As the cosmic forces of Cancer’s emotional power washes through our fields and into our core, we may find emotions from deep within rising to the surface for acknowledgement and healing. Do not turn away from these emotions – feel and witness the pulses as they connect you with your Soul’s truth. This is the cosmic alignment which simultaneously propels us forward on our spiritual, dharmic paths while showering us with the energetic support to follow our highest and truest path.

In order to do that I’ve gathered info from a variety of sources channeling this cosmic wave, offering guidance and insight into this powerful time.

  • take time to see the BIGGER PICTURE right now – small problems may seem much bigger than they are prompting us to reflect on the hidden layers and energetic triggers
  • time to reflect on our own prejudices
  • communication – listening first & taking our time to speak with care and attention to our deepest & highest Truth
  • depression may feel more intense – darker & deeper – during this time – work harder to witness the emotional roller coaster and identify the triggers that take you there – do you have to go there every time you feel this emotion or do you have another response available to you that may seem unfamiliar or even unnatural at first, but could change a pattern that changes your life?

The planets are propelling us along our divine dharmic path, bringing HOPE into the awakening collective consciousness and revolutionizing our lives. “Rebellions,” after all, “are built on HOPE”. – Star Wars. Because in our world – at this time and for a long time – there is much to rebel.

Therefore, doing our best to avoid being “cold” with others – opening our hearts and expressing our truths so that we may find the courage to speak for ourselves and others. Full Moon Shit is about getting in touch with our emotional selves and recognizing that this is not a weakness. Contrary to popular entrained “belief”, Emotions do not make us weak – they make us stronger every time for witnessing and experiencing them, but most importantly for allowing them to show us what is Truth.

Truth isn’t that easy to find in our world – capitalist ideals thwart Truth and facts at every turn in order to manipulate populations toward generating more profit. But a society driven by building a false economy at the expense of real life on a planet, is a society that has forgotten how to feel.

Our emotions are a divine system of intelligence designed to guide us on our spiritual journey of connecting to our true Selves. The universe speaks only the language of love.. you don’t need to take a course, you don’t need to learn it because you were born with it and the Moon is one our greatest guides and teachers… as She moves the tides and stirs every great body of water on Earth, She does the very same to us. We are bodies of water too and just like the oceans, our intelligent systems of human nature are designed to fill with the rising tides of the new moon and release with the ebb of the full moon.

This divine cycle of death and rebirth permeates all life, expanding and evolving us with each cycle, but only if we allow it. If we can strive to remember who we are, refuse to numb out the pain we feel inside, the depression, the anxiety, the terror so many of us feel while aiming to live a life we are told is meaningful but know is not, then we can open the window to our Souls and begin to reconnect.

There’s been much talk about 2020 and all the significant change this decade will bring. Focus on yourself first and listen to the whispers of Truth as they find their way from the centre of the cosmos, through your heart and out your eyes.. this is a time to listen fully to the signs our bodies and communicate with ourSelves in total love.

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