Light Warriors are known by many names. What we are called is not as important the messages we bring through us into this Earth experience. We know that being a Light Worker means working in the dark most of the time… the places and spaces that need the light are where we go and what we surrender to is the Divine in ALL.

We are trans dimensional starseed beings in divine human form mastering the art of being in the process of great change and ascension here on Earth. We are moving through a paradigm shift on Earth that is rippling throughout the cosmos…

We are here to FREE SPIRIT, transmuting all dark into light, alchemists expressing in form; connecting consciousness throughout the planet and beyond; awakening to the remembering of who we are in Truth and why we came to be here NOW.

This portal holds the intentions for unity consciousness, healing, transformation, integration, alchemy, spiritual growth and guidance for all who are ready to receive it.

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Much LOVE to you ALL.

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