We are here to bring consciousness into this dimension.

Eckhart Tolle

Humanity is here on Earth with divine purpose. We are remembering who we are and realizing we are not the form we have become identified with and so briefly take while here; however, it is into this form that we are here to bring our Higher Self, Soul, Spirit and consciousness.

What is consciousness?

A timeless question with an infinite number of different answers – none of which can fully capture or truly define the formless nature of consciousness which exists beyond any form, including words, thoughts or ideas. Modern physics has finally proven what ancient sages and yogis already knew: that consciousness exists outside the physical, as well as within. If we tap into our true potential, we all have the ability to “take” our consciousness anywhere we choose. In fact, we do it all the time, but without conscious awareness and intention, we can only create “unconsciously”, leaving all kinds of programmed and conditioned thoughts to create our lives for us.

Everything, including who we are, is energy. Physical form is an illusion projected by the mind powered by our consciousness which is ethereal, fluid, trans-dimensional and eternal in nature. The more traditional word for consciousness is Spirit, also known as Ether, Source or God.

Our Souls, an individuated point of consciousness, are always and continuously connected to Source and the sacred life force that animates this human form into which we incarnate. Who we are “behind” the sensory experiences of the third dimension is this consciousness ~ the awareness of being Spirit embodied in the physical is awakening to the purpose of our being here now. Humanity is awakening to the knowledge that we are what we’ve been searching for so it is no surprise that many of us are seeking answers in the form of authentic experiences more deeply than ever before.

If we are the ones we’ve been waiting for, how else can we know for sure unless we, ourselves, experience consciousness?

How do we embody our consciousness?

Whether you use the word consciousness or God or Spirit, it makes no difference to me. As stated above, words “fail” to fully express the true nature of who we are, which is why we must experience to truly know and awaken the remembering from within. Knowledge is helpful because it pulls the experience we seek into our reality. Interestingly about a year before my first Ayahuasca ceremony, I started receiving information about this sacred plant medicine and how it has been used by Shamans forever to heal and reconnect the disembodied soul. I felt drawn to this information and it drew to me the healing I needed. Information, like everything, is energy. Information vibrates within us in thoughts and ideas. Our contemplations are stirrings of energy integrating within us that we have received from newfound knowledge. Information is light and light is information. Information vibrates all around us in the external, the universe

“Knowing”, however is binary in nature – either you know or you don’t. Experience is quantum in nature, meaning from each and every experience in life we receive a lot of direct information and feedback through ALL our senses. If the experience is immersive enough and pulls us deeply into being, the thinking mind stops its feedback loop and we are drawn into an expansion of our consciousness. Our senses create our perceptions, however we have far more than five physical senses. When we are present, in conscious awareness, we perceive what is beyond form, beyond the physical senses, into the true spectrum of our multi-dimensional sensitivities which allow us to interpret multiple dimensions of reality and embody the infinite power of our being. This is precisely why “book smarts” can only take you “so far” in life, but also why the study of sacred and divine teachings is a worthy endeavour as they open the mind to contemplate and stretch itself beyond the known.

The process of bringing our full consciousness into this dimension is going to be different for everyone. Many of us refer to it as Ascension. The ascension of consciousness is the anchoring of our light, embodying our truest and highest Self in this physical realm. We are evolving as a collective humanity and it begins within each of us..

Each of us is born with a divine dna blueprint that is imprinted with a timeline for awakening and remembering. There is nothing we can do to make it happen. Awakening is an act of Grace divined to connect us when “it is time”. When this becomes activated – either by an event or conscious practise – we are “triggered” into healing. This can be painful, especially to the ego who immediately senses the shift in power, but once we have been awakened into remembering that there is more to us than this illusion (pain), we cannot go back. Knowing is binary – either we know, or we don’t and information so profound in nature that it resonates to a deeply cellular level, cannot be “unknown” or forgotten again. We can take as long as we want to integrate our Truth, and we can try to resist it, drown it, numb it and ignore it, but once the force re-awakens, we cannot in truth deny that it calls us. To heal is to become whole again. In order to heal we must allow ourselves to feel and release the accumulated “human emotional baggage” that is weighing us down by literally “taking up space” in our minds and blocking the flow of consciousness and therefore, our access and connection to our true higher Self and soul. This can be very a challenging process in a society that does not value or recognize humanity’s true potential, but it is powerful, healing and profoundly transformational.

Through the process of healing, we move into higher states of consciousness and awareness where we are finally able “to see” ourselves outside the matrix-defined 3d forms of reality. We awaken to a higher dimension of reality, we realize the True multi-dimensional nature of reality and that changes everything.

Conscious Breathing

Of the most ancient and timeless practises is the practise of conscious breath. Becoming aware and conscious of breath is how we connect with the all that is beyond form (99.99% of reality). When we focus on the breath, we are actually focusing on the formless. We learn to follow a flow and tune into a rhythm rather than aiming at a target. In other words, we immediately expand our consciousness by taking our focus away from form and into the formless..

In German the word for breathing is “Atmen” which is derived from the ancient Sanskrit word, “Atman” referring to the “in-dwelling Spirit” or “God-Self”. When we breathe we are drawing in so much more than air. The ethers of space are rich with information and light and energy, as well as physical particulates. In Yoga Teacher Training I learned how breathing is a balancing of the pressures “in the air” that fills the space surrounding us and within. Our lungs expand and increase their capacity to hold space into which consciousness flows; we are pulled into a meditative state by focusing on the breath simply because it has no form. Therefore the mind cannot attach to it and must stay alert to remain tuned into the fluid nature moment by moment. It pulls us into the present moment and because we cannot attach to it, we connect to the flow..

Being aware of our breath forces us into the moment and the present moment is the key to inner transformation.

5 conscious breathes can and will change your state of consciousness – bringing more balance to your biology, calming the nervous system, slowing thoughts and grounding your energy within the body where it needs to be for us to stand empowered and ready to live life fully.

It is a practise I highly recommend to anyone seeking to connect. If nothing else, make it a practise throughout your days to stop and take several, slow conscious breaths between activities. Center your energy and pull your light back... create and hold space for more light to flow through you and fortify yourself before moving on to “the next thing.” Before driving, before getting out of the car, before eating, between bites (the space we create with our breath while eating also improves digestion), before sending a text or answering an email, before and during a shower, while walking or when taking in the beauty of this world, a few conscious breaths will connect you into feeling the life that is the magick of living.

Several years ago I was dating a man who was fairly new to the idea of conscious breathing. Whilst on a road trip together at one point, I was taking in the pure beauty and the majesty of the Pacific Northwest Rainforest as we drove North up island. At the same time I was taking several audible, conscious breaths. After a few minutes I noticed his energy held a question… He said, “y’know every time you breathe like that I worry you might be upset about something”. Despite my very calm, grounded and serene energy in that moment, his mind associated the breathing with someone who is upset based on his previous experience. When I explained it to him, he understood but I could tell that a part of him still wasn’t sure and I would catch him checking whenever I took a deep breath until he finally accepted that it wasn’t about him.

I started conscious breathwork after an energy healing session over a decade ago where it was pointed out to me that I was barely breathing. My breathe had become so shallow and constricted by stress and thoughts that it struggled to find space within me. Thankfully I had a strong yoga practice back then that only expanded and deepened for me once it clicked and took the breathing practices with me off the mat.

Yoga teaches us that breath and mind are directly connected. We can directly affect one by changing the other. Slow down the breathe, you will slow down the thoughts. Deepen the breathe enough and you will find that conscious breathing stops the mind. You cannot “think” and be aware of breath at the same time. However, we must choose to become conscious of our breath and do our best to make it a practice and what we discover is that our consciousness expands from within. Conscious breathing does not take us into a trance state ~ we remain fully conscious and aware, rising “above” thinking rather than the more common practice of falling “below” thinking by escaping from thoughts by numbing our senses with TV, drugs, alcohol etc.. and putting ourselves deeper asleep.

Breath draws our attention inward and into the awareness of the inner body, the innate intelligence can be sensed in the “aliveness”, also known as the Spirit, within us all. Simply because as we reconnect to the life force which animates us, our consciousness expands in recognition of this connection. This reconnects with our soul and with Spirit as “the undefined essence of who we are”. Our breath is the thread – the Atmen – that connects us between dimensions.

By connecting to this thread we bring consciousness into this dimension through our physical bodies into the physical realms. After all, it is not our physical form, or the 3D that is truly alive, but the life force consciousness that animates us which is who we are in Truth; this incarnation, this timeline, is the opportunity for us to realize who we are within the physical and connect humanity back into our spiritual nature, galactic lineage and inter-dimensional, cosmic consciousness.

We are 99% space. You may call it air, ether, Spirit, Life, Divine Intelligence, God or consciousness, but it sits beyond the veil of "the known" waiting for us to tap into it and experience our true nature as divine human beings. 

The physical body is no more than a misperception of who you are

eckhart tolle

We love and honour our physical body, especially as we are able to release our attachment to it as who we are, but until we do that, the body remains a misperception and a projection of our consciousness that is either creating consciously or unconsciously. We make the breath conscious by bringing our full awareness to it. We do the same thing with life. We all have the power to make our lives conscious and bring consciousness into this dimension as a result, elevating humanity and Gaia into greater states of awareness, experience and self-realization. If you are breathing (and I assume you are if you are reading this), make it conscious right now. One breath is all we can ever focus on anyway so don’t worry about what happens next.. let the Atmen show you what is next as you tune into the power of being present and aware in the now.

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