The 4th chakra and Heart chakra is associated with LOVE, compassion, forgiveness, trust, vulnerability, joy, surrender, humility, harmony, faith and hope. The Heart chakra is connected to Divine Wisdom, Intelligence and Intuition – it is a portal to Divine Love.

Affirmation: “I LOVE”

The high Heart Chakra, or Mahatma, is associated with the Great Soul – ALL That Is – and Buddha or Christ Consciousness.

Affirmation: “I AM THE ALL THAT IS” I connect to the heart with my beloved Earth Mother and ALL that is. I am part of the Soul of Nature. I AM and revere LIFE.

The Heart chakra is associated with regulating the energies associated with Self-acceptance, Self-love, compassion, openness and unconditional Love for ALL.


The Universal law that governs the Heart chakra is the Law of Rhythm. Just as your physical heart beats to a rhythm, so does your energetic heart. It teaches us that everything in the Universe has a rhythm and a timing. Like a wave going up and down – the Vibration – we journey within, without, within, without and on an on – each reflecting the other in a cosmic spiral of evolution.

The speed of our rhythm is determined by our level of Vibration, which is determined by our thoughts so the more aware and conscious we are of our thoughts, the more our Vibration changes and rises, speeding up the rhythm.

Rhythms are connected to time in the sense that how many times you vibrate is the rhythm you will have in  correspondence with the Universe. If your vibration is very low, time will seem very slow and long because the waves emitting from your being will be long. If you vibration is very high, time will seem very fast. Therefore, changes in a low frequency or vibration, will be slow to manifest, sometimes taking “years” to echo back in correspondence. If Vibrations are high, change will be quick to manifest, echoing back within “minutes” or “days”. 

When our hearts beat fast, rhythms will be faster and any process we are going through will go much quicker. Yoga elevates our Vibrations and allows us to harmonize with the Universe at a much higher frequency so we can receive the echos faster, manifest more quickly and experience ourSelves as harmonious Co-Creators of reality. 

If we continuously live in a low Vibration we cannot ask the Universe to bring rapid change because the rhythm we are creating does not support this. We have to change our Vibration in order to change our lives. As we change our Vibration, we change the way we talk and change the way we think and this changes the rhythm of our Vibration and as it elevates, we will have the experience of “time” moving faster as we are moving into shorter waves and a faster rhythm.


The Heart chakra is connected to our search for Harmony. We create Harmony in our lives by aligning with the waves in coherence as we learn to “ride the wave”. As beings with emotional bodies and guidance systems, we have to constantly flow in and out.

Harmony is not about always feeling happy – or any one way. Harmony is allowing the Flow so that if we feel sad, we allow ourselves to feel sad – to go within and see a part of ourSelves that was not recognized. We learn to “wait”, to sit with and recognize the within until it processes and we are ready to go without again into ease. The waves will change when the rhythm has changed on its own in accordance with our higher Vibration.

If we don’t wait for our Natural rhythm to change, we end up accelerating the Natural process and this forces it out of sync with our Natural timing leading to a crisis. A crisis can be personal or collective – any trauma, a car crash, a physical crash, depression – any HEARTBREAK that is a break to the Natural rhythm and forces us back into a reset with the flow. This is the law of Rhythm governing our vibrational flow and awareness of this helps to bring “order” to the “chaos” – it is alignment with the Cosmic and Vital Life Force energies of our BEing.

Heart (Rhythm) and Throat (Vibration) work together thru expression of how we feel, speaking our truth and creating the necessary expressions of release for the rhythm and Vibration to align in harmony.


When our Heart chakra is more closed than open we tend to feel cut-off from life, withdrawn from others, needy, insecure and may find it very hard to LET GO of feelings and find forgiveness. We tend to seek outside ourSelves the fulfillment that is available from within an open Heart. 

A more closed Heart chakra may manifest as social anxiety, self-doubt and self-critical thoughts. An excessively open Heart chakra may manifest as clinging to people or things, over-identification with the material realm, smothering displays of Love and can take on the role of martyrdom.

A clear and open Heart chakra will have you feeling clear and receptive.


To open a closed Heart requires courage and involves doing our Shadow work. The reward is no longer sitting in bitterness or jealousy within but instead being able to open our Hearts to others and celebrate Life!  An open heart is not competitive but rather seeks to encourage and support others in their success for we come to know that their success is ours as well. We may begin to move into our High Heart in loving awareness and true connections with the ALL that is.

NATURE & YOGA: Some of the most healing methods for opening the Heart involve connecting with our Earth Mother: forest bathing, gardening, deep breathing, breath of fire and yoga poses such as cobra, cat, camel and back bends in general. These poses open our heart and strengthen our spine allowing for space to open up within to receive the healing energies of self-acceptance and love.

SHADOW WORK: is essential to opening a closed heart for it takes us into the subconscious mind where many of our “dark” thoughts are stored and unconsciously rule our thoughts, deeply affecting our Vibration. Your Shadow Self is the part of you that has been conditioned to deny aspects of your Sacred Self, your feelings, emotions and rejected aspects of your individuality, unique gifts and important thoughts. When we cannot express how we truly feel we learn to suppress our emotions but they do not go away. They repress into our subconscious and play out in the shadows, blocking the incredible power of our Hearts!

SOUL WORK: Journalling, drawing and dancing are wonderful ways to access our Shadow Self and alchemize, integrate and transmute these energies into higher Vibrations. When we do not process our emotions fully with our Natural Rhythm, these energies literally get stuck in us. Heart ache is a very real experience. The subconscious mind will use these unprocessed energies to build walls around our heart as a result of traumas and crisis. It is vital to our healthy BEing that we learn to open and release these walls. As we begin to accept ourSelves we may physically experience a release in tears, laughter and bodily shaking which is all part of transmuting these energies into higher Vibrations and releasing that which no longer serves us.

KNOW that YOU ARE LOVE! and the great balance that can be achieved within oneself by being aware and balancing the heart chakras is available to everyone by tuning into Spirit and connecting with your highest Truth and Self, knowing you are Divine Love and you are loved.

Please share your stories and ways of healing that inspire you!

much love,


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