“One who looks outside, dreams. One who looks inside, awakens.”

They say a goal without a plan is a only a dream. They say without goals we are “aimless, lacking motivation, even lost”, but they forget that within the universe there are infinite ways to grow beyond our wildest expectations when we let go of the notion that we are in control. We think that the only way to be successful is to climb an endless ladder of goals, follow checks and balances and yet most of us forget about our New Years resolutions within weeks and either we give up or end up digging our heals in to try and force certain goals to actualize, creating more resistance and struggle along the way.

For some of us, setting goals can be a very productive process and it has worked for me in the past; however, I often wonder what possibilities we exclude from our lives by assuming to know what we need?

In other words, instead of focusing on what we can ACHIEVE or EARN, what kinds of amazing things can we ALLOW into our lives?

We have forgotten the way of the inspired path. The way to seek inner guidance and how to listen to it and the signs it is constantly sending to us. We have not been taught how to embody our Souls…

Everything we want in life, every goal we set we do so because of the way we believe it will make us feel – happy, proud, respected, etc… Everything we dream of having we dream of having because we believe we will feel better in the having of it..so…why not start with the feeling and work your way forward from there instead of the other way around?

If you want to set a goal to drink more water, exercise more, make more money, declutter… (fill in your blank)… what is it about achieving that goal that is going to change the way you FEEL?

If we start with the feeling we can free ourselves from having to find “the motivation” to achieve those goals. If we start with with the feeling, and focus on that, we end up setting intentions instead of goals and that brings about an inside out process rather than the other way around.

What’s the difference between setting intentions vs. setting goals?… intentions connect you with your Soul & speak to the Universe. Intentions speak to a higher purpose. Intentions speak to guidance, inner knowing & God. I am repeating myself here but it’s only because I really want it to sink in – Intentions are an inside out process, rather than the other way around. With goals we chase things, results and titles.

With intentions we seek to know ourselves and connect with Spirit.

Think of it almost as reflecting into the future – when we look back on our lives we can always see what is most important to us, what choices made the biggest difference, which mistakes taught us the most…we often forget the achievements but we remember the feelings & and what they meant to us…take those reflections and expand the ones that right now mean the most to you & set your heartfelt intentions for the upcoming year and beyond. Let the universe handle the details…it will send you signs and guide you along to your wildest dreams and desires, but more importantly, it will take you to meet your soul – to connect you with your purpose and help to live the life you came here to fulfill.

This is surrender rather than control. This is going within to awaken rather than going without to forever dream of the things we want. Surrender allows your path to unfold for you in the most miraculous ways…ways we could not have come up with on our own…Set your intention from that feeling place and you will have transformed your goal into an intention opening yourself and your life up to the endless possibilities the universe has for you to feel the way you want to feel..

Setting intentions for 2017 with mindfulness, gratitude & love. 💚

Wishing everyone the Happiest of New Years we have yet to live… 🙏🏼

I have listed and shared some of my intentions here with you – “MEDITATE” can be seen as more of a ‘goal’ per say but it is the best way I know how to align with my feelings and intentions and the path as it unfolds before me… To simply be with myself and Spirit in silence without any attachment to the end result; to open up my heart and listen…everything else follows from there…


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