Soul, human, cosmic child…we are ALL that we much a part of the story the clouds tell as the songs we write & the food we eat.. if life is a song, then love is the music and from the tiniest cell to the farthest galaxy, it is in the space between those two, in the gap between our fingers, toes & thoughts that we are infinite.

The stars have been teaching humans this for thousands of years, which is why yogis of ancient India and sages of ancient China knew and taught, long before there was “science” or microscopes to “prove it”, that within our bodies are an infinite number of cells – each one a universe of its own, each and every single one, the universe.

It is in the now, when space meets time with consciousness that we create the moments , the memories, the expressions to give meaning to this miracle of possibilities we call “life”. Intuition guides us swiftly if we let it. Fate has no swifter outcome to fortune than surrender… surrender to knowing there is no need to “escape” when there is no prison.. that wherever you go, there you are – this does not seem to change.

When everything else is always changing.. when evolution is based on change, when we know nearly nothing else for certain other than “you can count on change”, life is change, the only constant in life is change…then how is it that “I” am always following myself around?…

Who am I? Why do I write these words? Why am I here? Such big questions “for a girl” I’ve been told. Too much to think about for “a working mom”, I am scolded. “Too busy” to care some days myself and it’s easier to numb the feelings & the whispers away than to face another moment in infinity acknowledging the truth. The truth that I don’t know. That we don’t know the answers to those questions is terrifying.. That we don’t know who we are is so terrifying indeed that we will do almost anything to avoid admitting we don’t really know.

We will work long hours distracted by tasks and goals, for achievement is addictive and the ego is empowered by it. We will follow long hours of work with long hours of entertainment – the industry of entrainment leading us down the primrose path, which we believe is “giving us a break” from reality but really perpetuates the drama we are enacting, replacing forgotten & neglected wisdom with manufactured ideals that only exist inside the TV, demanding our consent by filling ALL the gaps where light is meant to find its way.

We agree to live by rules that do not in fact apply to reality except to support some kind of idealized version of life we will never find. No matter how hard we work or valiantly we try to “triumph”, this battle to conquer life and become immortal on a disrespected planet is nothing but a fool’s errand.

SUPERNOVA: a star that suddenly increases greatly in brightness bc of a ‘catastrophic’ explosion that ejects most of its mass.

— science

But to admit it is to instantly lose everything you believe yourself to be; to admit we “don’t know” is to take the first step on a journey of discovery that unfolds without control. It’s Ego-Jenga and it is a loss of control with which we are not familiar or comfortable with – entrained our whole lives to seek and “have control” of ourselves, we cannot stomach the pain of not knowing. So we usually push ourselves up the ladders of life until something breaks. The whispers get louder, the rungs we climb get weaker the higher we go, and “the calling” is provoked to a holler. When we don’t know who we are, every success is an inevitable failure. Human life has become about becoming someone else, instead of being who we are. In fact, one lifetime may have us trying to become many different people, sometimes all at once.

We try so hard to become “someone” we can look up to because we have forgotten how to see ourselves. By becoming too busy and just distracted enough to not have enough energy for getting in the gap, we forget it exists. And, if we are convinced that reality television is real, if believe the dogma of having is more important than being, we may even stop looking for it.

The art of “doing nothing”, of being, meditating, reflecting, contemplating, philosophizing, thinking different thoughts is an ancient and mostly lost art that most entrained, modern minds cannot grasp the “value” of anymore. But in our fight to defeat time, we lose it at hyper-speed.

Thoughts are “mainstreamed” & set on repeat to dull the muse & amuse the slave into acceptance of an oppressive system. Dictated by the few who sit in a position of “profit”, the system is wired to keep us chasing that which we already have. By telling us we cannot be free until we become something greater than who we are whilst simultaneously suppressing who that is, IS the madness of a society that has forgotten why we are here.

It is the world that has been pulled over your eyes to blind you from the truth.

The writing doesn’t match the words on the wall. You may speak your mind but only if you know you must accept NO as an answer. If you are not willing to accept no, if you actually want things to change – stop a pipeline or end slavery or SPEAK TRUTH – you will do so knowing that you will be outcast by most people who claim to know and love you. For if we question reality outside the paremeters of what is considered acceptable by the masses, we threaten the status quo, we jeopardize the idealization of “normal”, we challenge self-proclaimed authorities, those that believe the earth is ours to do with as we please – ultimately, in the world we’ve created, if you question what is real, it is you who will be put to the test.

Corporate governments that have staked their claim to the earth with the lines they once drew in the sand will not stand for freedom of thought. Human society is a mental shit storm, but just as we may get lost in it, we have the ability, by virtue of getting lost, to find the answers we seek.

As we are made of the stars, this “existential crisis” (why do I exist?) is the birthing of our light. Tired of being hidden stars, fed up with trying to stuff our light into society’s beige boxes, we know that if we dare to ask, light a supernova we will explode. The ground beneath us will shake, the choices we daily make will have to change and everyone we know will look at us differently…

Without listening to the demands of the ego, without fear dictating our every decision, we may begin to flow as gracefully as water, swift as wind,

We may stand sure as the ground beneath your the door a crack to let the light in & light will find it’s way into every crack.


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