When you get your heart broken, take time to heal your heart before seeking to hide its hurt in someone else.. it will reveal great secrets to you about who you really are..it will ask you to dance with your shadows and to be vulnerable in every movement.. in suffering words begin to lose their meaning. When the words no longer match the picture and we finally begin to understand what this means, we are ready to transform.

The constructs of “re-ality” can fully shift in the moment we surrender to the confusion, the loss, the “lost” opportunities each crash holds for us. Each crisis designed to awaken us further in remembering who we are. We embrace the shadows and they reveal their gifts. If love were to be assigned a job, this would be it to remind us who we are and why we are here. 

We simply forgot the most basic cosmic laws.. we do not have to believe in gravity for it to be real. Universal Truths exist outside of human ideologies. But we all came to live for something “other” than ourselves. In this continuum of the cosmic web, we came through a tunnel to birth and be birthed once again. We came to experience the totality of the earth experience, in all its splendor, its shock & horror. “Life is a fantasy until you wake up in shock.” – Mac Miller

Truth – it is always “time” for change. Change is a constant force in nature and evolution – it is what keeps us from decay. But here on Earth, we stand within a time of deep slumber – a species unplugged from its full potential, entrained to obey, to consume, to live inside a cloak of dark magic under the spell of freedom defined by material wealth – a design so cleverly controlling of our energetic forces that most do not see we have become both prisoner and guard of the lie we live. Enslaved by our own disconnection to the land, we created and staunchly defend the rat race.

Exhausted by our disconnection from the waters, we become sicker and more polluted. Suffocating without fresh air, we have forgotten that it is consciousness we breathe. Afraid of the sun, we wilt and die inside as beings of the light, searching solar power most of us cannot find through the haze of chemicals and confusion about what is true. Every crisis is designed to wake us and shake us out of this self-made prison of forgetting.

The personal crisis have escalated. The collective crisis reflect to us the internal wars we daily “manage” the starvation of our Souls, the lack of love we have for ourselves is reflected in the ecological crises of the Earth. The lack of innerstanding we have for our purpose in being human is reflected in the every aspect of human society. The ecological, social and economic crisis of the world are used to further manipulate humanity into living obedient, mechanical, dead lives, while “the manipulators” ( -1%) want for nothing except that which they can never have.

We stare at our reflection in the waters without seeing ourSelves. We stand before great change as the planet calls in the crystal beings of the stars to help humanity remember our divinity; to shine a light so bright on the illusory world, the corruption within every major societal system of control that must die, the changes that are to come as a result of this light and many other co-factors, will mean that everyone will be called to take at least one fleeting glance behind their own eyes and wonder…who am I?


We stand on the precipice of great transformation – an awakening for all who are willing to accept what they already know. Every heart ache will hurt more until we wake up; every small defeat crushing us until we let go and remember we have no control.  Every attempt to “conquer nature” will boomerang back at us with such force, that we will finally have to accept the nature of humanity is not evil, but simply “trapped” by unconsciousness and ignorance.

Destiny is a magical force that waits only for us to remember that we are dancing with it. But in order to remember, we must stop running from the questions, the longings, cravings, callings, whispers and wails.. we must turn and face our “worst” daemons before our own Selves as witness until there is nothing left but crystal, clear, Truth.

You are diamond
You are stardust
You are crystal  
You are light
You are dark
You are truth  
And you are love

Crystals shattered by dynamite, carved by water, in the depths of the ocean, in the cosmic womb we surrender to this magic that IS US. In the heart of darkness we become the supernovas that blast it away. We are cosmic children and we are here to remember that truth exists beyond the television programming, the youtube religions, the TUNNEL vision of capitalist dogma pretending we are a material world for human beings to conquer.. we are so much more than we give ourselves credit for because we give it all away to those illusory, external ‘perceived’ magnums of power. We give it away to the “light at the end of the tunnel”, searching for something we already have, for things we already know, negating inherent wisdom we are ready to teach, hiding from sharing the truth with our world & each other simply because that is ALL we have been told since the day we were born.. and it is not our fault. It is not your fault or mine that we forget who we are.. the programming and conditioning of our thoughts & behaviours runs deep – they dictate a broken dream to a broken world and it is our job to remember the Truth and choose instead to co-create a conscious new Earth from this place of awareness.

You Would Not Exist if you Could Not Liberate yourSelf.

We are not so broken that we can’t be fixed. So bent out of shape sometimes that we do not recognize ourselves, trained like lab rats to ask for more cheese even though we know it is killing us, chasing something hidden within ourselves so that we cannot find it without first accepting what we already know.. We have become disconnected from who we are but we are not so broken that we cannot reconnect the “missing links”. Our connection to Soul and to Source can never be gone, but it can be challenging to recognize amidst the many layers of projection and ego within our world. However, we are not without resource – we have everything we need to re-connect-to-source.

We are ready for change, ready to transform all this pain into power, ready to dance with the light and be crystal beams of light transmitting and reflecting our light for others to see and know.

We are crystals. Beautiful in every shape. Stunning in every colour. Illuminating, mesmerizing, beautiful, dark, round, sharp, powerful containers of vital life force energy ready to explode in rainbows of light. Cosmic flowers ready to remember you can’t fix what isn’t broken and you are not broken – you are stardust dancing with dirt. You have a nature that is human and it is not meant to be conquered, it is meant to be embraced, embodied and allowed to evolve in diverse splendour.

You are not meant to envy the awakening of another being, the same way a flower does not try to stop the flower next to it from blooming, we must remember how to celebrate the awakening of our friends and family. To invite the cosmic forces in and co-create with them in a dance of light loving shadow, shadow loving light.

To rediscover who we are is the epic journey. Remembering the many lifetimes that have come and gone, how many more do we have left on an ascending planet whose consciousness is evolving? Will we evolve with Her, or continue to be separated from our connection to her and our true selves? Will be stop indoctrinating children into the systems of slavery here on Earth designed to make them forget their inherent nature of wonder? It is only our unwillingness to accept ourselves that keeps us from being who we are – imperfectly perfect, perfectly imperfect. Divine BEings. Creators, not slaves. Consciousness embodied breathing the force of LOVE into BEing.

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