Fear, like everything else, is an energy. It requires resonance to survive – to feed itself. Like any energy it cannot attach to us if we are not resonant, in harmony or vibration. However, fear wears many different masks and often seeks “permission” through the “back door” – if you will – of our minds where too often humanity does not dare look. Always facing forward, looking ahead, rushing to the next thing, the tomorrows and the futures that don’t yet and may never exist, keeping most of humanity’s consciousness focused on trying to control their reality rather than surrendering to the flow and being with life in the here and now ~ the seat of our power.

Life is Evolution

The human body is miraculous. It is always working to achieve homeostasis. Balance. Which is why integrative and holistic medicine practices (such as TCM / Ayurveda) are so important as they take all aspects of the true multi-dimensional, interconnected nature of human beings into consideration – reconnecting body, mind & soul, including the spiritual nature of who we are, the whole human. the body’s innate intelligence is trying to teach us to listen to and harmonize with it, not manipulate it into arbitrary standards of “norm or perfection” serving to oppressive social systems instead of harmonizing with the Natural Laws of diversity, change and evolution.

Danger is Not Fear

When we know who we are as multi-dimensional beings, we know we have nothing to fear. The physical is no longer a perceived as a threat when one is living life from soul. Once we reconnect to our true eternal nature, even death cannot makes us afraid. As we expand our consciousness and embody our soul, our vibration in the physical rises to meet it and connect. The resonance of manifestation shifts in frequency and new form, meaning new realities are birthed into our expanded field of perception. Humanity is realizing that we are not limited, 3rd dimensional beings and that this physical form expresses from our higher consciousness when we are able to hold space for it to fully flow through. When these truths are cognized and embodied into being, fear is transmuted before it can even reach our field. Fear does not (because it cannot) exist within frequency of unconditional love, which is your Soul.

there is no dark switch. 
darkness is merely the absence of light.
the switch is in you.
turn it on. embody your light.
shine it into the darkness,
illuminate the shadows and release the fear that is the monster hiding there.
you are the stars. you are the light in this physical world. turn. it. on.

If there is danger in the here and now, we know what to do. In times of true, imminent danger, we don’t feel fear of “what might happen”… we aren’t “in our minds”, lost in “psychological time” of the future creating waves of thought patterns turning into stress, anxiety and fear because of what “might” happen. In true danger we don’t have time to feed fear. We are IN IT and in order to survive whatever “it” is, we must be present, here & NOW, in the moment – where our clarity and power exist. If we require help, we get it. If there is bleeding, we stop it. If the car requires lifting, we lift it. In every moment of true danger (or even perceived imminent danger), I have discovered that each and every time, there is a transcendent nature to the experience as ALL other thoughts than what now evaporate, leaving me in a crystal clear, multi-dimensional space of conscious perception. I have been able to see myself in these moments often from “above” and out of body, and see myself taking the necessary steps before my body has taken them. I have witnessed the information translate energetically into the “instinct” my body received to act in the necessary way. Whether it was to jump, run, leap, swerve or simply let go, I have experienced what can only be described as a pure love rushing through “me” when “my” thoughts are out of the way. In the clarity and openness of that space we finally surrender… and when we do that, our higher Self can step in – we connect.

If we face a real danger along our paths, we will always know what to do… what surprises the heck out of most of us is that in those kinds of moments, the world becomes vey still – not panicked. we are forced into the now and, to our surprise, there is clarity in the now.

Fear, however, an induced psychological state of constant “stress & anxiety” is more like an entity feeding off our thoughts, growing bigger and more attached to us with every fearful thought form and depressing news report.

artist unknown. source: pinterest.

The more aware of our thoughts (especially the repetitive ones) we become, the more we become able to stop feeding the fearful and disempowering thoughts with more energy.

We feed thought forms by believing in them, by identifying with them or unconsciously allowing them to repeat over and over in our minds creating bigger thought forms which eventually trigger emotions and behavioural patterns, as well as stress, or dis-ease, in the physical body.

You’ve heard the studies of how many repeat thoughts the average human has per day? 60,000-80,000 thoughts / day according to a study by the National Science Foundation in 2017, 80% of those are negative and 95% of those are repetitive thoughts. Now think about that…. because without conscious awareness around this human condition, we cannot change it.

Fear lowers our vibration and makes everything feel more dense. It weighs us down and keeps us perceiving the world from a place of “lack”, “less-than” and “limited”. Negative thoughts narrow our minds by clouding the psyche with perceived threat, doubt, worry, anxiety and fear.

Fear only exists within the illusion, but within it, it exists. within the realm of the unconscious patterns and repetitive negative thoughts, it feeds its hunger for more because it cannot exist without the low energy, it knows it always must make more… but as we expand our consciousness we raise our energy, literally speeding up our vibration and activating more of multi-dimensional divine dna blueprint and cellular structure.

Fear may still trick us into forgetting sometimes but, once we are aware, we will notice immediately how it lowers our vibration. We can see it for what it truly is: contagious energetic patterns of a collective ego that exists in an illusory and false, dualistic version of reality where there is “good” and “evil”, where there are those who oppress and those who are oppressed, where sickness and war are taken for granted instead of challenged, where we are afraid of dying bc we don’t know who we are, easily manipulated as a result; trapped in cycles and patterns of thought and behaviour that keep us very small and obedient and we become afraid of our power, of accepting that we can choose love instead of fear bc fear is comfortable and LOVE is a super power!

We realize that fear can only exist within a dualistic world of dark and light where the consciousness of “us and them” still exists. It is the mentality that allows war to exist on the planet… and in our hearts, for as long as we believe we are separate from anything, we will face the loneliness of feeling disconnected from who we are… and therefore seek to find it once again.

Fear seeks to “divide & conquer” for it requires that humanity be “very afraid” of something all the time. It’s almost as if It knows what science has also proven: fear shuts down our ability to think, but not in a good way. Not like meditating or facing imminent danger. Fear gnaws at your ego by going after those things we are most attached to in life.. it taunts us into the shadow work and, when we go beyond it, reveals itself to be the “wizard” behind the curtain yelling into a microphone – our small self, hiding in disguise because she’s too afraid that if she pulls back the veil and expands her perspective that something “will be lost”.. it is the fear talking to the fear about the fear the ego relies upon to tell it what to do. But we don’t need it anymore. We don’t need to operate from fear knowing that we are eternal and born inherently divine. We have intuition and instinct and innate to guide us. We have an entourage of Angels and Guides with us all times who are only waiting for you to ask…

Beyond fear what remains is who we are and that’s a pretty amazing place to be.

When you’re feeling fear / stress / anxiety rising in your life, you may try some of the following for simple release and rebalancing:

  • stop and take 5 deep breaths many times throughout the day – audible in the exhale to release the physical, emotional and mental toxins we have taken on – this helps us stay clear throughout the day so we don’t get overwhelmed by other people’s energy.
  • take high doses of vitamin c, d, turmeric, zinc
  • try eating plant based to lighten the load on the physical – meat carries denser energies so when releasing, lighter foods will help us let go of denser energies
  • go to bed & rise early – nap as needed.
  • meditate and do yoga 🧘‍♀️ both known to boost immunity & release stress
  • empower yourself by going within and aligning with your highest Self and Truth
  • journal through the feelings of fear and anxiety and see if you can discover where it originates, where did you “catch it”? what does it want you to do and why?
  • give yourself energy showers by visualizing diamond white fire throughout your body, field and space.
  • talk to a true friend
  • spend time in nature – absorb the vibrations and the abundance that surrounds you and allow it to feed, nourish and balance your root chakras where fear tends to attach.

Breathing deeply is so important. For many years my breath was very shallow. Chronic anxiety had kept my breath shallow and as a result, my life force energy was low and my mind was not nearly as sharp or clear as it could be. Yoga teaches us that breath and mind are directly linked. Deep breaths actually do calm us down and help rebalance our systems. Breath releases toxins from the body and allows us to process our emotions. If we are in fear or panic, we cannot breathe properly, we stress out our bodies and we weaken our immune systems.

Everything is a lesson in consciousness. 

Remember to BREATHE and listen to your body.  

Boost all levels of your being and “spam-wear” with vitamin C, turmeric, rest, yoga, meditation, fresh air, fresh water, positive thoughts, laughter and deep breaths  (audible on the exhale) releasing toxins from the physical, emotional and mental being.  All these things (and more) are known to strengthen our immunity, elevate and expand our consciousness and help our brilliantly intelligent multidimensional beings to adapt, harmonize and evolve along with our environment.

How? Because they elevate our mood. 

What is mood?


What is vibration?


What is frequency?


What is energy?


Everything is a lesson in resonance. 

We are so much more powerful than we have been led to believe. We are changing our realities by expanding our conscious awareness and remembering we can change our minds! Discovering how powerful we really are, we are waking up.

Until we are ready to rewrite the stories we tell ourselves and each other, it’s all just a little bit of history repeating itself. 

Activate your full spectrum 🌈 of health now and choose LOVE. 

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