Chakras : Energy Bodies

Chakras are non-physical, multi-dimensional, energetic portals in the layered body that form a gravitational link with our DNA strands, holding it in place and creating a portal of communication between our physical and non-physical Selves.

When our DNA strands are connected back into their proper port, we become once again able to receive cosmic information (Akashic Light) and it begins to flow freely through our cells and DNA and out thru the nervous system and into the body. When chakras are open this flow is constant and reciprocal, sending information back out into the world and to the cosmos as we receive. 

12 Primary strands of DNA and trillions of tiny crystalline gossamer threads called “Nadis” carry cosmic energy thru the body where they can be decoded and perceived by the consciously embodied Being. This is an integral part of human experience – the way we were designed to be in constant communication with our Souls and the Divine.

Humanity is currently reawakening to the use of all 12 strands of DNA, bringing us back into alignment with our True Divine Nature. You can think of yoga as a timeless technology for the human body to live its full potential. Many think of yoga as physical exercise, which it is, but that is only one of many layers to this ancient practise. Yoga creates space in our bodies and our minds –  a flexible spine = a flexible mind. Space is needed to hold form and our thoughts are just as physical in this reality as our bodies. As we open our bodies and minds through practise, consciousness may easily flow through – it illuminates our minds , charges our bodies with electric cosmic and life force energies and creates a harmonious and coherent life experience.

The chakras are the Universe’s brilliant design for relaying cosmic information to the 3rd Dimensional human body and mind. Each chakra is a portal, each chakra is source of power and each chakra is governed by Universal law. 

Another way to look at this: Chakras are the union points between consciousness and physiology. The chakras are centres of energy that govern the core emotional and physical function of your being. 

When these energy centres are congested, blocked or out of harmony, our Vital Life Force / Prana / Chi / Ruah / Cosmic Energy is unable to freely circulate resulting in dis-stress, dis-ease and a lack of mind-body-spirit integrity.  Depending on the degree of the blockage and how long it has been there, blockages may manifest in a variety of ways from emotional imbalances to physical ailments.  

The subtle and powerful practise of aligning and balancing our chakras with yoga, energy healing and sacred sound helps to remove blockages from our chakras. There are many more chakras in and around the human body than 7 – they reside in our hands, feet, above and below our being. We will be focusing on and take a deep dive into the primary 7 with an overview of the 13 chakra system at the end.

Follow the White Rabbit… The 7 Chakras & the 7 Laws of the Universe

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