we all make mistakes. Some days we snooze the alarm too many times and miss a deadline. Sometimes we lose it all in a flash so fast we forget the reason we came here. Trauma affects each of us differently. Making us either more repressed or aggressive, depending on our DNA and star alignment, but always changing who we are. A partial definition of trauma is an experience that leaves one “in shock”. What is shock if not a sudden awareness that reality has shifted. That which you once thought was not possible has happened and you are shocked..”dumb-founded”.. even “amazed”. The degree and level of everyone’s shock varies and depends on the source of the sudden trauma, but when reality shifts in a way we never expected, shock is the result.

Our imaginations guide our reality but when they become trapped in one consistent version of normal, when “normal” is battered into our psyches from the day we are born, when our names and genders are assigned and our education prepackaged around a superficial fake normal that doesn’t even exist except on TV, then our imaginations become trapped by this image. Ascribing and aspiring to “normal” our entire lives is in how we become limited in our thinking and our lives. Creativity is suffocated within the walls of “normal”, taking the Ages for any new thought to arise and accepted for consideration without being burned at the stake. It has taken millienia to create the “new age” and a time for rebirth and healing but we are not done until we are free to explore beyond the boundaries of our tethered imaginations.

Untethered from the chains of corporate dominion, released from the crushing weight of poverty, and relinquished from fear by remembering why we are here.

The important thing is that we don’t stop believing we can have a fresh start. Each moment, every breath is new if we choose it. We can allow the shock to change us in a way that makes us more resistant to change, or we can see it as opportunity to realize ourselves beyond all known possibilities; to discover the Truth about who we are and to not be afraid of that.

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