I sat down today to meditate for 44 minutes and when I came out of what felt like four minutes, I wrote.

This time on Earth is fragile and powerful. The more light that comes in, the more darkness will reveal itself in plain sight. Throughout our world and within ourSelves, these are times to strengthen our resolve as conscious co-creators of reality.

It’s often said that we are spiritual beings having a human experience. While this may be true, it is often interpreted as a negation of the human aspect of ourselves when really it is an invitation to anchor in our true being, embody our light and step into our full potential as divine Creator Beings. Conscious Embodiment is a union of Spirit & Form. Our Souls were woven into our body temples and ego made up of lifetimes of experiences and perspectives. We journey within to discover who we really are and we journey outward to integrate and create with what we discover.

We respond to life from our level of consciousness.
We respond to life from our level of fear.
We respond to life from our level of love.

If we continuously “come at life” from a place of unconscious ego, we will be identified with circumstances and “life conditions” and even equate them with “life”. The ego projects from the subconscious and may often not even be aware that it is perpetuating the very thing we do not want – this makes the process more difficult until we increase our consciousness around our perceptions of life. When we remember our Soul consciousness within and become curious about it, we create the opportunity for growth and self-awareness to emerge – consciousness expands and holds space for something new – the choices we make and why make them change.

We begin to see the bigger picture we are a part of and this awareness is what brings recognizable change to our lives. The change we are seeking within in our world begins within ourSelves. Soul centred living is about connecting to the light within and shining it places we may not want to see…the Truths hidden in plain sight..the unconscious patterns we are creating.

The unconscious ego wants us to doubt that things can change. It projects into the future the energies of the past in an attempt to keep the illusion alive. The ego does not like change and likes to keep us feeling small. “Ignorance is Bliss” to the ego for it fosters a false sense of security – “if I don’t know the Truth, or if I don’t think about the consequence of my actions, I won’t have to deal with it”, but ignorance is not bliss for one who can clearly see knows, is aware, of the interconnected Nature of life – there are no actions without consequences.

Much has changed in the world recently and will continue to do so as the days and months progress. Humanity is united around the globe in fighting a common “enemy” and no matter who you think that “enemy” might be depending on your perspectives and knowledge of the many layers at play, the heightened awareness within human consciousness right now is that we are all connected.

A virus can spread around the world in days and thousands of people can die as a result. Fear about this idea can spread within secondsour thoughts are much more powerful than most of us have been taught. LOVE is contagious. Fear is contagious. Thoughts are contagious….Everything is “contagious” in a world created by magnetic energetic forces. Thoughts become things and every thought wave we transmit into the world carries a frequency that resonates with another and returns back to us an experience that matches it. We emit and receive thoughts all day long and without awareness, many if not most of people do not know which thoughts are “theirs” and which they’ve “picked up” from the ethers and the electromagnetic thought waves of every other energy field and person they’ve met.

We are inseparable from the forces of Creation because we are powerful Creators of reality, but if we don’t know this about ourSelves, it is easy to look outside ourSelves for the “answers” to our “problems”.

We turn to experts to help us “know” what to do, how to act, who to be… we have collectively created societies that celebrate “normality” as defined by these experts, but without the self-awareness to recognize and appreciate our own individuality, we have traded pieces of our most precious Selves for dictates of systems and institutions seeking to fulfill their own agendas of conformity and control.

We turn to saviours to absolve ourselves of responsibility. Within the dogma of religion lies the idea that humanity is “born in sin”, inherently flawed and requires “saving”. Certainly we are at a time when the Earth and many of the sentient beings and plants living here could use some “saving” in that humanity is learning to value the interconnected nature of everything, but the idea that we must look outside ourselves to be “saved from ourselves” is some seriously twisted dark magic that leaves us feeling disempowered, desperate and at the mercy of a system designed to keep us this way.

The Truth hurts sometimes but it is through this pain that we may find the actual knowledge we so desperately seek. Our school systems have not taught us that to “know” actually means to REALIZE. We cannot really ever know another person’s experience until we have experienced what they speak of and when we do, it will also be different. As we are snowflakes in human form, we remember that no two humans are exactly the same. Diversity is the essence of LIFE. Bio-diversity is the foundation of evolution on Earth. We are as much a part of Nature as any other living creature here on Planet Earth. The difference is we have the great power to realize it.

It’s time to remember who we are for the human being is nothing short of miraculous and beautiful. But as long as we continue on a path of seeking to “conquer nature”, we will continue to fight an invisible enemy. Whether it manifests as a virus or a war, until we realize ourSelves as ONE with Nature, not superior or inferior in our being, not better than “another” or greater than “the other”, we will continue to fight the only “enemy” we have ever truly known – fear.

The Ancients taught us some of the greatest tricks and secrets with the plainest words, illuminating the path before us with wisdom and love – as within, so without. As above, so below. The Soul is not born, nor can it die. The journey that carries us forward in life is not the pursuit of happiness but the call of our Soul beckoning us to that place inside where the universe dwells to remember who we are and why we came. It is not the paycheque or the status achieved that one remembers when they die. It is the moments when love poured freely through us and all around us, anchoring us into the moment, into the awareness, into the conscious embodiment of our BEing that we remember BEing alive.

A tiny mosquito can torture a giant human into awareness. An even tinier “bug” can dismantle systems of perceived control and bring us back to the awareness that we are all connected. Together we stand on the precipice of change for the world. Rich or poor, black or white, young or old, we are ALL affected by an awakening cloaked as a crisis to help us see ourSelves for who we are – a moment in time to reflect on our choices and experience the consequences.

It’s time to remember the Truth hidden within. To peel away the layers of what we thought was real, the roles we took on in trade for consciously living, the meaning we have assigned to reality and why… it’s time to expand our consciousness to embody ALL that we are and unite with Nature, protect our Earth Mother, recognize how fortunate we are to have this human experience and step out of the wheel of time to realize that NOW is always and only all there is… it’s time to reflect the light within and find the courage to change.

One thought can echo like thunder through the cosmos and we remember we are ONE.

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