we live in a quantum universe – everything is energy and in constant, vibratory motion. Energy cannot be destroyed. It can only be redirected, transmuted, transformed and alchemized, resulting in different physical manifestations and energetic expressions. Everything comes from and returns to energy – the ability to transmute and transform energy is at the heart of alchemy.

Intuitive alchemy approaches everything from the energetic Source of all things – also known as the Quantum Level. It is the work of freeing your True Self from the illusion of your fears, limiting beliefs and systems, self-doubt and lack. Working on this level has profound effects on the physical realm.


The physical is very much a part of energetic alchemy – anything and everything done on an energetic level, inevitably effects the physical to which it is entangled, or connected. When we consciously work with our energies (which includes our thoughts), we SHIFT the frequencies of our being, expressing in a multitude of ways, layers and dimensions. The more we become consciously aware of ourselves as energy, the more we are able to align with the life we really want to live.

Consciously Embody Joy and then take action. Consciously Embody Spirit and then… There is great power in accepting the way things are – especially when we really don’t want to – because in accepting we release resistance to it. This is alchemy. As long as we are emotionally engaged by the attachments made in the judgmental mind, such in the form of resistance to change because we are attached to the way things were for example, then there is resistance; and that resistant energy will block the natural flow and rhythm of our path, often bringing us the very circumstances we don’t want. Resistance to letting go of the past will block the change that is trying to come through, even when we think we are asking for it.

Despite our outward appearance in form, human beings are big, beautiful balls of energy that many of us can see and all of us can sense. To feel truly healthy and happy, human beings need much more than jobs, tv and fast food – in fact, some would argue we don’t “need” those things at all, but that we are programmed into habit and addiction to the very things that lower our vibration away from JOY. Instead of raising our vibrations, wherefrom we are in fact Master Manifestors, we cage ourselves “unwittingly” into energetic prisons and mental caves sustained by these unconscious patterns of behaviour and self-limiting beliefs.

However, when energy is flowing as intended, through our entire being and throughout all layers, levels and dimensions of who and what we are, we don’t just “feel good”… we feel ALIVE again! Exhilaration is a distinct feeling that runs through the veins – as palpable as fear but way more fun and enlightening. It’s the feeling we get when we connect with Spirit and our Higher Selves and Source Energy Creator. It’s like “goosebumps” only amplified by thousands of volts!


When we re-connect and communicate with our True Divine Nature / Soul, we re-connect with Creator / Source Energy / God and the pathways for communication OPEN. This creates opportunities in our lives we may never have dreamt possible. In that communication doors open, new trails are blazed and there is a deeper connection and innerstanding of who we are, what we are and why we are here.

  • We enter into a co-creative dance with the Universe.
  • We re-discover who we truly are and inevitably discover new meaning to life.
  • We discover the real ‘why’ behind our desires.
  • We enter the realm of living in vibration as vibrational beings.
  • We create resonant health and harmony for ourselves and those around us.
  • We learn to embrace change instead of fearing and resisting it
  • We learn to be present in the moment and how to return to it when we are not.
  • We are no longer tricked or defined by the illusions of the 3D world.
  • We enter “KNOWING”
  • We become part of something greater than ourselves.

Once we get to a place where we are in tune with our True Divine Nature, we may then tap into our true power as Creator Beings and what is revealed is our Soul’s gifts.

Each of our gifts are different, but no matter what it is, none of us came here to avoid it, talk ourselves or each other out of it, or pretend it doesn’t exist. Inside each and every one of us lays a treasure of diamonds embedded within our Soul’s wisdom and memories. It is deep within each of us that our Knowing sits, our dreams and purpose woven throughout and held by our Divine DNA Blueprint.

Inside each of us there lies a universe of infinite potential and EXPANSION. Source Energy is simply waiting for us to align with it so that we may enter the dance and begin the process of consciously co-creating this dream together.

Many of us already intuitively know this. We have heard the whisperings of our hearts during sleepless nights. We have heard the call of our Soul our entire lives, but didn’t know how to respond… and so we waited. We asked for signs, doubted our intuition and questioned our purpose. Modern society has become so tuned to the external frequencies of the world, that we have completely forgotten how to listen to ourselves.

Many of us get stuck in a place of doubting every word I am saying and yet desperately seeking more. I used to be one of them. I couldn’t really be the creating force behind my reality? I mean… not really…right? How am I supposed to create my reality when there are so many other forces at play?…

It wasn’t until I took the time out of my own life to really deeply reflect upon who I was and why, that I began to deeply innerstand the true power of humans as Divine Creator Beings. It wasn’t until my whole life crashed (many times) that I was completely willing to surrender to it all, but first, I had to drown and learn to SURRENDER to my own true nature… more than once.


Too often we are misguided along our paths into believing that in order to find happiness, we have to “attain something” or “become “someone” we aren’t. We are “schooled” into the “core belief” that we do not know what we want or how to achieve it; therefore, we must listen to and obey an “authority” who “knows” what is “best” for us. From a very young age we have been taught that who we naturally are isn’t “good enough”. We are taught to seek for everything outside of ourselves and exist within a cultural taboo of KNOWING THYSELF.

The bulk of spiritual awakening involves unlearning and deprogramming ourselves from the lower vibrational, 3D matrix systems seeking to keep us limited in belief, experience and evolution here on the Earth plane. But this beautiful Earth plane is where our Souls have come to liberate Creation. We did not come to journey through this human life unhappy, manipulated and afraid. The great forces of Nature work daily miracles to perpetuate Life on Earth. Human beings were given the gift of AWARENESS so that we could use it, but so many of us have forgotten how or even why. Our INTUITION is a SACRED GIFT we reactivate and strengthen by trusting it. Perhaps now, more than ever as we are quickly being led by our technology, like blind dogs on leashes, into a world we won’t recognize if we don’t quickly choose to create the way forward consciously and as fully Self-empowered, Soul-embodied Creator Beings.

We are already connected to Source Energy / God or we could not exist. Millenia ago when the Gods were deciding where on Earth they would hide the “secrets of the Universe”, they could not think of a place that humanity would not quickly discover it, because they knew the truth about humanity and the incredible power we have to create and INTUIT the Truth, so they decided that the safest place to hide ALL Truth that humans would ever seek was in our own hearts. Deep within the heart of our being lies the connection we ALL have to the Divine.

Deep within the core of our being sit the diamonds of Universal wisdom and clarity we so desperately seek. Journey within, be willing to see yourSelf in Truth and Light, know you are safely held by the Divine and not alone.

much love,
– c. shakti


consciously embodied Source Energy expressing a unique point of Creation within the Universe;

re-awakened multi-dimensional Soul;

witness & player;

everything & nothing;


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