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  • Beyond the Veil

    Now is the time to reconnect to your place beyond the veils, to realign your consciousness to the energetic form of Self. – the Pleiadians Now is the time to remember who we are and receive our light from beyond the veil. We are ready to engage with and embody the full Spiritual aspect of […]

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  • 11.11.21 – light beings

    Light Warriors are known by many names. What we are called is not as important the messages we bring through us into this Earth experience. We know that being a Light Worker means working in the dark most of the time… the places and spaces that need the light are where we go and what […]

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  • Lion’s Gate Portal & New Moon Activations

    The Lion’s Gate Portal is an astrological and cosmic event that happens this year between July 26th and August 12th, 2021. The Lion’s Gate energies peak with the New Moon – 08/08 – when energies will be at their highest and most intense for most; however, these brilliant energies and cosmic rays beaming into Earth […]

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  • Living in Joy

    Joy is clarity running through us. The energy of true joy is the electric sensation of bliss in the veins; a “smiling on the inside” (have you ever felt your liver smiling?), laughing out loud, being able to feel the physical expression of joy run through our bodies; and the gentle sigh of the mind […]

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