As I sit on my deck and ponder, the sky whistles a song , taxis buzz by. I sit and watch the people walking by. Step by shuffle by sprint, I watch their passing and sometimes wonder, will they notice me? Sitting here in silence – not in thought but in motion I am still..and wonder will they catch me staring? Will they turn their heads and wonder, who is she? But not a single one notices me or the night sky, the leaves that dance or the light show of magic and wonder in the night sky? But not a single notices or glances at the blooms ..every one is watching instead their miniature TVs…and I wonder, when did we lose touch , when did we forget so much? How many times have we slipped down this rabbit hole into another reality? A new dimension? A completely new life, new expression a new creation an evolved version and what was “before” this never existed in our “minds” bc before and after are illusions ..they do not exist except within our minds as all we can ever truly experience is the present. And its observance in the present that brings this awareness. So if our attention is perpetually placed upon an external reality ..gradually, habitually and yet so pervasively, we may unconsciously make the illusion our reality, slipping timelines and forget what was.. like slowly boiling a frog, we do not realize our very existence is at risk.

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