No matter which teacher, idol or guru we turn to, no matter which books we read or which courses we take, it is always us teaching ourselves who we are.. always student and teacher, leader and follower, we are cosmic co-creators of the Divine. The lessons are always right in front of us. As within, so without. The path of seeking Ancient Knowledge and Wisdom is a Divine path – expansion of consciousness is expansion of how the Self may know itSelf to BE. If we did not create stories, we would not exist.

But having forgotten we are Creator Beings, we have unquestioningly taken the scripts handed to us, adopted the roles projected by society’s “normalization program” and driven ourselves mad by idealizing ourselves onto the brink of extinction. We are the creators of our reality but we have been doing it so unconsciously and been so manipulated in our perceptions that we miss the reflections of lessons we came to learn.

“Be Still & Listen” can take a “lifetime” to learn. With worn out bodies and exhausted minds, we give into the stillness, but still do not listen. There is much too much static and fear in the world mind and we run from it. We must learn to embrace, see it, know it and accept what we are afraid of so that we can drop it into our hearts to be transmuted by love.

Nothing Real may be Threatened and Anything Threatened is not Real.

The ego must die many times to discover surrender within and that’s okay. It is a necessary process to take away everything you’re not in order to discover who you are. Every role and tragic story we’ve identified with throughout our lives dies with grace and gratitude in service of the human experience to help us awaken. This is the journey to Self.

As the layers of who you thought you were, who you believed you “should” be is peeled away and you meet youSelf again. Everything in your world changes – your friends, family work, priorities, your thoughts and values change and spiral into new beliefs and you are born anew as the only one you’ve ever been. The only one you’ll always BE.

You embody your life as a conscious being in an evolutionary human experience. The illusory traps of the three dimensional world are magicked away, fear is transmuted into self love and our higher selves guide us in Divine comic flow. Patterns are broken, habits are replaced with ritual and the sacred is brought back into living. Finally free once again to evolve.

Everything and nothing… every moment is new, reflecting YOU and you can finally see it, feel it, taste it, touch it and fully engage with it. It is about taking responsibility for our lives because thoughts become things in a vibrational universe. All experiences are cosmic cocreation as Divine Creator Beings. This is the flow, the zen, the Tao, the Self-realization of becoming Soul-centred Creator Beings manifesting from a self empowered place of knowing.

The time is NOW. The time is always now and you are always FREE to remember, FREE to realize, FREE to EVOLVE.

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