We all experience fear. In fact, it is argued that we would not have learned to survive and evolve over these thousands of years without it; however, what serves us in the moments of real imminent danger, can also hurt us if it are not aware of the source of that fear, or if it is even real..

Though fear of a cougar when it is chasing you might help keep your feet running and your body alive, even that kind of fear is an illusion when we take it to its highest spiritual level. While fear might serve us in many situations where we “don’t want to die”, it can also torture us by fabricating illusory ideas in our heads.

Fear of the unknown and fear of change are perhaps two of the most paralyzing mental fears we fabricate. We tell ourselves that simply not knowing what to expect must make it something to fear because…”something bad might happen”. We might make a mistake, be embarrassed, fuck up, be rejected, “waste” money, regret, failure…. Fill in he blank with your own worst fears and then ask yourself, is it really worth it?

Where is our focus and why is it on the worst case scenario?

When did we stop believing we were infinitely capable?

Is it really worth me running away from imaginary cougars my whole life only to discover this time next year that I didn’t try anything new?.. didn’t learn anything?.. don’t have a good “i fucked up” story to tell?.. didn’t meet any awesome new people?.. These are where life’s true regrets lie in the wishes we let fear chase away from us without ever stopping to turn around and see if the cougar was actually there in the first place.

Alchemize Fear into Higher Vibrations

Transform your fears by facing them... every time we go somewhere new, venture to the unknown, “the dark” and we come through something we did not think we could endure, we have the opportunity to see fear for what it really is – nothing but illusion. Every time we face another fear and move beyond it, we grow. And when we face fear for what it is, it has no choice but to transform, freeing us as it does.

Ask anyone and they will likely tell you that our greatest fear is the fear of dying, however, anyone who has faced that fear will tell you that it is really the fear of living that keeps our fear of death alive.. release the fear of death by connecting with the part of us that cannot die and we can start to truly live – feeling excited and ready!

for those of you looking to face your fears I offer this mantra for your journey into 2017:

“I am excited and ready to feel the fear.” Face it. Feel it. See that it is an energy to which you can attach or not. Watch it dissolve…



Feeling Excited & Ready

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