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A PHOENIX RISES in each of us, eventually..

A year ago on the cusp of 2020, I wrote many things – the downloads were coming fast and frequent, and the winds of change were blowing. The messages coming through told of more intensity, change and emotion to come and offered a two year window (2020-2022) as a period of time during which the collective Earth consciousness would be going through a radical upgrade and SHIFT. After the first year of receiving this channel, I have not only found it to be very accurate in its messages, but also uplifting and empowering in elevating my perspective on the chaos and fear that was about to unfold…

For a long time, the world has felt anything but empowering. Especially now, in 2020, It feels more like a “house on fire”… but that doesn’t mean it’s a “bad” thing. Fire is purification. Fire burns away illusion and what remains is fertile soil for new life to grow.

The great phoenix, who rises out of the ashes reborn and free, is the symbol we can picture when we find ourselves with nothing left.

The chaos we are now experiencing on Earth is designed to help humanity remember our purpose. The warnings have been plentiful: soil erosion, pollution, water shortages, food shortages, GMO, starvation, wildfires, floods, ocean dead zones, war zones, poverty, dis-ease, species extinction, depression, corporate dictatorship, greed, corruption, cartelism, tyranny… most of us weren’t listening. And even those of us who were, didn’t know what to do amidst a storm of existential crisis. The 3D world matrix system hasn’t been working for a long time and this is evident in the breakdown of every matrix system in every country around the world happening now and continuing on for the next several years. For a while it was a choice and we did our best to “fix” these systems, but the intentions with which these systems were created were to limit, manipulate, control and dominate humanity. The dark intentions carefully placed within these matrix systems cannot be extracted from them – they are designed to keep humanity in ignorance and separation from living in harmony and health with our true soul Nature; they are designed to prevent humanity from evolving and are not fixable. The vibrations contained within the debt-slave matrix system are not compatible with 5D Earth vibrations.

The lessons we have learned from our enslavement to the matrix for so long will remain with us, but the consciousness of the planet has expanded so much that it is struggling to resonate with the ‘old ways’ of thinking and collectively, we are reaching for and anchoring in the new.

The Schumann Resonance is the frequency of the Earth measured in hertz. For eons the Earth has vibrated at a frequency of 7.53hz – a reading of the collective frequencies on Earth. Considering that many humans individually resonate between 200 and 500+hz, it would seem that “the collective” has a long way to go.

However, in 2012 the SR started climbing so quickly that by 2016 it was 11.11hz and in 2020 reached an average of 25.7hz. During 2020 there were peak days when the Schumann Resonance reached 150hz – something that, to my knowledge, has never before been recorded. If the Schumann Resonance reflects the consciousness of Gaia Mother Earth and her collective beings – the way we treat the Earth, each other and the consciousness we hold would have a major impact on her vibrations.

For centuries and lifetimes we have been lied to about the true soul nature of our being, our multi-dimensional reality, and the history of the Earth and solar system. At first glance this may seem like a sweeping statement, but what 2020 has made so viciously clear is the extent to which we – the people – are lied to, controlled and manipulated by the mainstream narrative and those who control it. Humanity has been repressed into accepting ourselves as limited, 5 sensory beings with very little potential to grow beyond the boundaries of society’s defined parameters of normal, but we are SO. MUCH. MORE.

In order for the phoenix to rise ALL the old must be burned away. What remains are ashes and your soul is set free to once again embody your being. Humanity is rising but first we have to finish moving through the collective ‘dark night of the soul’ – the realization that life on Earth is not what we thought it was; to shine our light on darkness that has been hiding for so long within the SHADOWs and the underground of the world’s powers so that they may no longer hide behind the illusion of power and status.

As we bring the darkness to light and transmute fear into love once again, we set ourselves free to release ourselves and each other from the bondages of the debt-slave systems and the attachments to the old. For so long we have forgotten and we didn’t know why the way we are living on Earth “feels wrong”. We compromised and rationalized it all away in order to maintain the delusion that greed can be fulfilled. But there is never enough to satisfy greed for it stems from the place of fear that seeks to control a quantum reality with mechanical logic. Fear claims more fear in an illusory reality and the fear of letting go of the past, the fear of facing our shadows – collectively and individually – the fear of change all stem from not knowing who we are in Truth. The dark night of the soul is the call to return home to our true soul Nature. It offers us the opportunity to step into our full power as soul embodied multi-dimensional divine beings. It calls us forth to our soul purpose and aligns is with our highest self at the cost of the small self – as the illusory world around us shifts and crumbles, we are forced to go within and align with our highest Self – it is the call to remember why we came.

Starseeds all over the planet are waking up and remembering who they are and why they came. Many are now calling it the “Great Awakening”. Perhaps it is, but most certainly is a massive change in the world “as we knew it” and we have an important choice to make… will we kick and fight for things to “return to normal” (did it ever exist?), or will we ask ourselves some important questions and look forward to a future loved in harmony with the Earth and each other?

The veils are thinning and lifting as the truth grows through dense layers of deception like plants making their way through concrete. There are three things that can never be hidden long, said Buddha, “The Sun, The Moon and The Truth.” But facing the truth and transmuting the dark into light means often working “in the darkness” in order to bring it to light. We cannot know the light of we do not know the dark and the truth only by being witnessed by consciousness can these things be burned from the planet.

The dark night of the soul can be long or it can be short – it all depends on how much resistance we have to letting go of the old; how badly we want to stay within our comfort zones where we think the fire won’t burn.

Resistance to change is one of humanity’s greatest “downfalls” because we are playing into the illusion that “security” exists in “stability”. This keeps us chasing another “carrot” that doesn’t actually exist.

We live in a quantum universe – the nature of which i cannot to pretend to understand in its entirety, but i know that it is vast and infinite, organic and profoundly intelligent. It is ALL Divine and the Divine, and it is always in motion. Purusha & Prakriti / Shiva & Shakti / Consciousness & Energy / Light & Dark This is the Nature of the cosmos and it is ALL Divine. God/Goddess, Source

we can be in the flow or we can be resistant to it – either way, change is inevitable. the transformation, however, remains a choice. the transformation comes when we find the courage to release, let go, forgive, heal, surrender, dig a little deeper, expand our consciousness and reconnect to the only things that remain when everything else falls away – who am I really?

The dark night takes us to the place where everything created in false light falls away. All of the “small self’s” form of identification are stripped in an attempt to free the Self of the ego’s delusions and games, freeing us from attachments keeping us in bondage to the matrix. When we release the ego’s limiting ideas of “what is possible”, we surrender back into the quantum’s field of infinite possibilities to align us with our soul path and purpose.

the phoenix rises when cages can no longer imprison her because she knows she is FREE.


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