Alchemy is as old as time itself. Leonardo da Vinci once said, Learn how to see. Everything is connected to everything else.” and he was right as we now know everything is energy and intrinsically connected within quantum fields of consciousness. Alchemy is many things and has many definitions but essentially, alchemy is the study (and mastery) of energy; it is the art of conscious awareness, of being in love with life and creation; it is working in alignment with the laws of the universe in order to manifest the infinite possibilities that exist within us and go beyond the known. Our Soul song creates our music is our alchemy of ascension.

Understanding alchemy (whether you call it that or energy work or something else), greatly supports the ascension process. Whereas change is inevitable, transformation is a choice. Transformation makes such a notable impact on peoples lives because the change that has occurred has happened on a conscious level, allowing the new energies of change to be received, alchemized and therefore integrated into our being. It is the path to becoming consciously embodied beings. But in order to embody our true Soul nature, the ego needs to “make room”.

Most people’s egos come with a lot of “baggage” – attachments, identities, preferences, ideals, adopted beliefs, roles, desires, fears and confusion. Like the cobwebs in the attic of our minds, when we wake up, we begin the process of clearing away everything that stands in the way of us realizing the true nature of who we are – the dark night of the soul, otherwise known as the process of dissociating from everything we believed to be true. (to dis-sociate is to de-socialize, de-program, de-stabilize the ego and its sense of identity). This can be a very difficult stage of the awakening process, triggered by many different events in one’s life, but it is necessary and comes with the reward of transformation and personal truth.

When we choose to transform it is because we are seeking a higher consciousness and a deeper truth about ourselves and the world. Transformation is a process of learning to transmute energies to raise the frequency and consciousness of our being.


Humanity is remembering that we are eternal souls of infinite potential! Source embodied as one point of consciousness to experience the Truth of realizing said infinite potential. So, how do we learn to alchemize energies?

From the day we are born we are indoctrinated into a society of “boxes”. The boxes stack up over the course of our lives and our sense of identity becomes entangled with what “we do” and what “we have” rather than who we are. As a result, we think who we are is the all the “stuff” making up “the role” we believe we are supposed to play. We become programmed to accept these boxes and work very hard to maintain their illusory state and status, unaware that the more energy we put into sustaining “the role”, the weaker we become until eventually we burn out. By the time most of us become aware of the boxes our small self has been hiding in, we are identified with them and unconsciously associate them with our sense of self-worth.

The dark night scares us only because modern society hasn’t respected or understood the spiritual nature of the journey and it’s divine purpose to reconnect humanity consciously with our soul. The ego is terrified of the dark night because it knows its identity and survival “as master” of your domain (consciousness) depends upon the illusions sustaining themselves through emotional, physical and mental attachments.

A disconnected society teaches us that the measure of “success” is the number of boxes we “check” with our lives… school, job, marriage, kids… smart, pretty, sexy, fun… get enough boxes and they may even call you “accomplished” in 3d, even if you die from stress and dis-ease at the age of 53… ???

“Funny” world we live in where we have negated the actual state / consciousness of the human being as any measure of our success and evolution on this planet and equated it instead with the illusory, temporary manifestations in form. We have projected ourselves outward so much that when we finally do “burn out”, our world “collapses” because we cannot sustain the illusion any longer. Something cracks and it is our light beckoning us home.

The pollution of the planet is only an outward reflection of an inner psychic pollution: millions of unconscious individuals not taking responsibility for their inner space.

Eckart Tolle

As we get sicker, so does the planet. As within, so without. The way we treat the Great Soul Gaia who gives us everything we need to live in wondrous joy of being in harmony with creation, is a direct reflection of how we treat ourselves and the body that is the vessel and home for our own souls.. The human body is a Divine creation of incredible strength, ability, power and beauty. Like all of Nature, the strength and evolution of humanity is driven by diversity – not conformity. But instead of celebrating and embodying our divine differences, we question it, we dismiss it, doubt it and often dislike the form we’ve chosen. We unconsciously separate ourselves from great possibility and connection with ourselves, the Earth and “each other” when we identify with the illusion, giving it the power to play us until we figure it out.

So how do we learn to alchemize self-doubt into self love? How do we find self-love in a world seemingly determined to exploit our vulnerabilities? How do release ourselves from the self-doubt and fear that we may “never be good enough”?

For most of us, it’s a process. A journey of awakening and unravelling from the “known”. With every awakening, the world as we once knew it becomes less real. We know there is so much more and we begin integrating the expansion of our consciousness so that we may embody the fullness of our higher Self and the richness of Soul. There is a deepening into awareness until that is what we become: loving awareness, encapsulated by one point of consciousness in a soul we remember and accept; and therefore, embody. Transmuting all darkness into light simply by being. There is no contest for there is no “dark switch”. You either turn your light on, or you leave it off. 

It doesn’t seem easy to integrate one’s multi-dimensionality into 3d physical form, but once the switch has been made so that you are operating from soul, instead of ego and illusion, the fantasies and delusions quickly fade in the light of Truth. The trick ( if there is one ) is not to hang onto the past, the things that no longer serve you, the human sentimentalities associated with what once was. 

Humans are emotional creatures and it is both our power and our weakness if left unmastered by one’s spirit. For while emotions are a powerful source of energy and information between humans, our higher selves and dimensions, they are fuelled and fed by thoughts. The energy forms known commonly as “thought” are powerful magnetic resonances drawing to them the energy they require to stay alive. Thoughts become things and they become stories ~ the narratives that often dictate our lives to us from early ages as they were taught to us, sometimes nearly impossible for us to see when they are still ruling our minds… As the yogis say, it is like peeling an onion to get to the truth of who you are… the layers come off one by one and what remains is a seed of truth.  

Breathing is Alchemy. 

Every conscious breath changes your thought process, your body chemistry and your physics. Every slow, deep conscious wave of Spirit moving in and out of our bodies is tuning us into presence and into the Now where all possibilities and answers truly and only exist. When we consciously breathe, we really cannot think and we create the opportunity for space to open within our minds, our fields and auras. We move energy and with practise, we may discover that there is more love within us than we could ever find on the outside. We may remember that we didn’t come here to become something or someone “other” than who we are; that it is not in our nature to dominate others unless we are disconnected from our true Source and are therefore running around like toddlers being told what to do, how to act, who to be, what to eat, think, say, do and be who, instead of growing up, taking responsibility and therefore our true power, are having tantrums in reaction to a world we believe we cannot “control”. 

Alchemy is balance and flow. It is harmony and alignment with our true, multi-dimensional, inherently alchemical nature. We begin each moment anew with the most powerful force we know – LOVE – and we take our consciousness where it needs to go and we allow and hold space for the energy to move. We become the observer of ourselves through breath and we allow Spirit to move through us. 

Some changes look negative on the surface but you will soon realize that space is being created in your life for something new to emerge.

Eckhart Tolle

The truth is that simply by asking the question, these polluting thoughts and belief systems start to lose their grip. Awareness is the best form of alchemy because that which we are conscious and aware of must be INTEGRATED into understanding ~ consciousness has physics and awareness creates and holds space for energy to shift and eventually, transform.

Awareness creates space for energies to move and realign themselves in harmonious vibrations with our highest truth. When we are stuck in thought, ideas and beliefs, we are focused on form and missing the 99% of reality that exists “in space” ~ that which makes it possible for us to even exist.

Learning to work with our emotions as a guidance system and neutralize and channel the intense energies into harmonic flow and resonance with our True Soul Nature requires that we are present and aware enough to recognize the emotions as they arise as a witness rather than being completely absorbed by them ~ this Awareness is the point in our consciousness where we can observe ourselves being human.

The subtler the layers of energies we perceive and tune into with our awareness, the more powerful the energies are to work with and experience. The alchemy of ascension is tuning into and embodying the consciousness of our higher dimensional, true Self ~ alchemizing and transmuting all layers of energy that no longer serve us in our cosmic evolution.

The alchemist is one who knows the interconnected reality of life is vibrational in its energetic nature, multi-dimensional and greatly “unseen” by humanity. Ascension alchemy is timeless and ancient for it is the evolution of who we are to ascend into our true nature by anchoring consciousness into this dimension.

It is the work of facing our shadows, dismantling the false self and transcending the glass ceilings of limitation humanity has programmed itself into believing. And it is not always easy.. many challenges along the road come to face us as we embark on the quest of consciousness ~ within and without ~ but know you are here to transcend those perceived limitations and therefore, reclaim our divine birthright as cosmic co-creators of our multi-dimensional reality.

We’re here for a good time, not a long time and most of us, will be back to continue the soul journey for which we quest here On Earth ~ an ascending planet with whom we may travel, united in consciousness and love.

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