The full moon provides the opportunity for cleansing and releasing the old, creating space for new seeds to be planted and grow during the next cycle. Luna in her fullness invites us to open our hearts and minds to the power of emotion, to show us Truth and connect us with our Souls. She teaches us not to hide our emotions but that it is by learning to accept and release emotions – as the witness – that we begin to heal and are able to see and accept Truth again…

Almost like becoming a child again, we may find that the emotional tides we experience during the phases of the moon, culminate during the full moon and often are completely overwhelming. If we are not in tune with the moon’s cycle, we are ignorant to the powerful energetic forces at play in our lives that affect our bodies as much as they do the tides.

Whether we are aware of the intimate relationship we have with the moon or not, we are ALL in this relationship with Her. Ask any Hospital ER or Fire Hall and they will relay countless stories of a kind of “madness” that overtakes people during the full moon. The truth is that, as with all things in Life, if we do not learn to be a conscious participant in this Divine relationship, we will find ourselves at its mercy. Imagine a limp doll getting dragged across the dance floor – the moon “drags” us through her cycles because She knows no other way to play her role in the Cosmic Divine dance.

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We cannot stop the dance so why ignore it? The moon does not sit in the sky “by accident”. The rituals practiced for millennia by Earth Keepers were created in order that we may be conscious partners within this Divine and cosmic relationship.

When we are not in tune with cycles of the moon, we may find ourselves struggling to keep up with the energetic influences taking place. Things that “normally” wouldn’t trigger us will trigger us as Luna is asking us to release all things that no longer serve us – the work of letting go at this time is strongly connected to those things sitting “just below the surface” of consciousness. Any unresolved emotional baggage receives an energetic push to support this release. Without conscious awareness, we may find ourselves irritated by “the small stuff”, short-tempered, impulsive and oscillating between extreme highs and lows.

As the cosmic forces of Luna’s emotional power washes through the layers and dimensions of our energetic and physical bodies, we may find during particular full moons (such as the Water Signs), that emotions from deep within are rising to the surface for acknowledgement and healing. Do not turn away from these emotions – feel and witness the pulses as they connect you with your Soul’s truth – this is the cosmic alignment which simultaneously propels us forward on our spiritual, dharmic paths while showering us with the energetic support to follow our highest and truest path.


To honour and release your emotions there are many things you can do:

  • take time to see the BIGGER PICTURE right now – small problems may seem much bigger than they really are – reflect on the hidden layers and energetic triggers

  • engage in water rituals: give offerings at rivers, creeks, oceans; take long baths; swim; water fast if it feels aligned to do so;

  • communicate with your Highest Self & Spirit – journal, meditate, yoga

  • communicate with each other – listening first & taking the time to speak with care and attention to our deepest & highest Truth (whilst releasing attachment to the outcome)

  • be aware that depression may feel more intense – “darker & deeper” may be the words used to describe the intensity. During this time – be even more aware to witness the emotional roller coaster and identify the triggers that take you there.

  • cycles show us patterns; therefore, observe habits and patterns of thought: Do you have to “go there” every time you feel this emotion or do you have another response available to you that may seem unfamiliar, or even unnatural at first, but could change a pattern that changes your life?


The more in tune we are with the universal cosmic cycles of Nature, the more in tune we are with our own true Nature. As we re-learn to harmonize with these cycles, we move into a state of multi-dimensional awareness and conscious expansion. As we come to realize our true Divine Nature is to be in health and harmony, the world, as it is, will begin to look very different to us. The discordant aspects of our society are suddenly very loud and we are faced with the challenge of some serious soul work if we are going to find peace and purpose while here on Earth.

Connecting to the cycles of the moon reconnects us to Nature as the principle Divine force of Creation – the Shakti Prana Cosmic Divine Energy breathing Life into the ALL that is. It reconnects to the Divine Nature within and thus, the calling to remember why we are here.

The planets are propelling us along the current Ascension timeline. The entire Universe is conspiring on our behalf to align us with our Divine dharmic path, bringing HOPE into the awakening collective consciousness that will ultimately revolutionize our lives.

Therefore, doing our best to avoid being “cold” with others – opening our hearts and expressing our truths so that we may find the courage to speak for ourselves and others. Full Moon Shit is about getting in touch with our emotional selves and recognizing that this is not a weakness. Contrary to popular entrained “belief”, Emotions do not make us weak – they make us stronger every time we experience and witness their teachings. However, if we do not learn to observe the lesson in the experience, we will get caught up in the drama. The work is to realize that we do not need to attach to nor run away from our emotions, but by learning how to work with them and “stay above” as witness, we allow them to show us what is Truth.


Truth isn’t that easy to find in our world – capitalist ideals thwart Truth and facts at every turn in order to manipulate populations toward generating more profit. But a society driven by building a false economy at the expense of real life on a planet, is a society that has forgotten how to feel.

To feel is to connect and every single month the Moon invites us to remember. In a world overshadowed by false light, the Truth may be difficult to discern. In the light of the FULL Moon, all shadows are revealed. The invitation is to SEE what has been hidden, buried, ignored, forgotten, frightened.. and bring them to the surface for healing and transmutation in the light.

We can ignore this process and end up with “unexplainable” panic attacks and full ERs. Or, we may face them, feel them, interpret and integrate them into a greater inner standing of our world and what is True. Our emotional guidance system is not “a mistake”. It is powerful – so powerful that it can be overwhelming when we have not received guidance on how to harmonize with it.

Our emotions are a Divine system of intelligence designed to guide us along our spiritual journey of connecting to our true Selves. The universe speaks only the language of love.. you don’t need to take a course, you don’t need to learn it because you were born with it and the Moon is one of our greatest guides and teachers… as She moves the tides and stirs every great body of water on Earth, She does the very same to you and me. We are bodies of water too and just like the oceans, we are intelligent creations of Nature that are designed to ebb & flow with Life.

This Divine cycle of death and rebirth permeates all life, expanding and evolving us with each cycle, but only if we allow it. The Lunar cycle re-connects us to the grander cycle of our life and death – reminding us monthly that NOTHING is permanent, change is the constant and the Law of Love; therefore, we are able to more fully embrace these Divine Truths. Luna aligns and connects us with Universal Laws reflected within each of us. If we remember who we are, refuse to numb out the pain we feel inside, the depression, the anxiety, the terror so many of us feel while aiming to live a life we are told is meaningful but know is not, then we can re-open the window to our Souls’ Purpose and create the life we intended.


There’s been much talk about 2020 and all the significant change this decade will bring. Focus on yourself first and listen to the whispers of Truth as they find their way from the centre of the cosmos, through your heart and out your eyes.. this is a time to really listen to the signs and communicate with ourSelves in total love.

This is a time to ask yourself why you chose to be here on Earth at this time… you are not an accident and I firmly believe that the Universe does not “make mistakes”. The collective drama unfolding on the Earth right now is a direct result of our ignorance and complacency as human beings – somewhere along the way humanity became convinced that individuals were not powerful or responsible for the world, but we were not only lied to, we were persecuted for speaking the Truth. For centuries those who worshipped the moon and sang and danced with her in the night, were victims of ridicule, torture and murder. This kind of trauma imprints on our Soul and will be cleared as we reawaken the magical relationship we are invited to have with the moon.

2020 will bring much change to the world as we know it. Much will happen over the course of this year that will challenge our beliefs and assumptions about life. We will be confronted at every turn with taking our power back and it will be our spiritual practices that ground us into this journey of ascension and awakening.

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