He who in action can see inaction and can see action still continuing in cessation from works, is the man of true reason and discernment among men; he is in Yoga and a many-sided universal worker (for the good of the world, for God in the world).” – Bhagavad Gita 4.18

The Gita teaches us that by embodying the Divine worker, we are always in yoga with the Divine:

He who is in Yoga, the pure soul, master of his (her) self, who has conquered all the senses, whose self becomes the self of all existences (of all things that have become), even though he does the works, he is not involved in them.” – Bhagavad Gita 5.7

The only difference (and it is the only one that really matters) is that our consciousness has risen and expanded beyond the ego’s attachments. The enlightened one now realizes it is Divine Nature that does all works through them, as them, IS them; the Divine lifts the burdens of works from within us, breaks the bondage, releases the energy back to the Natural order, and takes its rightful place again in flow and harmony. The soul now embodied in being is no longer deluded by its lower nature and finds Divine alignment with soul, Source and purpose.

“When a man liberated, free from attachment, with his mind, heart and spirit firmly founded in self-knowledge, does works as sacrifice, all his work is dissolved.” – Bhagavad Gita 4.23

This resonates deeply with the wisdom of the Tao and it’s “secret teachings” of “effortless action”. It also explains that alignment with “The Way” is THE way forward.

we-wei erh wu-pu-wei – “it (the Tao or way) does nothing, and yet there is nothing left undone”.. just as a field cares for its flowers without discrimination or desire, so too should any “ruler” be… the field is constantly working though it appears to be still; it feeds its flower children with nourishing soil and vitality and never asks for a reward… humanity is learning that it is not necessary for us to be rewarded for living our divine purpose – if there were a “reward” however, it would be the realization that the Divine Worker lives in each of us and aligning with it allows us to fulfill our Divine purpose here on Earth as the Divine embodied in being.

“The Lord neither creates the works of the world nor the state of the doer nor the joining of the works to the fruit; nature works out these things.” – Bhagavad Gita 5.14









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