“become the witness”

Today’s soul session meditation brought through a very powerful and timely message for all of us. During this time of great change on Earth, many of us are realizing that no matter what beliefs we possess about why things are happening, the chaos is undeniable. Naturally periods of “chaos” precede times of great change and growth as everything old is scrambled to make space for the new. As more and more souls awaken now to the illusory nature of the 3d and free themselves from the matrix, there is often a sense of “loss” and sadness that is felt – a grieving process for what once was so that the energy can be released back into the ethers for transformation and rebirth!

“Be here now. Allow the human emotion to process – observe and BE WITNESS to the ego’s release of the “old” 3d paradigm and as you watch it, let it go and MAKE ROOM for the “new” higher frequencies to RADIATE through and fill that “empty” feeling inside.

Be not afraid of change dear loved ones. you are FREE to evolve and release yourselves from the bondages of perceived limitations and lack. These do not exist except in the conditioned mind. It is time to FREE your minds and reclaim the true infinite Divine potential that you are!”

Self-awareness is the greatest form of Alchemy for Awakening.
We Become the WITNESS and consciously embody our souls, stepping into our true power as Divine creations and creators – Master Manifestor Beings waking up to the “nightmare” created by an unconscious collective programmed mind; unaware of their Divine power as Cosmic Beings.

Self-awareness is alchemy. As we are the creators, only we can change it by realizing our true power as Divine beings. We need to take god out of the box in the sky and put God, Goddess, Source Divine, Mother Father God, Creator, Universe back where it belongs – within each and every one of us, within everything… LIMITLESS, INFINITE, boundless and boxless – that is consciousness, that is everything, that is energy, that is the ALL that is, that is YOU and ME. Everything and nothing, the eye of the eye, the Creator and the Creation and remember we are a part of it all or we could not be.

Humanity has the power to dream a new dream, to release the old and call in the new in harmony and alignment with who and what we are in Truth, with the Earth, the Universe and all of Creation. We have a choice. We always have.. we just haven’t been making them consciously and now, that is changing too. One soul at a time. One consciously embodied being at a time with an incredible energy force fuelled by awakening.

become the witness to the wonder of your own divinity and make your life your own again.

in peace + love, c. 

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