To be in alignment is to feel whole, clear and balanced within our physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and cosmic sense of self. Alignment is a process of clearing, purging and releasing that which does not serve us so that we may once again tune in to “the signal” of our Soul. Releasing the attachments of our “lower self” without judgement so that we may ALLOW the energy of our Soul to flow through and fuel the physical self in Truth and wholeness.


Our chakras are the gateways and portals between the physical and non-physical dimensions of who we are in space time reality, and they evolve along with us. Every chakra vibrates in resonance to a different dimension of consciousness making every chakra a portal to alternate levels of consciousness. Each chakra is also multi-dimensional and has several “levels”, or dimensions of access, but each one offers an access point within to our true multi-dimensional reality of Source. We are all ONE.

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Therefore, as we purify our body and mind, and raise our vibrations, we open and clear our chakras and channels within our 3rd dimensional reality. As we become less polluted within, our environment must come to reflect that and the space may be created so that we may open to receiving information and downloads from our Higher Self and Soul, as well as, other levels of cosmic consciousness across all dimensions with which we are in resonance.

There are countless practices for cleansing and clearing and the inherent purpose behind any cleansing practice is to help us become more self-aware ~ more conscious of the driving forces “behind” our lives by paying more attention to the details and the subtler influences of our lives that we come realize, do have profound effects on the physical. Everything is Energy. We begin to tap into the quantum nature of our reality and what that really means, which empowers us to see the Truth that we humans do indeed, create our own reality. As we clear and choose to listen to the thoughts we receive, think and how they make us feel, we may experience rather sudden shifts in perspective and therefore, expanded states of consciousness.

We may even begin to see how our modern society purposely creates a lot of psychic and energetic pollution that the collective has taken on as if it were our own. Each and every thought is an energy. Though we might think we are the source of these thoughts we think, much of what we think does not belong to us but attaches via the perception of being our “own” thoughts.

If you start to pay attention, see the reflections in what others are saying to you daily, listen for the authenticity in peoples’ voices and how often any of us speak with confidence in knowing who we are… you may begin to see that the anxiety you feel about being human right now is not only your burden, but a dis-ease that exists within the human collective. Thousands of the thoughts we think are not our own ~ they are programs that unconsciously drive our lives along certain courses which may not be in our highest or even most desirable of paths. Thankfully, our chakras are within each of us and can tell us a lot about who we are and help us to identify where the greatest attachments and self-limiting beliefs lie within us.

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As we become more self-aware, we may begin to realize the power we truly possess and how all that is required to create is intention. Setting an intention for anything is a powerful “magick” of manifestation. Intention is paying attention to what we think and how we feel so that we may know what is truly in alignment with our being. Intention focuses our energy into purpose and when we know what our intention is, we can live each day, each hour, each moment in highest alignment and conscious co-creation.

When we lose the power of intention, beliefs and subconscious programming take over again. Archangel Gabriel taught me to pay more attention to my intention and let go of the beliefs I have about it.. for it is the inspirations that “come out of nowhere” and often “don’t make sense” which is the guidance of our Higher Selves and Angels, but it is our 3d beliefs and programming that get in the way and block these higher realms and aspects of who we truly are by essentially over-riding the intuitive messages (sacred gifts) we receive with the logic of the rational mind which wants to make everything linear and 3d in a quantum, multi-dimensional multi-verse!


In other words, to bring ourselves into energetic, soul alignment, we must bring ourselves back into coherence with the Universal Law governing each chakra and create balance and harmony which allows our energy to fluidly and gracefully flow again ~ prana, life-force, chi and divine spirit, holy wisdom ~ may once again flow into our field, charging our auras and bodies with light and love, giving us the information we require to fulfill our soul’s purpose and mission here on Earth.

Like a river, the energy that flows through from the non-physical into the physical is a constant flow charged with life, power, beauty and much information. And just like a river, the flow can be interrupted, slowed down and temporarily blocked; however, we do have the ability to clear, align and allow the energy of our Soul to move through us in support of this journey. The chakra wheels of light are designed to exchange information and energy in an abundant, infinite exchange of divine grace between our physical and non-physical selves ~ the veil is the result of magnetic forces through which, once we can feel again, we can see through.

The following is a brief description of the primary 7 Chakras (of which there are many more) and the Universal Laws associated with each. Simply by tuning into these, you bring yourself into greater alignment with the higher aspects of your being. Simply by becoming aware, you create space for receiving more of your Soul power and divine Truth!

Tips for Aligning our Chakras 

  1. Crown Chakra – Governed by the Law of Mentalism ~ “I think, therefore, I create.” Allow Divine Light and Knowledge to pour in and clear the thought webs, illuminating Truth & Wisdom. You can picture this as streams of golden light pouring down from your Soul Star chakra (aprox 1 foot above your head and crown chakra) and into your crown, opening it like a lotus to receive the divine energy of your higher self.
  2. Third Eye – Governed by the Law of Coherence.Look outside yourSelf to see the reflections. Look within.Meditate – the only temple we need to visit is the one between our own two temples by moving our consciousness within. ~ the third eye point where a divine triangle of receiving, interpreting and knowing is created.
    Observe this sacred journey of healing and transformation: “I can and will see the Truth.”
  3. Throat – Governed by the Law of Vibration. Choose your words carefully – am I speaking my Truth?
    What are the intentions behind my words?
    What am I not expressing?
    Be aware of not only what you say but how you say it – everything is Vibration.
  4. HEART – Governed by the Law of Rhythm, the heart asks, are you respecting the timing of your Life? What do you feel? What do you LOVE? Are you allowing emotions to process fully? What Shadows are you dancing with? Can you embrace them?
  5. Solar Plexus – Governed by the Law of Case & Effect. Honestly look at everything happening in your life and ask yourSelf, how am I causing this? Remind yourSelf, without judgement, every effect has a cause – every cause has an effect. What am I not taking responsibility for in my Being?
  6. SacralGoverned by the Law of Polarity as Creation. Do I live polarity as Creation or as separation? Everything “against” us is showing us who we are. Life is happening for us, not to us and the challenges we face are to give us the energy of who we are; to guide us to create reality transcendental of who we are.. So we practise asking with power of free choice in this Universe, What am I Creating?
  7. ROOT: Governed by the Law of Generation. How am I Generating? We are Creator Beings in blood and body; therefore, everything we do must support LIFE and GIVE TO LIFE. Like our Earth Mother – emotionally, mentally and physically be someone who CREATES LIFE and does not destroy it outside of the Natural cycles and Rhythm.Recognize that “boredom” is a gift! It is a point of choice in our awareness ~ a moment in time when we have the gift of pausing with awareness and asking ourSelves, is this a time to go inward, process, move through some Shadow work, or is it a time to move outward into creativity, love and expression?

Soul Reflections ~ questions to journal:

Are I What I Think I Am?
Why do I think things that feel “bad” or low vibration?
Am I embodying exactly what I Think about my highest Self?
What do You Believe about yourSelf?

If Belief Creates reality, why do we choose to Believe we are limited Beings? Therefore, making it so….
Where are your thoughts right now? Are they serving you?…

It’s only by being honest with ourselves that we are able to create the kind of change we most deeply crave. It takes courage to face our repetitive and self-sabotaging thoughts. The subconscious mind feels like Pandora’s box and that’s because it is where all of our “demons” lurk… it takes energy to keep them alive, but eventually, if we want our power back, we have to look. 


I find it’s always helpful to look at the etymology of words ~ especially the “demonized” ones. For example, when we do this kind of soul and shadow work, we “face our demons”, but what really are we talking about? We may leap into fear without really knowing simply because of modern-day programming and word association. We may initially be frightened of “demons”, but we if we look at the origin of the word, it is from the Greek “daimon” and did not carry a negative connotation. In fact, the daimons, or demons, in ancient Greece were divine beings who possessed supernatural powers and acted as guides and angels for us along our path. One of them is known as Pandora. Their presence was felt, or experienced in life, rather than seen, and they were often described as protective intermediary forces between humanity and God. 

When we turn to our shadows with our light and face our demons, we realize the great benevolence of the universe is within all of creation. Of course there are dark entities and “demon” like energies who feed off lower energies, but are they not also teachers? Are we not all feeding off one form of energy or another in the universe?… Perhaps one day more humans will take responsibility for their thoughts and not offer negative energy as a “food source” for the entities who feed on low vibrations..

In Plato’s Symposium, Diotima, a female philosopher, teaches Socrates, how LOVE (Eros), is a great demon, and that  “everything daemonic is between divine and mortal.”

Diotima goes on to describe daimons as:

“Interpreting and transporting human things to the gods and divine things to men; entreaties and sacrifices from below, and ordinances and requitals from above…” 

What if our demons are the guiding forces of change and that’s really why we unconsciously resist them? 

The only constant is Change. This is Creation and this is the Law of Love.

Human beings are generally afraid of change and we are quick to jump to the “worst-scenario” outcome in our minds when it comes to change. This kind of thinking stems from our “recent” 2000 years of history on Earth and the belief that Earth is some sort of “means to an end”, wherefrom we venture either to our “reward” in Heaven or “punishment” in Hell, the whole time missing the point. 

Nothing ever happens in the future. Earth becomes heaven or hell depending on what humanity chooses to become while here ~ the more we rebel against our own true nature and resist the flow of change, the more we will continue to learn through struggle, fear and pain, but, the good news is, we don’t have to… 

Humanity is evolving at a rapid pace and the collective consciousness is expanding exponentially as more and more souls are awakening to something beyond “the norm”. The old 3d paradigms of power, greed and control over are crumbling before the light of Soul which knows no struggle, no bondage and no fear. Humanity is realizing that we may choose to learn and grow through joy, creativity and connectivity ~ that we don’t have to compete because separation is an illusion and domination is ultimately not sustainable or necessary and often harmful; therefore, we are becoming ready to FREE OURSELVES from the 3d programs that keep us struggling to align to a sick society instead of our true, soul nature. It is a radical shift in consciousness that begins with one and echoes throughout the many. Like a bolt of lighting that awakens one and the consequent thunder that is felt by many…collective consciousness is rapidly rising with each individual consciousness that remembers their soul. 

 Enjoy the Journey of becoming aligned. Know that it takes “time”… Be patient. Be kind to yourSelf. Give your Self time and space to grow and transmute energies that no longer serve you.

Know that you can and you will. Know that you are imperfectly perfect. TRUST YOURSELF and  know that we can trust the universe ~ it has our back. 

There are many techniques for balancing and aligning chakras and in each, individual chakra blog I talk about those more, but it all begins with the coherence of the knowing  that everything in life is happening for us, not to us – because the universe is benevolent and you are never alone and you always loved. 

Bless your journey.

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