Alchemizing 3D Challenges into 5D Opportunities

Reclaiming our multi-dimensional Divine Nature activates us to once again receive the information from all the subtle layers of who we are so that we begin the process of re-integrating with our Soul as consciously embodied beings.

In 5D consciousness every challenge becomes an opportunity. While once we asked, “why is this happening to me?”, we can now successfully reframe this as “why is this happening for me?” As we ascend into 5D consciousness and beyond, we must step out of the victim role in all aspects of our lives. As long as we are there we are stuck in perpetual 3D mind games that keep us trapped in low vibrational frequencies of “victim” mentality. However, if we choose instead to recognize the Divine in the ALL that is, we can no longer hide behind the small self seeking cover from the responsibility of her greatness.

To ask, “why is this happening FOR me?” is to recognize the Divinity within and without and therefore, to take responsibility for our role in this magnificent co-creation.

This shift in perspective creates a subtle, but very powerful energetic shift in our frequency. The vibrational resonance we are now sending out is much higher. To recognize the Divine in everything is to recognize the Divine within and to tap into that Truth above and beyond the perceived challenge is to welcome back the miracle of living in a co-creative u-and-i-verse.

As we are moving through the ascension timeline, part of the collective evolution of humanity is to shift from a species learning through suffering, pain and fear, to learning through joy, truth and love. It is remembering that we have a choice in every situation to choose fear or choose love. A choice made in fear is either going to be based on the past or the future; however, millennia of psychological and spiritual warfare on humanity has disconnected us from our Souls and left us spiritually lost and collectively ignorant to the energy that is wasted perpetuating an illusory world out of the fear that arises from not knowing who we truly are.

Right now in the collective many are lonely. I know this not only because it is obvious in the collective energy fields I encounter, but I see it directly reflected week after week in the yoga community Sangha calls I am a part of every Sunday. The global movement to “socially distance” and isolate human beings apart from one another is causing a lot of loneliness. It can be a very painful state to be in, especially if we are not accustomed to spending a lot of time on our own. But I have to say that even for those of us who love to be alone (me), after a year of these restrictions on our rights and freedoms to assemble with our communities during times of challenge, is becoming a real opportunity for all of us to go deeper within, authentically connect and shift our consciousness to a place beyond what we have known.

From a spiritual perspective, loneliness is a cry from the Soul to be heard, to be seen, recognized and reclaimed. We “think” loneliness is “being alone”, but we are never alone. As a society we tend to ignore our Souls most of the time, but especially, it seems, when we are alone. Loneliness is not the same as missing the presence of another for it can still be felt within the company of others. Loneliness is the vibrational echo of our Soul seeking to be remembered, reunited, re-known as who you are. The Soul connects directly to Source and during this time of collective loneliness we have the opportunity for humanity to remember its true power and divinity.

Reclaiming our multi-dimensional Divine Nature activates us to once again receive the information from all the subtle layers of who we are so that we begin the process of re-integrating with our Soul as consciously embodied beings.

So I can choose to sit here and wallow in self pity asking, “why has the world done this to me?” or I can say to the Divine, “why have you given me the opportunity to experience loneliness? what is there to learn by being myself and feeling lonely? Which part of me is feeling lonely? Is it my younger self? Can I give how I feel right now an age? Perhaps this could help me figure out when I lost touch with Soul, my higher self and inner child? The cry for healing from our inner child is very similar to the cry of our higher Self calling out to be remembered for they are of course, one.

When we move through the feelings we typically try to avoid, we move through a portal. It is a portal to deeper self-awareness and expansion on every layer, level and dimension of being. Society has been programmed to seek pleasure and avoid pain and to do so by relying on only five external senses, but in truth, this is not alignment with our divine design.

The emotional body is like a radar. It receives and beams frequencies associated with the patterns of energy we come into contact with in all the ways that consciousness informs matter. It then relays its transmission (or interpretation) of the experience back to us for processing and discernment. When an interaction with a person is very “upsetting” or “draining”, we are receiving the information through our auric field right down to our cells, that this person or event is causing us pain on some level. With the use of our mental body, we then have a choice as to how we will process the emotions and respond.

We could choose to simply avoid the person or event, but if the emotions aren’t properly alchemized, the source of the upset isn’t realized and transmuted into light. By facing the challenges, acknowledging that they exist but then consciously choosing to elevate one’s perspective to see a bigger picture and open the mind and body to new energy and awareness, we change the reality of the challenge on a quantum level effecting how it is manifesting and are able to infuse it with new light and even, watch it dissolve.

“dear universe, please show me the opportunity in this challenge (fill in the blank)”


Here is a wonderful meditation practice for gaining new perspective. Sit in meditation, clear field and ground your energy. Call in your guides and when you feel ready, bring into your mind the challenge you face.

Paint the picture in your mind, feel the emotions, allow it to move through you until you feel you have captured the most complete picture of the situation.

Then using your power of visualization, with your eyes remaining closed, bring your hands together in front of you and hold them open together. Use the power of your mind to move the picture you have created of your challenge out of your mind and into your hands. Place it there in front of you where you can hold it but from where you sit you can see the WHOLE picture from above with your third eye. You look at it from all sides, observe the people involved, observe yourself and allow the story to play out before you in your hands.

As soon as we take the challenge out of our minds and into our hands, we have already moved the energy outside and can now observe, as a witness – you may immediately feel a “lightening” sensation as this energy is removed as a complete picture from your mental field. The size of the challenge has shrunk in our consciousness, reducing the stress associated with it, opening up our ability to think rationally and critically as fear fades and we regain a sense of power within this current struggle – we have visually removed ourselves, our highest Self is now observing and offering insight into the challenge. We may observe the picture in our hands, watch the story, listen to the words being spoken and see what kinds of responses are generated within.

You may experience instant release, or you may have to practice the alchemy a few times to fully move the energy if it is something your mind has spent a lot of time creating more stress about, but the practice works. 

It is an instant shift in consciousness that allows us to find new opportunities, lessons and insight into our lives. By taking ourselves “out” simply by moving the energy we instantly have a higher, broader perspective and therefore more insight into our lives and any challenges we may face along the way!

I wish you infinite blessings for your practice.

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