The 6th chakra and Third Eye / Pineal is associated with Sacred Sight, intuition, clairvoyance, psychic abilities, divine memory, imagination, vision, inner and outer hearing as well as Self Awareness.

Affirmation: “I SEE
I awaken my Divine Memory – the memory of my multi-dimensional Self.

I activate my inner seeing and inner hearing.

I see clearly.

I take actions that support my intuition.

I trust my inner guidance.

I innerstand synchronicity as Divine Timing.

With clear vision and the guidance of Divine intuition, I become the master of my mind.

The Universal Law That Governs The Third Eye Chakra Is The Law Of Correspondence.

“As above, so below; as below, so above.”

AS ABOVE, SO BELOW. As the microcosm, so the macrocosm. We are each outside what we are within. We are each inside what we are outside. Each creates the other in reflection. This principle embodies the Truth that there is always a correspondence and a relationship between these Universal Laws and the phenomena of life on all planes, levels and dimensions of existence and being. Just as the sacred geometry embodied in all forms of Life informs creation into being – from the smallest cell to the largest planet – the Universal Law of Correspondence allows us to know the “unknown” and see the “unseen” beyond the illusory veil of separation. The embodiment of these teachings gives one the ability go beyond the paradox and access the Divine Knowledge of the Universe reflected and held within each of us.

Everything we perceive and sense outside ourSelves creates and conditions us to show us who we really are. We have two eyes, two ears and two nostrils allowing us to perceive both the negative and the positive aspects of reality (not to be confused with “good” and “bad” but simply as the Divine Energetic Forces of Creation). These physical attributes of our Self allow us to perceive the positive and the negative forces from outside and from within – AND – give us the ability to hold and create with these dualistic energies. Our two eyes reflect the dualistic nature of our physical universe, but our third eye sees and reflects the True unity, connection and oneness of Creation.

As our third eye opens, our concept of “sight” expands greatly as we see beyond just the physical reality of our existence. We may once again open to the conscious embodiment of our true multi-dimensional nature. Third eye openings often happen spontaneously during spiritual practices (such as a kundalini awakening), which is why it is so important that one has a spiritual community with whom to share experiences and reflections as we learn to embody and integrate the expansive nature of our cosmic selves.

Correspondence is how we SEE the Universe – the mirrors of reflection – and once we are awakened to our sacred sight, the world will look and feel very different. It is the opening to the YOU-and-I-VERSE experience of reality and the realization that we are all connected.

Energy is constantly flowing in correspondence with life. We are that life consciousness embodied and our energetic chakra centres are Divinely designed to allow us to communicate and co-create with it! As we move through the ascension timeline, the human chakra system is upgrading and evolving along with our consciousness. Chakras that have been waiting to come “online’“ are being activated by new Earth energies and Light Codes streaming into the human collective consciousness. The more open and receptive we are to receive this energy, the more we can tune into abilities that an open and balanced ajna chakra activates.

An open and balanced Third Eye chakra allows us to experience Life with clarity and purpose. We are guided by our Intuition and inner wisdom. We possess powerful and strong insights into our experiences and even those of others. We are Self-aware and generally emotionally balanced.

An ubalanced Ajna chakra may cause us to struggle with aspects of our lives manifesting in a sense of closed- mindedness, egoism, cynicism, paranoia, confusion and various other mental imbalances. When out of balance, we are missing a vital component of our Divine Design for it becomes very difficult for us to see the direct reflections of ourSelves in the world – we are lacking coherent correspondence with the U-n-I-Verse.

An Ajna chakra that is more closed may manifest as a sense of apathy toward living; general lethargy, sluggishness, a certain lifelessness as not enough energy is flowing in. Guided meditations that offer visualization techniques and Yantra Yoga (which is all about visualization) are important tools for opening the third eye.

An open and ungrounded / unbalanced third eye may manifest as a sense agitation, anger, frustration over insignificant things, mental over-stimulation causing attention deficits, distraction, hyper-activity, reactive and sometimes, aggressive personality traits as too much energy is flowing in. When too much energy is flooding the third eye, a sense of “overwhelm” and exhaustion may often occur. One can heal this imbalance with grounding meditation and yoga. The energy must be grounded into the Earth through the chakra system in order restore balance to an individual who has become flooded with incoming energies that have “no where” to go. Tremendous insight can come from simple energetic healing practices that redirect the energy currents within our system and align the physical with the energetic systems of our being.

With a balanced and open third eye you will find it much easier to distinguish Truth from illusion. Intuition flows effortlessly and you will find it easier to make wise decisions with clear foresight grounded in your reality and not in fantasy. You may experience a sense of inner calm, boundlessness and freedom!

Guided Meditation & Visualization

The first steps to healing an unbalanced third eye are to open your mind with meditation and visualization techniques. As well, the study of higher learning and spiritual teachings is the gateway to opening the mind and therefore, the third eye with it. As our consciousness expands, all of us must expand in correspondence; therefore, it is no surprise that when we dedicate ourselves to a daily spiritual, yogic or. meditative practice, our whole life will change for the better in response to our expanded states of consciousness.


Physically it is very helpful to find ways to decalcify your Pineal gland. The actual gland inside our brains that is the “seat of ajna” becomes calcified by various pollutants, toxins and chemicals in our environment. Fluoride, for example, has been shown to have strong calcification effects of the pineal gland leading to a dulling of the senses and ultimately obstructing our ability to fully access the powers of our pineal glands.

To De-Calcify:

  • drink lots and lots of fresh, pure water – always filter water coming from the tap and/or add lemon

  • absorb Sunshine & Fresh Air!

  • meditate and visualize white, golden and violet light purifying and healing your pineal and third eye

  • eating, drinking or supplementing with Turmeric (removes heavy metals and detoxes)

  • choosing an alkaline diet helps to raise vibrations and decalcify the pineal

  • “activated charcoal” can be found at the health food store and is known as a detoxifier

  • practise grounding your energy

  • if you feel called, explore Shamanic plant medicine journeys or micro-dosing to help open and heal the third eye

  • iodine from seaweed is known to have third eye healing properties

The pineal gland is part of the human glandular system about which Western Medicine seems to know very little; however, many ancient and traditional sciences of the East such as Traditional Chinese Medicine and Tradition Indian Ayurveda offer a wealth of teachings on its vital importance for the health and harmony of the human. It is very common for yogis to experience third eye openings and awakenings during yogic and meditative practices.


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