space holders for change and wisdom keepers of the Earth BUT are also the ones who, for centuries, have been persecuted, burned at the stake, stoned to death, hanged, beaten, imprisoned, murdered, mocked, belittled, ridiculed, ostracized and pushed to the outskirts of society. Therefore, when we begin the journey within and honestly look at what needs to change IN US, we often discover that we carry traumas of this and other lifetimes deep within our Soul.

This kind of ancestral, past-life trauma needs to be released, healed, alchemized and transmuted into new light or it will continue to play out in this lifetime, more often than not in the forms of “playing it small”, depression, anxiety, anger, delusion, fear and other manifestations of the shadows within us. As we do this very important Soul work we are inevitably called to review our perceptions of the world now. We begin to see where our light is called to shine.

We are faced with the realization that the matrix in which we humans live is not passive. The 3D Earth matrix, as it is, is aggressive and hostile; controlling and domineering. As long as we deny the illusory nature of the world, we are powerless to change it. But, when we are ready to accept this knowledge, we are ready work our light.

The difference is that as long as we believe things are “fine” the way they are and we can keep our “vibes high” by focussing only on the things that make us “feel good”, we are perpetuating a lie that is destroying LIFE. We are merely light washing the darkness out of our own lives in order to make ourselves feel good but it doesn’t last and serves primarily to add more karma to our own journey.

Many of us get stuck somewhere in between. We have gone within, we have been to the heart of darkness and returned with a greater sense of our true identity, purpose and mission but we don’t know how to step forward…

If you are currently going through an ego death and Soul rebirth, focus on that until you have fully integrated these realizations and rememberings before thinking about how to step forward. This is a very important part of our awakening and cannot be rushed. Awakening isn’t a linear process… We spiral through lifetimes and dimensions in order to find ourselves “here”, awake in the NOW and ready to serve. We may move from the gross level to the subtle to the Divine energy of our Being and may find we are still challenged by stepping into our power. We may find that we feel SO much that we are overwhelmed by “it all” or that, despite our best efforts, we still don’t trust ourselves to know what to do.

Small is BIG.

We live a relative universe – the definition of something or someone as “small” or “large” in size, for example, is dependent on a relative comparable, otherwise the thing you are looking to define “simply is”. Because we live in a relative reality, we compare ourselves to others and judge our individual aspects and actions; because we are programmed from birth to believe we are not “good enough” for anything or anyone, we struggle to see the inherent value every single life holds.

We may not have the power to change the entire world in one day, but that is not the point either. We are the Warriors who light the way for others to see and we do this first and foremost with our individual choices. The more we expand our consciousness, the more we can SEE and the greater the level of our self-awareness, the more consciously embodied we can be in the choices we make every day.

To become conscious of our choices is to acknowledge the ripple effect of every single choice. This has become increasingly challenging in a world where technology seems to deliver whatever we want to our doorstep. Consciousness has been removed from choices created by media entrainment and advertising designed to prey on human desire to fill the void within. The 3D matrix designed in such a way that we are taught to seek outside ourselves for fulfillment – status, power, money and beauty (or the perceived lack thereof) condition us into seeing life as one big struggle as the majority of the world struggles to find meaning in this vacuum, consciousness can bring us back into the now moment where we can make choices with greater awareness.

The more aware we are of how a cup of coffee ended up in our hands, the more empowered we are to choose one that is Fair Trade, for example. Once we know that there is a war on coffee growers and pickers who cannot afford to feed their own families on what they are paid by corporate coffee giants making billions in annual profit, we may choose differently. We realize that while we stand in a position of privilege (choice), we may choose to hold a cup of coffee that is paying for child slave labour or, one that supports a healthy and mutually beneficial relationship between the EARTH, growers, pickers, roasters, business owners and us. We may never meet the Souls who picked our coffee beans for us, but energetically we are all connected and our choices affect them physically as well.

Light Warriors fight with our energy, our healing and our love for life. We light the way. We fight with our voice. We fight with our conscious choice. So while we are working to raise vibrations wherever we go, we know the work is most of the time happening beneath the surface, between these words and spiralling through consciousness, “space and time”. We know that one doesn’t have to be famous to create change. We see the frequency that is carried in words and feel the effect in our hearts. Every decision we make is big. Everything is connected and awareness is the lock and the key.

We are the Raindrop and the Ocean.

Sometimes it can feel like we are bouncing around between worlds and essentially we are doing just that. The more aware we become of ourSelves, our Soul’s purpose and mission, the more we are called. We are the raindrop and the ocean. We fall and rise, fall and get back up again. The reason it’s so hard to be here is because we have been misinformed and taught to ignore our natural instincts. Essentially, humanity’s frequencies are scrambled.

No, we should not walk past a homeless person and shrug.
No, we should not call ourselves ‘civilized’ if civilization means raping, pillaging and colonizing other cultures (genocide) and lands (ecocide).

The challenge for Lightworkers is that because of our awareness, heightened senses, empathic and intuitive abilities is that we can actually feel the pain and it hurts so much. When we step into the world and talk to others, for example, about child slaves working 16 hours / day picking coffee beans, or cotton or tea, many will not pay attention or even hear what we are saying. Their eyes might glaze over, they may make a bad joke, call us “woo-woo” or simply ignore us and go on their merry way to the nearest Mcdonalds perpetuating a vicious cycle of corruption, dis-ease, animal and environmental exploitation. It hurts us not only because of the pain, destruction and misery involved in making a “happy meal”, but because we see, feel and know how the Soul choosing to stand in the shadows ignorance in the light of Truth is really hurting their own Soul, dimming their own light which is so eager to shine.

The Bhagavad Gita explains that there are three main obstacles to humanity realizing its true power and light:

  1. “doubt & scepticism” – though sometimes useful in our ‘lower nature’, they are stumbling blocks in our higher stages of evolution for the truth is something that is constantly progressing, evolving and revealing itself to the open-minded seeking to expand and not limit reality.
  2. the truth we are seeking is not something that has to be “proven” – again this is an affliction of the lower nature of mind – for the truth we are speaking of must be lived inwardly, known through experience and is therefore self-evident, requiring no further proof.
  3. the sorceries of the ignorance in which we live create the self-doubts which arise from the perplexities created from accepting and following the ignorant proclaiming to have “proof” existent outside our own experience – taking their ‘word’ over our own experience is an act of an ignorant state of mind (asleep).

Lightworkers work in the dark most of the time. Our role is simple but not easy. Each of us have come with unique gifts to share that offer healing to the world. Each of us have our own shadow work to do before we can fully embrace the double mission set out before us, but none of us have anything to fear.

The time is now and this is why we came. Soul contracts have been made and we are all here by choice. We are usually the rainbow sheep of our families – never really feeling as if we “belong” here on Earth, it sometimes appears safer to try and “fit in” so we try… but it doesn’t take long before we feel the pain of turning away from who we are and our Soul’s responsibility of feeding people is obvious… whether we are feeding bodies with food, feeding minds with information, or Souls with love and healing, our role is to alchemize and transmute the dark energies (creating chaos, fear and dis-ease, essentially turning our world backwards) back into alignment with the dharma, the natural order and purpose of the cosmos, and infuse this creation with the love + light of Source that we are.

Don’t ask permission from anyone to shine your light! Reclaim your power, your light and let it shine for others to see so that we may all become the beacons guiding each other home..


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