Me to We – the Path of Unity Consciousness

It can be hard to know how to shift our perspectives from “me” to “WE” but in order to heal our planet and humanity, we must try and learn how to make conscious shifts for the greater good.

Each and every shift carries significant ripple effects that travel energetically like shockwaves thru society and nature. The bigger the energy, the greater the impact of the wave. The same effect is carried thru when we choose “me” – an Ego-centred signal or energy pattern echoes into the collective consciousness. However, when we choose “WE”, the effect is amplified and magnified exponentially because the energy of “WE” is in and of itself so much more powerful than the little “me”.

The energy of “WE” combined with the active choosing of “WE” over “me” and consciously making it our priority in the everyday choices we make, creates profound shifts in our own lives and in countless other lives around the planet, of all species and dimensions, that we may never meet in this lifetime but are ultimately a part of us and as we include them in our earthly decisions, we ALL benefit and begin once again to evolve.

The ripple effect of “WE” energy distorts and disturbs conflicted 3D matrix ego-centred programming and triggers Divine remembering in us that we are all connected.

We cannot heal others until we heal ourselves and one of the deepest, most self-limiting, subconscious beliefs we carry in society is that our lives exist in a bubble – especially in North America. We talk a lot about “awakening”, which is great, but a large majority of it exists in a vacuum of “ME” and “MY” journey of awakening.

WHEN WE AWAKEN we ultimately lose our identification with the little self and come to embody the consciousness of our higher Self and Soul, which knows the interconnected nature of life as the true nature of our Being – ceaseless, endless, infinite journey of awakening, human in evolutionary form no different than Gaia’s Soul, a planet in her evolutionary form. Everything and nothing are WE – connected thru a quantum energetic web of consciousness, forever in the eternal moment of NOW. As a humanity, we are expanding into greater and greater levels of consciousness and remembering who we are and as we do so, many of us are beginning to understand that true fulfillment isn’t discovered inside an ego-centred vacuum of “me” energy.

Throughout our lives, we are all conflicted internally by 3D matrix ego-driven programming because it runs counter-intuitively to our Divinely Intelligent Design. Humanity’s true Divine Nature inherently VALUES, SERVES and PROTECTS LIFE. When we make choices that ultimately harm life in the long run but in the short term satisfy our ego-driven desires, the light of our own Soul dims a little in response. Our light dims because as ONE, when we think only inside our bubbles, even if we don’t realize it, we have chosen against ourselves as well.

For as long as we don’t realize the effect all of our choices have on the interconnected web of consciousness and the interdependent Nature of Life, we will continue to take away from ourselves and each other the very things we want and need. Until we see ourselves as ONE and choose to protect and defend Life in every act, word and thought possible, we cannot understand our true power as cosmic CREATOR BEINGS! An Infinitely capable, powerful, evolving and ascending, multi-dimensional species.


How do we put into practise a revolutionized “WE” belief system for our planet?

I’m going to share a few examples, opening with one particularly relevant to North America. Each example isn’t meant to point fingers or make anyone feel “bad”. The purpose is to bring all of us into an expanded state of consciousness where we can “zoom out”, if you will, from our choices and see the bigger picture.

How does our choice affect other humans? How does it affect the other kingdoms on Earth? How does it affect Earth herself? We may become more conscious and aware, empowering ourselves to truly see and consciously create the ripples we are sending out into the world with ALL our choices.

Take the example of a cultivated flower garden and lawn versus an organic vegetable garden and wildflowers. If you are one of the people fortunate enough at this time to have a home and yard space, no matter how big or small, maybe you’re building a house or perhaps you already have one with a yard you’re struggling to maintain. Or perhaps you are one of millions affected by drought and climate change…

Here in North America, have choices.; however, just the fact that some states have chosen to make it illegal to grow your own food, could be enough of a trigger to spur a shift in consciousness in some.

Organic Veggie & Wildflower Garden

  • NATURAL to the environment

  • creates HARMONY in environment – permaculture works with nature instead of against it

  • only grow what can & will grow naturally / seasonally

  • non-interference with wildlife & other plants

  • supporting pollination, insects & soil to thrive

  • providing food for humans, insects, birds & animals

  • continuing the cycle of life by growing more seeds

  • no chemical fertilizers, pesticides or insecticide required

  • conserving water – plants in natural habitat / climate require less water to survive

  • healthy, living soil – organic farming supports soil retention versus soil erosion resulting from monocropping

  • no shipping (fossil fuel emissions) required

  • no plastic required to wrap food for shipping

  • no waste as anything not used can be composted & fed back to the garden for continued renewal

  • reduces our reliance on supermarkets & commercial food trade systems therefore, reducing our impact and dependence upon artificially created & sustained economies

  • wildflowers, such as dandelions (otherwise known as “weeds”) may thrive supporting bees & countless other insects & eventually be harvested for their proper purpose as for medicine for the people

  • wildflower gardens support bees, butterflies, dragonflies, fireflies, frogs, faeries & a host of other endangered species

  • wildflower gardens support diversity – the essence of LIFE!

  • productive food forests, rather than as energy-intensive, polluting lawns

  • Perennial food plants like fruiting trees & shrubs are key features of a practice called permaculture, short for perennial agriculture.

Cultivated Lawn & Flower Garden

  • UN-NATURAL to the environment

  • creates strain on the environment with the common use of foreign grasses & plants

  • requires excessive chemical pesticides, fertilizers, “weed killers”, insecticides & various interventions to grow

  • fertilizer, which breaks down into nitrous oxide is a greenhouse gas 300 X more potent than CO2

  • pollutes & poisons local creeks & water supply with chemical pollutants & toxin run-off from lawns

  • toxic fertilizers & pesticides exposure for pets & children

  • requires “weeding” to maintain – removing “weeds” (local wildflowers & medicine) often using extreme toxic chemicals such as “Round Up” (created by GMO giant Monsanto) polluting the environment & killing indigenous plants & poisoning local insects & plants while removing their source ability to contribute to the health of all Life

  • takes away natural food supplies for local insects, such as bees, & animals, such as deer, raccoons, skunks, squirrels, birds & more

  • requires excessive maintenance & purchase of lawnmowers producing neighbourhood noise & air pollution – for example, 40 million acres of lawn in the United States requires over 800 million gallons of gas every year

  • excessive water usage to maintain aesthetics of foreign plants & grasses alive in an unnatural habitat while millions in the world go without clean drinking water…

  • makes us dependent on the food supply chain

  • we must spend (and therefore earn) money in order to eat

  • makes us dependent on environmentally damaging modern forms of agriculture & monocropping

  • projects superficial value and acts as a sign of conformity – otherwise known as “curb appeal”

The Environmental Protection Agency estimates that about a third of all public water is used to water grass. In the US, lawns consume nearly 9 billion gallons of water a day, and our mowers consume 200 million gallons of gas. If restoring and protecting our native pollinators and wildlife is important to you, consider that that turf grass provides virtually no habitat for pollinators or other animals and plants that make up a healthy, diverse ecosystem.

— Environmental Protection Agency

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When we break down our choices that may seem simple at first, we start to understand the global impact of our choices. Scientists from around the world have warned humanity that the endangered bee population is not something we can ignore…for if the bees cease to exist, so does humanity. These tiny, fuzzy, friendly creatures are more vital to our existence than most humans have taken the time to realize and yet without them, we could not exist, so who are we really hurting with our ignorance?

Being consciously embodied doesn’t require us to have meditated in a cave for six months. It simply requires us to look at everyday choices and ask ourselves how we are choosing and why. So much change is actionable in the now – it is accessible to us in the moment if we become more aware of what it is we are choosing and why. If we are willing to expand our consciousness to see a bigger picture, we are naturally compelled toward conscious change. Spiritual growth guides us toward a broadened perspective and carries us through what the ego may perceive as “too difficult” or “too much work”. The ego prefers immediate results that make it feel powerful; therefore, we must evolve our consciousness to the place where we can see beyond the ego’s vanity and embrace the needs of the collective as if they were personal.

Even though a manicured lawn “impresses” the neighbours, it does nothing to serve humanity’s evolution. A “perfect” lawn might fluff the ego and give us a reason to judge others without a “perfect” yard (the ego loves that!), but how twisted is it that we have allowed ourselves to be programmed into thinking we “need” a manicured lawn?

I am not saying that lawns are inherently “bad” or that having one makes you a “bad” person, but they aren’t natural or native to most communities. I have had many lawns and they can be great fun, but so can soft indigenous mosses and wild grasses. Gardening is a grounding and healthy endeavour that can be extremely rewarding and healing for the mind, body and Soul, but HOW and WHAT we choose to garden – speaks to our level of consciousness.


As we expand our consciousnesses, we begin to look at what motivates our choices.. where are the driving thoughts coming from? Is it ego or Soul?
Is it years of media entrainment?
A Home & Garden centrefold?
A Desperate Housewives ideal?
A thousand commercials telling us we “need” a lawn and “need” to spend endlessly to maintain it….How desperate are we for approval that we allow these subtle yet obvious influences in our lives coerce us into projecting “status”, “success” and a sense of having “our shit together” from our front lawn?

The more conscious and awake we become, the more clearly we are able to see through the 3D matrix programming and pluck out the core beliefs (consciously and unconsciously adopted), that propel us to blindly override

our natural instincts for collective survival. Earth provides enough food to feed 3 X the current population and yet billions of humans starve every day – an expanded, 5th dimensional consciousness cannot justify this reality by any common rationale and will seek to change it.


But removing our toxic and environmentally destructive lawns is just one example. Many of us choose to change what we eat and become vegan out of an expanded conscious realization that everything we eat is part of a food supply chain currently dependent on a factory farm system that not only creates unbearable suffering, pain, disease and misery for billions of sentient creatures every single day, but is literally destroying our planet – animal agriculture is responsible for 91% of Amazon rainforest destruction. With over 70% of the Amazon already destroyed, how long can we go on only thinking about we want and not consider the greater good? i’m not saying that to eat meat is inherently bad, but the way we are choosing to consume is causing great harm and since we have the power to change that, why wouldn’t we?

When do we stop and take responsibility for our lives and recognize the massive impact our choices have on each other, the Earth and all its creatures?

Many of us choose to change what we wear and where we buy our clothes, opting for thrifting and companies that use recycled fibres, organic, fair trade cotton, non-toxic, vegetable-based dyes, are perhaps locally made and are not made in sweatshops.

A $15 sweatshirt from the a big box store may give the little “me” momentary satisfaction, but we aren’t just buying a sweatshirt – we are making an energetic exchange with everyone and everything connected to that shirt, including the WATER, minerals, lands, animals and people that are the source for what we choose to buy. We are wearing the hours of labour of all our garments whether we are aware of it or not.

Ancient Yogic Philosophy teaches us about karma and the Universal Law of “consequence” and “correspondence”. Just as important as what we “put out” into the world, is what we “take in” from the world. Everything is a choice and in a Universe of FREE WILL, ignorance is no excuse

We are kept so busy and distracted by our own lives that many of us feel we do not have “the time” to read labels or do research, but this is where we fail to recognize the purpose of karma.

To be ignorant is not necessarily an insult. Without emotional baggage attached to the word, ignorance is simply “not knowing”. However, it is a choice to ignore what is obvious; it is a choice to act as if everything “comes from the store”, but sometimes we cannot see how blind we have been until we choose to take responsibility for ourselves, our actions and consciousness. We may not have been aware of the extent of the devastation we caused with billions of acres of lawns, but we have always had the ability to look at our own front lawn and contemplate the natural consequences of our choice.

Human beings are divinely intelligent. This is why every guru says to go within and meditate. We are powerful creators gifted with a conscience and an intuitive mind that KNOWS what is in the highest good of all. Despite the fact that our society does not honour the intuitive mind for the sacred gift it is, it exists and speaks to us constantly. Use it! We must learn to trust ourselves again because the truth is most of us don’t know why we have a front lawn except for the fact that every other house on the street is “the same” and therefore, without thinking, we follow suit.

If we want neighbourhoods to be thriving communities where we support and enjoy each other, we must expand our consciousness to see a bigger picture. Conformity is the media’s mantra perpetuating unrealistic and virtually unattainable ideals of “a normal life”. One where we are being taught to create our own prisons, training ourselves to guard them and keeping ourselves locked within. Whether it is how we see our bodies, our abilities or our front yards, we must learn to see outside the bubble of our lives, to see thru and beyond the predictive programming that leads us to seek identification and validation with what we see on screens. We must wake up and remember how to critically think for ourselves because the truth is we are highly intelligent beings who inherently understand and value Life, but unfortunately we rarely give ourselves credit for our own thoughts and feelings.

If we remain convinced that status matters, we will not see the value in equanimity.

If we consistently perpetuate a version of reality that serves the ruling elite running the programs and making the profit from the resulting programmed behaviour, we are essentially trapped by our own compliance inside a system designed to keep us small and obedient.

However if we choose to see, choose to listen, choose to contemplate and most importantly, choose to take responsibility for our choices, we could choose a New Earth today! A place of harmonious co-existence and a grounded yet free sense of being human.

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